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QGIS - always disable the “add saved file to map” checkbox in dialog

I often use the "Save as.." dialog and just want the exported file there. But he always enables the checkbox "add saved file to map". I really dislike it that way and does not make any sense to perma-enable it. Is there a way to permanently disable it?...

Installing the Python geojson module on Mac OS X Yosemite to use with QGIS

I am new to using QGIS so this question might be real easy but I just can't find the answer anywhere online. I need to use the module geojson in QGIS but it is not yet "installed". I've used import geojson and it says No module named geojson So my...

How to add characters to filename using glob in Python?

The following is a snippet of code. The script takes the input files from a "Test" folder, runs a function and then outputs the files with the same name in the "Results" folder (i.e. "Example_Layer.shp"). How could I set it so that the output file would instead read "Example_Layer(A).shp"? #Set...

Error when adding style to GeoServer through SLD using SVG symbol

I am trying to create a new style for my point layer which uses an SVG symbol. On trying to validate the style using the SLD file generated from QGIS, I get the following error: Parsing failed for ExternalGraphic: java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: x Below is my SLD file, is there...

Incrementing Python Dictionary Value based on a Counter

I have a dictionary with duplicate values. Deca_dict = { "1": "2_506", "2": "2_506", "3": "2_506", "4": "2_600", "5": "2_600", "6": "1_650" } I have used collections.Counter to count how many of each there are. decaAdd_occurrences = {'2_506':3, '2_600':2, '1_650':1} I then created a new dictionary of values to be...

Google Maps mangling KML

I've created KML files of some world regions for display using the Google Maps API. This has been working fine, but one region has recently started displaying as if the data's corrupt. You can see what I mean here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9u3tNbtEyFRMTdwQTdEa0U5S2s/view?pli=1 If I load the same KML in Google My Maps...

In QGIS 2.8, how do I change the default yellow highlight select?

I would like to have only the outline of a property parcel turn yellow instead of the entire feature. Currently, any selected feature is entirely covered.

No module named sip when running QGIS from Python

I have QGIS Valmiera 2.2.0 installed and started a simple python script using this documentation. I had a hard time because always when I used from qgis.core import * I got the message ImportError: No module named qgis.core. I fixed that with the statement sys.path.extend([r"C:\Program Files (x86)\QGIS Valmiera\apps\qgis\python"]) using the...

QGIS PyQt4 missing QString class

i was trying to use a QString in the QGIS Python Console. from PyQt4.QtCore import QString but it says: ImportError: cannot import name QString In my Python IDLE it works fine, but i know that QGIS brings its own PyQt4. What could be the problem here? And could i solve...

topoJSON is not correctly converting special chars from geojson like ë or ó

I really need these special (ë or ó) characters in my topoJSON file. I use QGIS and export the data as geojson. Here the special chars are all fine, still correct in the output. But when I now use topoJSON to bring all my geoJSON files together, all the special...

Merging features to one just gives back a feature with braking lines within

I have a similar question to this one: "snapping" polygons together I have drawn let's say 3 areas. The 1. is overlapping with the 2. and the 2. is overlapping with the 3. I made sure that I was using the snapping tool and the outer lines are matching each...

QGIS Copy paste points from one layer to another

Well I have an outline layer and a region layer. The region for sure sure using the outline, so it would be great if I could select some important point from the outline layer and than copy paste it to the region layer. How is that possible?...