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Qt QLabel rich text tabulation

I have QLabel with rich text containing HTML anchor tag. I need to make tabulation in this tag's text, i.e. to get my QLabel displaying something like this: "This is"\t"example", where "\t" is tabulation symbol. I've tried to use QString's '\t' control symbol, tried to use RTF's "\tab"-tag, but nothing...

NotesRichTextItem.getMIMEEntity() always returns null

I have a notes form with a rich text field on it, called "Body". I've set the "Storage" property of the field to "Store contents as HTML and MIME". Now, I am creating a new document with that form in the Notes Client. However, if I try to access the...

RichTextBox control is only using first formatting

I am using Visual Studio 10, .NET Framework 4 and was creating a Rich Text Box Control for Text Input. I am formatting text ONLY by writing the *RichTextBox*.SelectionFont = new Font(currentFontFamily, currentFontSize, currentFontStyle); Method. When I am now accessing the Rtf formatted String via the RichTextBox.Rtf property, it works,...