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Why reverted commit won't show in new PR?

Here's what's happening: created branch XYZ from master committed changes in branch XYZ made PR of XYZ branch to master PR got accepted and code merged into master PR got reverted (it broke stuff) made some commits in branch XYZ in order to fix what commit on item #2 had...

Apply github commit / pull request as a patch

How can I apply the patch from github? I tried to compile minisat, but I came across two issues from the compilation with clang. The first issue is solved in this github commit, it's forked from the original github. As the change is minute, I could easily patched the code...

How can I remove a participant from a GitHub pull request?

I've created a pull request and assigned it to one of my co-workers ("Brian") to review. He's since told me he's not available, so I've reassigned it to a different co-worker ("Geoff"). I now have a pull request with 3 listed participants: myself, Brian and Geoff. How can I remove...

Github “Pull request” close issue does not work

I have a pull request and i am trying to delete this issue including the special keyword syntax (eg. "resolve #5") in the body of your Pull Request. Documentation on github say: It's been possible to close an issue from a commit for quite a while, but some issues take...

Fork and Pull Method Not Working on GitHub

I am new to git and GitHub (where my username is myuser). I am trying to submit my first ever pull request and am running into some issues. I forked a repo of a project that I need to patch, called someuser/somerepo. Hence, I now have a myuser/somerepo repo. I...

How to auto merge pull request on github?

Is it possible to merge pull request automaticaly to master branch on github after success of travis test webhook?

Git: exclude committed file from pull request

I have a repo to which I have pushed my stuff. I have realized that I am pushing the .idea/workspace.xml, which I should have ignored (lot of useless configuration stuff). Now it is on my remote repo, and I need to do a pull request. Can the offending file be...

Github access rights for follow-up commits after successful pull request

I wanted to fix a bug in a repository of which I am not the owner. I therefore forked the repository, implemented my changes and sent a pull request. The pull request was accepted and my branch was merged into the master branch of that repository. Also my username showed...

Team Foundation Server 2013 trigger build for pull request

How to configure TFS to run a build (which is a CI build) for every pull request (when is created and updated). The scenario that I would like to have is that when a developer completes its work and pushes a branch to GIT (on TFS) it would be nice...

Github - Pull Request, ignore some file changes

When I do a Pull Request on GitHub (against master branch), can we ignore some file changes, like we have one file named 'fileA' in branch 'release', and we have the same file in 'master', but we do some changes in 'fileA' in branch 'release' when we do a Pull...

How the docker git repo is showing different tags in pull requests like status/need-review

How the docker git repo is showing different tags in pull requests like status/need-review? What are the plugins they are using. Is the same one can be used for bitbucket, if not is there any alternatives?

Git: I don't understand how a pull-request can possibly work like THIS

I would like to understand, how to do Git Pull Requests from the command line. I found a documentation about this here: http://git-scm.com/docs/git-request-pull - have a look at the EXAMPLE section). If I want to apply this concept, I think I would have to do our process works like this:...

When to use forks and pull requests in GitHub

I am working for an project which has to do with GitHub API, I would like to make such a platform that users that are working on a repo specifically in one Branch in git and once they done with the issue they will do PULL REQUEST from Git, in...