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Resuming and suspendig WinRT Camera App

I have an app with three pages: MainPage, Page2 and Page3. At MainPage I have my camera, at Page2 I have the historical with the scans from MainPage, and my Page3 has some infos about the app. My issue is when I Suspend and when I Resume it. It suspends...

How to resume a previous incomplete job in apache nutch crawler

I am using nutch 2.3. There is a possible chance that during any stage of nutch (fetch parse index etc.), network probelm occur or power shutdown happen. How I can resume previous incomplete job. Please give some example for explaination?...

TortoiseSVN - Merge - How to resume resolving unresolved conflicts?

I performed a normal "Merge a range of revisions" merge to merge a branch in SVN into the working copy of a different branch (using the currently latest TortoiseSVN). I accidentally closed the window showing all unresolved conflicts and I only had some of the files merged but some of...