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Transferring an Xcode project to another computer with all files/frameworks

I am trying to copy over my Xcode project from one computer to another but it seems to lose frameworks and the locations for the images although i copied those too. PS I am using xcode and coding an app with a friend. Is there a useful source that can...

Build and clean with specific source code in Netbeans

I have a project with four packages. One of them has the same name as the project (to lower case) and within a source code with the main method. When i click build and clean I generate a ".jar" which starts the main method with this source code. I have...

what does it mean by upstream projects in JBOSS?

JBOSS developer site lists several projects as upstream projects. There are more than 90 projects and it does not look like JBOSS created them(Camel,Cxf,tomcat etc....) what does this term mean?...