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iOS Provisioning portal - wildcard App ID along with explicit App ID

I would like to be able to test on my device an application with push notifications (as well as game center or in-app purchase) so from what I've read I should use unique - explicit App ID for that purpose. But also I would like to test different applications, like...

Cannot install ipa on device

I have signed a code with a distribution provisioning profile but when I generated the ipa in XCode 5.1 (Save for Enterprise/Adhoc Deployment), the app does not install in my device. I have checked that the distribution profile is properly aligned to the production certificate that is installed in my...

Vagrant up chef provision fails on normal up

So I thought I had this all working, but it seems I'm still missing something. When I vagrant destroy --force && vagrant up, everything works just fine. It creates the box and chef provisioning works as intended. However, if I do a vagrant halt and then a vagrant up, I...

Copy pre-configured OS image to slave local drive with PXE

I have a handful of servers and would like to configure them as close as possible to a standard HPC cluster, currently focusing on automated node provisioning. My requirements for this are: All nodes are identical, so I'd like to use a pre-configured install I have set up on one...

is there a way to download a provisioning profile (with Jenkins or script) to build machine before a build?

I'm helping out someone building out a CI build for iOS on Jenkins and a situation came up where the provisioning profile that we were using was expired on the build machine, but was current in the dev portal. So, the question came up if there was a way to...

Output for SCIM User PUT method when updating a composite attribute

I have a user in mu user store with following attributes. { "id": "bfae138c-9f57-4ff1-ab63-599f2034371f", "schemas":[ "urn:scim:schemas:core:1.0" ], "name":{ "formatted": "Ms. Barbara J Jensen III", "familyName": "Jensen", "givenName": "Barbara" }, "userName": "bjensen123", "externalId": "bjensen", "meta":{ "lastModified": "2015-05-25T08:59:28", "location": "https://localhost:9443/wso2/scim/Users/bfae138c-9f57-4ff1-ab63-599f2034371f", "created": "2015-05-25T08:59:28" } } I'm sending a put request to this resource...

How should i use community chef cookbooks?

Should i just download finished community cookbooks from supermarket, or there is some special mechanism (or package manager) for them, and i can just import them in my recipes somehow?

DbProvisioningException when trying to sync databases

I have been following this guide from MSDN: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff928700(v=sql.110).aspx And this is my code: public void ProvisionServer() { SqlConnection serverConn = (SqlConnection) _serverConn.Create(); DbSyncScopeDescription scopeDesc = new DbSyncScopeDescription(_sScope); DbSyncTableDescription listDesc = SqlSyncDescriptionBuilder.GetDescriptionForTable("List", serverConn); scopeDesc.Tables.Add(listDesc); DbSyncTableDescription itemDesc = SqlSyncDescriptionBuilder.GetDescriptionForTable("Item",...

What are the steps to creating a custom Service Mix distribution

ServiceMix's documentation on creating a custom distribution merely states the steps to creating a custom karaf distribution. I understand that Karaf is the backbone of ServiceMix and ServiceMix is a custom distribution of Karaf. Has anyone actually built a custom esb on top of servicemix rather than on top of...