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AngularJS, Factory, Provider or Services

I'm trying to save a variable in my application containing the username, I have a login page (a directive) where I get the username. I tried: Provider: it save my variable but I can only change before the app load and I need to change the variable after inside a...

UAC Kamailio module for INVITES

It's UAC Kamailio module designed to send a INVITE to a provider trunk with authentication or, in opposite, it's only to send REGISTER?

Backup files from a server to another

is it possible to create backup saving some files (copy and replace) from a server to another, not necessary the same provider ? Thanks !

Microsoft Azure SqlSiteMapProvider Issue

I'm trying to migrate my company website to a Azure Server but I'm getting problems with Sql SiteMap Provider. I'm always getting this error: Parser Error Message: Could not load type 'SqlSiteMapProvider'. Hope someone could help me how to solve this problem....

Angular provider (service) for store data fetched from an api rest?

I'm using a controller to load product data into an $rootScope array. I'm using $http service and works fine, but now I have a new function which fetch the number of products to be loaded. I can't use the function cause the response is slow. I was wondering if I...

Inject constant to other modules config using Angular JS

I would like to share some variables like base paths throughout my application. These variables needs to be accessible during module configuration. My opinion was, that I can use a constant or provider for that. I've got several modules and each one has it's own routing configuration. In these routing...

Symfony 2.6 : How to get the current provider used to log in?

I' am facing an issue in my SF2.6 project. I have two sort of user(Client, Employee) so I'am using multiple entity provider providers: chain_provider: chain: providers: [employee, client] employee: entity: { class: SpeedDev\MyprojectsBundle\Entity\Employee, property: emailEmp } client: entity: { class: SpeedDev\MyprojectsBundle\Entity\Client, property: contactemailClient } that work I can log into...

How can I add custom search engine to browser?

Basically what I'm trying to do is to be able to add my own "search engine" (based on PHP and Mod_rewrite) to any browser automatically. Somewhere on the Internet I found that I need to declare a search provider. How can I do this? <link>, manifest or some JavaScript?

Hazelcast 3.4 as second level cache provider

I want to configure my hazelcast as second level cache provider for hibernate's second level cache.Currently i am using ehcache as cache provider.I want to replace this because hazelcast is distributed cache. Can any one tell me the steps to configure this.