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Storing and adding past point clouds from kinect using point cloud library and ROS

I am trying to build a local map by adding point clouds from Kinect using iterative closest point from Point Cloud Library and ROS Hydro in Ubuntu 12.04. However, I am not able to add consecutive point clouds together to update the map. The problem is that the aligned pointcloud...

PCL replace point clouds with pointers?

I have a point cloud defined as pcl::PointCloud<pcl::PointXYZI> cloud_xyzi_;. Sometime later, I read in data from a file and push it back into this point cloud; everything works fine. My task however requires me to filter the point cloud, and the filtering methods require pointers. Can I simply replace my...

error with input array type in argument 6 of stereoRectify()

I need to compute a point cloud from stereo images after computing their disparity map. Please find the code at http://goo.gl/enM7i1 Mat R1, R2, Q Eigen::Quaterniond q; Eigen::Vector3d t; Eigen::Matrix3d mR = q.matrix(); stereoRectify(left_K,left_D,right_K,right_D,disp.size(),mR,t,R1,R2,left_P,right_P,Q); } I am getting this error while compiling: invalid initialization of reference of type ‘cv::InputArray {aka...

Draw a vector from the centroid in point cloud

I have found the centroid and the eigenvectors of a cluster. How can I draw the vector from the centroid in pcl visualizer. Eigen::Vector4f centroid; Eigen::Matrix3f covariance_matrix; // Extract the eigenvalues and eigenvectors Eigen::Vector3f eigen_values; Eigen::Matrix3f eigen_vectors; pcl::compute3DCentroid(*cloud_filtered,cluster_indices[i],centroid); // Compute the 3x3 covariance matrix pcl::computeCovarianceMatrix (*cloud_filtered, centroid, covariance_matrix); pcl::eigen33 (covariance_matrix,...

What is the difference between Depth Data and Point Cloud?

I cant figure out the difference between depth data that we get from device like Kinect which contains xyz and depth information and the point cloud data. can someone please explain it to me. thanks in advance.

Bad Orientation of Principal Axis of a Point Cloud

I'm trying to calculate the principal axis via principal component analysis. I have a pointcloud and use for this the Point Cloud Library (pcl). Furthermore, I try to visualize the principal axis I calculated in rviz with markers. Here is the code snipped I use: void computePrincipalAxis(const PointCloud& cloud, Eigen::Vector4f&...

PCL How to create a Point Cloud array/vector?

I have stored 85 Point Clouds on hdd. I want to open all the clouds and save them in a vector/array. How should I do this? What I tested with no success: define _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS #include <pcl/io/pcd_io.h> #include <pcl/point_types.h> #include <pcl/registration/icp.h> #include <pcl/visualization/pcl_visualizer.h> #include <pcl/common/transforms.h> #include <pcl/filters/voxel_grid.h> #include <pcl/filters/radius_outlier_removal.h> #include <Eigen/Geometry>...

how to find principal components and orientation of a point cloud using point cloud library

I have a point cloud of a wooden block. I have found the centroid of that point cloud. Now I am trying to find the Principal components and orientation using point cloud library. Below is the code I have tried. Correct me if you havent understood something. Eigen::Vector4f centroid; Eigen::Matrix3f...

Point Cloud Library - CloudViewer showCloud() - Passing constant pointer - Visualizing STL file

Background I'm sorry to bother you with such a trivial question. But I can't seem to get it right. It's been a while since I used any C++ so I'm probably doing something very basic, very wrong. What I'm trying to accomplish is load a .stl mesh file to...

how to obtain color information from a point cloud and display it?

I have to access the color property of a point in the point cloud using point cloud library. Any help is appreciated. currently I am using this to display the cloud.But it is displaying only red blue green and not the actual color of the object. boost::shared_ptr<pcl::visualization::PCLVisualizer> viewer ( new...

Error when a shared pointer goes out of scope in a loop (Heap corruption?)

I couldn't find the problem by stepping through the code line by line. I managed to extract a minimal example from the codebase and it all boils down to the following lines. What the code does is that it reads a 3D point cloud from an object, wraps it into...

Collison Detection between two point clouds using PCL

Given two point clouds such that one point cloud is static whereas other is mobile obstacle. We want to move the mobile point cloud obstacle in space and note down whether it is intersecting with the static point cloud at that position. Is there a function available in PCL to...

how to access first column of matrix3f in point cloud library?

The code below calculates the eigenvectors and stores in a matrix, How do I access the first column, first element?. Eigen::Matrix3f eigen_vectors; pcl::eigen33 (covariance_matrix, eigen_vectors, eigen_values); std::cout << "eigenvector:"<<eigen_vectors<<std::endl; ...

How to find the centroid of an object in the point cloud? [closed]

Can anyone tell me how to find the centroid of an object in point cloud?. I haven't tried any code yet because I have no slight idea as to how to go about it.

transform point cloud to world coordinate using point cloud library

I searched through all around the internet, this was suppose to be easy. But its getting harder to get one straight answer. I need to transform the point cloud to world coordinate system. Before the transformation the Z-axis(kinect sensor) will be pointing towards the object, x-axis to the bottom and...

get OpenCV Mat variables of rgb and depth information from pcl openni grabber

I'm now using pcl openni grabber to get point cloud from kinect cameras. But I also want to get OpenCV Mat variables for the rgb and depth information. Does anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks a lot!...