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Change OS Language Silently (Windows 7)

I'm writing a script (powershell) for SQL Server 2014 Express Install. The problem is: I have to change the OS Language (Region and languages) to fr_FR (French from France) Silently. The current language is fr_CA (French from Canada). My question is: Can i change the language from intl.cpl (Region and...

Regex for URL to sites

I have two URLs with the patterns: 1.http://localhost:9001/f/ 2.http://localhost:9001/flight/ I have a site filter which redirects to the respective sites if the regex matches. I tried the following regex patterns for the 2 URLs above: http?://localhost[^/]/f[^flight]/.* http?://localhost[^/]/flight/.* Both URLS are getting redirected to the first site, as both URLs are...