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andorid cordova phonegap config.xml unbound prefix

I have the following config.xml file for my android app, and I am trying to install launchmyapp plugin. Everytime I clean, I get this the following error /code/platforms/android/res/xml/config.xml:21: error: Error parsing XML: unbound prefix I checked other stack questions and everyone is pointing to wrong formatting in the parameter fields,...

Cordova build : Error :Failed to run “java -version ”

I've installed the latest Apple update for Java, here is what the terminal now says: $ java -version java version "" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.25-b02, mixed mode) After that I still have the following result: $ cordova build Running command... [Error:...

__createApplicationIconFromImage_block_invoke: Error: unable to create icon mask image from image named “AppIconMask.png” at scale 2.0

I am getting "___createApplicationIconFromImage_block_invoke: Error: unable to create icon mask image from image named "AppIconMask.png" at scale 2.0" error while opening a PDF Viewer using iOS Cordova phone-gap based application Unknown activity items supplied: ( "QLPrintPageRenderer: 0x187bc720>", "UIPrintInfo: 0x1c0b51f0>" ) //While executing present View : [self.documentInteractionController presentPreviewAnimated:NO]; Can anyone please...

Getting error building CraftAR-Phonegap plugin sample application

I'm running Cordova 4.3, and the latest version of the craftAR plugin for Phonegap (https://github.com/Catchoom/craftar-phonegap). I'm trying to run the sample application which is included with the plugin. Once the sample application builds and launches(from the Cordova CLI tools, not Android Studio), it dies with a "Unfortunately HelloCordova has stopped"....

Phaser JS + Phonegap and Ads - AdMob or iAd

I have spend the last 2 days trying to get Ad's working on my HTML5 Phaser JS game. Im using this plugin: https://github.com/floatinghotpot/cordova-admob-pro The plugin is installed as far as I can tell config.xml has the below: <feature name="AdMob"> <param name="ios-package" value="CDVAdMobPlugin" /> <param name="onload" value="true" /> </feature> When I...

Cordova won't start Safari, shows website in app

It's all in the title. I Tried EVERY possible way. I tried the InAppBrowser plugin, but whatever I do. It always opens in my app instead of in Safari. There is nothing wrong with this code I think? window.open(encodeURI('http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/linkylink/'+ variable.link), "_system",'location=no'); Also if i change location to yes. I dont...

Gets channelId different at all reinstallation of Phonegap app in android

I'm developing a phonegap app with UrbanAirship push notification feature. I'm getting pushId for registration. In iOS, it gives same pushId at all reinstallation of app but In Android, pushId changed at all reinstallation. I need same pushId at all reinstallation. Plugin java file using this line of code :-...

“No Content-Security-Policy meta tag found.” error in my phonegap application

After update Cordova 5.0 in my system I create new applications. When I tested my application in device that time I get an error in the console log: "No Content-Security-Policy meta tag found. Please add one when using the Cordova-plugin-whitelist plugin.: 23. I add meta in the head section <meta...

Android App build with Monaca IDE and cordova phonegap-facebook-plugin

I am developing Android App with Monaca IDE and trying to use cordova phonegap-facebook-plugin to implement Facebook Login. The issue is even I follow the instruction in this thread I have put the correct key (since it says if I giving wrong password it will always give u same bad...

plugin plugin.google.maps using phonegap build service doesnt work on ios

i have a small project using the plugin plugin.google.maps (https://github.com/wf9a5m75/phonegap-googlemaps-plugin) . Also, i use phonegap buid service, not CLI. In config.xml file i have the code <gap:plugin name="plugin.google.maps" source="plugins.cordova.io" version="~1.2.4"> <param name="API_KEY_FOR_ANDROID" value="xxx" /> <param name="API_KEY_FOR_IOS" value="xxx" /> </gap:plugin> Android apk's works like a charm, but on ios device i...

PhoneGap (Cordova) CDVCommandDelegate is Nil, How Can I Get Valid Object?

We are building our app with PhoneGap (Cordova). However I have a separate Swift project where I do all native coding in Swift and then we copy over the Swift Code into the .xcodeproj built by PhoneGap. To make life easier, I am 'installing' Cordova into my Swift project so...

Is mediaelement.js compatible with Phonegap?

I am building a phonegap application where i need to use video and audio streaming feature, i found that mediaelementjs seems more suitable for cross platform video and audio feature. I created one demo and its working fine on iOS & Android browsers, but when i prepared phonegap build its...

How to get Path for local mp3 file from www in Phonegap IOS?

i am using phonegap audio plugin in my phonegap app. I have some audio files stored in www/audio folder. For android i used "file:///android_asset/www/audio" to read local file. For IOS i need help. Thanks...

Can't Read data (payload) from non-NDEF tag

I'm using Phonegap-nfc plugin I'm trying to read data (payload) from my non-NDEF NFC card. the only ACTION that is triggered is ACTION_TAG_DISCOVERED and i only can read the tag_info. the tag's techs are NfcB and IsoDep nfc_tech_filter.xml <tech-list> <tech>android.nfc.tech.NfcB</tech> <tech>android.nfc.tech.IsoDep</tech> </tech-list> NfcReader/AndroidManifest.xml <intent-filter> <action android:name="android.nfc.action.NDEF_DISCOVERED" /> <action...

Modify scanner UI to be a rectangular portrait vs 320x480

I would like to be able to modify the green box and the red strip on the scanner UI to be a rectangular scan vs a 320x480 always. I have added debugging notes and found out that when the loadView gets called, it always sets the previewLayer's dimensions to 320x480...

$cordovaInstagram returns unknown Unknown Provider

I am trying to integrate the $cordovaInstagram plugin of ngCordova in my service: .factory('ShareInstagramFactory', function($cordovaInstagram, $q) { var self = this; // Options var shareMessage = "Message"; // // Instagram self.shareInstagram = function(imageData) { console.log("shareInstagram") var qInstagram = $q.defer(); $cordovaInstagram.share(imageData, shareMessage).then(function() { // Worked qInstagram.resolve(true) }, function(err) { // Didn't...

navigator.onLine not working cordova 5.0.0

I am having problems with checking if a device has no internet connection. I am using cordova 5.0.0 CLI. This is my code: if(navigator.onLine) { alert("online"); } else { alert("offline"); window.open("404.html"); } The problem is: it's always true. How can i fix it? I know this plugin, but I don't...

How do you specify URLs for Contact.photos?

https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-contacts#contact Where can I put the image file (eg can I have it on S3, or shipped with the app in the resources), and what is the correct format for the URL? var contact = navigator.contacts.create(); contact.photos = [new ContactField('url', URL, true)]; contact.save() ...

Cordova PushPlugin onNotificationAPN(e) callback not working or defined

I am working with Cordova / PhoneGap plugin PushPlugin and I have it setup pretty well and working, including a test .php and .pem file on my local server using a live device (iPhone 5). IOS 8. There are a couple of issues, with the main one being the call...

File(Transfer) with PhoneGap Build is not working

Since I could not find the answer anywhere else in related questions, I'm posting a new question. The problem is: when I run my Ionic app via IonicView (useful app to test your application on your device) everything works fine, but when I run my Ionic app after building with...

Issues updating Phonegap iOS app for 64-bit architecture

I have a phonegap app with many plugins that runs fine on iOS devices. However, I am currently using $(ARCHS_STANDARD_32_BIT) for architectures in xcode, and now believe I need to update it to be $(ARCHS_STANDARD) in the architecture setting and to include arm64 as a valid architecture per Apple's Feb...

Trouble implementing inappbrowser with PhoneGap Build

I am working on a web app, and am building it with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I am not using PhoneGap, but am using PhoneGap Build to compile my app. I have added <gap:plugin name="org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser" version="0.5.2" /> as seen here to my config.xml file However, I cannot get the plugin...

How to link to a local plugin with phonegap 3.6.3

My problem is that I want to use this plugin, however it currently breaks the android build. The issue is "fixed" in an unmerged merge request but the user hasn't logged in for a long time and it doesn't look like the change is going to be merged anytime soon....

PhoneGap : Fetch Contact list with optimize speed

In Phonegap I try to fetch the contact list from phone.I need just name and phone number , its taking around 40 seconds to fetch all the result.I add the plugin in config.xml .In my phone I have around only 400 contacts. But when I alert the length of contact...

During Installation Cordova (PhoneGap) I am getting warning like “npm WARN engine [email protected] 8.0: wanted:…”

I want to develop PhoneGap application, So I am trying to install cordova on the window using the procedure mention in this link. 1. Node.js 2. git client 3. npm install npm -g I use above step-3,(Please see) to get rid from this warning, did not succeed 4 npm install...

How to generate pdf417 barcode in phonegap android

I am working on phonegap project. I need to generate pdf417 barcode. I need to encode some data in pdf417 barcode. I googled many sites. But every where its showing pdf417 scanner. can any one suggest me or give me any links.

How to get all contacts from Contact plugin in phonegap

I'm using Contact plugin in phonegap by following code var options = new ContactFindOptions(); var options = { multiple:true } options.multiple = true; var fields = ["displayName","phoneNumbers"]; navigator.contacts.find(fields, onSuccessContact, onErrorContact, options); Here, im getting the contacts who are displayName is null. I dont want this type of filter. I want...

Adding dymatic data into phonegap plugin

I'm trying to dynamically add data into a phonegap plugin <a href="#" onclick="window.plugins.socialsharing.share( null, null, 'document.getElementById('setquote').innerHTML;', null )"> I have try using this document.getElementById('setquote').innerHTML; to get the data into the plugin but no luck....

Receive URL in Ionic for ios

I am using ionic framework. I'm trying to set up a way to receive a url from another app. Like, you are in browser, click share, and send the link to another app (my app). I found this cordova plugin, and have integrated it in my app. But this is...

Cannot Add Android Platform on phonegap

I'm getting this error I tried to execute the command phonegap platform add android on the command prompt inorder to get the cordova-X.X.X.jar file which enables me to use import org.apache.cordova.Config; import org.apache.cordova.Droidgap; on Android Studio My System Variables are as follows ANDROID_HOME=E:\Android\sdk\ ANT_HOME=C:\ant\ ANT_OPTS=-Xmx256M JAVA_HOME=C:\Progra~1\Java\jdk1.7.0_25\jre\ Path= .... C:\Program Files\nodejs\;%ANT_HOME%\bin\;%ANDROID_HOME%\tools\;%ANDROID_HOME%\platform-tools\;...

Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory - PhoneGap

Once the phonegap installation is done, I created a phonegap project and try to build it. I get below error. [email protected]:~/phonegap/testapp$ cordova build cp: no such file or directory: /home/username/phonegap/testapp/icon.png Running command: /home/username/phonegap/testapp/platforms/android/cordova/build /home/username/phonegap/testapp/platforms/android/cordova/node_modules/q/q.js:126 throw e; ^ Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory '/home/username/android-sdk-linux/tools/tools/lib/build.template' at Object.fs.openSync...

Cordova CSS issue on Galaxy S5

For cordova android application, I created one css for 1080 x 1920 screen resolutions and accessing using media query @media screen and (max-width: 680px) and (orientation:portrait) //Galaxy S5 compatible or @media screen and (device-height : 1920px) and (device-width : 1080px) and (orientation:portrait) // Galaxy S4 compatible CSS works fine on...

Cordova Plugin to ask for Ratings

I am looking for a cordova plugin that asks for ratings similar to askingpoint.com. Basically I need a plugin that can send a popup to the user to rate the app after a specific task or amount of days using the app. Of course this needs to be for Phonegap/Cordova

External domain is not passing values through ajax request

I use server of CPanel and I have the domain name in the config fiele for my mobile app but when I upload the index and all the components (Javascripts, PHP files, SCSS, CSS) to the server and Phonegap and download it on my Mobile it does not retrieve the...

How to save recorded video on iPhone using Cordova + Phonegap?

I use this function to record video using Cordova + Phonegap : $scope.captureVideo = function() { var options = { limit: 1, duration: 5, saveToPhotoAlbum: true }; $cordovaCapture.captureVideo(options).then(function(videoData) { var i, path, len; for (i = 0, len = videoData.length; i < len; i += 1) { path = videoData[i].fullPath;...

How to show capture video in Phonegap?

i am using phoengap capture video plugin i have used this code <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Capture Video</title> <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="cordova.js"> </script> <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="json2.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"> // Called when capture operation is finished // function captureSuccess(mediaFiles) { var i, len; for (i = 0, len =...

Cordova/phonegap activity lifecycle

I'm working on a map plugin for android in a cordova application (let's forget for a second that there is already more than one in the wild, and consider this an academical question), the documentation for MapView states: Users of this class must forward all the life cycle methods from...

THREAD WARNING: ['Console'] took '81.661865' ms. Plugin should use a background thread

Hi I am getting warning as : "THREAD WARNING: ['Console'] took '81.661865' ms. Plugin should use a background thread." while running iOS phone-gap project. Similarly for some of the remaining plugins like geolocation and filesystem. As I am new to phone gap ,can please anyone tell me how can I...

Take rapid fire or continous pictures using phonegap camera api

I came across several answers for using camera api in phone gap. However, I cannot find the one that will help to take a continuous picture or rapid fire pictures using phone gap camera api. Is there a way to achieve it?

phonegap android plugin for user preferences

I have two android apps, one written in Java and the other written in javascript wrapped in a phonegap application. I need my java app to set a user preference (string) and the js app to get this string. After setting the user preference in my java app, I now...

Distinguish an apk build with Cordova/Phonegap from a native one

I've been having some issues playing radio streams with MediaPlayer in a particular case. But that's not the point, the point is that I found an app that does exactly what I can't do, and I'm suspecting that is because It's using the Cordova / Phongap media plugin. My question...

A Plugin to view PDF document in iOS cordova based application

Can please suggest a working plugin to view PDF in iOS Cordova based application. I have tried many of PDF related plugins: https://github.com/siegfriedbolz/cordova-plugin-file-opener2.git https://github.com/RandyMcMillan/PDFViewer but of no use..My application stopped at loading. Lastly with I have tried with pebois/phonegap-plugin-PDFViewer: I have installed using : "cordova plugin add com.lesfrancschatons.cordova.plugins.pdfreader" In index.html:...

accessing android internal storage with cordova file plugin

I'm trying to make an android app that, so far, is using the native voice recorder to record audio. The path for that is the Sounds file in /storage/emulated/0/Sounds Now the app is using the File Transfer cordova plugin. The root for that is /data/data/thisAppDirectory and requestFileSystem is using this...

Google Maps on Ionic Framework/Cordova not working on android build

I have been writing code for an app to track user location and display it using Google Maps. My code works perfectly in browsers (Safari,Firefox,Chrome) but doesn't work at all on mobile (android). The google maps api doesn't work and the navigation is unreliable. I'm a ionic newbie and wrote...

How to Upgrade Cordova 3.5.0-0.2.4 to any higher version?

There are many questions in stackoverflow and in other blogs which says just execute the below command to upgrade- sudo npm install -g [email protected] After executing the above command in my terminal i get the following- /usr/bin/cordova -> /usr/lib/node_modules/cordova/bin/cordova [email protected] /usr/lib/node_modules/cordova ├── [email protected] ├── [email protected] ├── [email protected] ([email protected]) └── [email protected]

How to google admob integration in phonegap?

I have made one application in phonegap.I will integrate google admob in application.So How to integrate admob in phonegap. Cordova version:- 5.0.0 please give me suggestion or url for Admob integration....

Cordova SocialSharing Plugin - Facebook Callback Error

I've been using the SocialSharing plugin in my Cordova app for many months and it's been working great, and I rely on its FB Sharing's callback functionality to track if people shared a post. However, I just discovered that the callback stopped working correctly on iOS 8.1. When I click...

shared SQl Lite db between phonegap app and native java app

I have two android apps (one written in js(using phonegap) the other in java). Both need to access one SQLite DB. Yes it's possible. In my js file I use Cordova-sqlite-storage to create and insert data into a db: var db = window.sqlitePlugin.openDatabase({name: "CAC.db", location: 1}); db = sqlitePlugin.openDatabase({name: "CAC.db",...

Cordova/PhoneGap photo quality set to 1, still high quality

I'm successfully taking photos (not pulling them from the media library) and uploading them to cloud storage using Cordova. But despite setting the quality parameter to 1, images are still being stored in the 4-6mb size range, exactly the same as when it was set to 100. I'm sure this...

How to set a reliable long-term alarm in Android?

I'm developing an Android app with Phonegap. I need to set a long-term alarm to remind users things like a monthly task. I was searching plugins for this, but the most popular plugin that I found it doesn't have enough reliability. I've tried to use it, but it only works...

how to communicate between Native iOS custom plugin with Cordova 3.8 index.html via javascript in a phone gap application?

I have referred many links for maintaining bridge between iOS custom plugin with cordova index.html file using -(void)methodName:(CDVInvokedUrlCommand*)command; And even referred : iOS JavaScript bridge But I want to maintain a direct connection from myplugin to index.html.Can anyone suggest me the better way to implement this. I have created myplugin.js...

phonegap icon not working on iPhone

I am creating a phonegap app... I see the app icon in the simulator and then when i put it on my actual iPhone, I see the PG Build App icon.. My ipa is named PG Build App. How do I get the app icon to change on my actual...

Audio will not play on Android using phonegap, but works fine on iOS

It works fine on iOS. I have looked many answers including these 2: Play sound on Phonegap app for Android HTML5 audio not playing in PhoneGap App (Possible to use Media?) I have tried all of the solutions: Changing the path to /android_asset/www/ for Android Using .ogg files Pre load...

How to set phone to silent mode using Cordova or Phonegap?

I want to set my android phone to silent mode using one of my own app which is in phonegap. How can I achieve this?

Change application direction using Phonegap or SAPUI5

I am not able to change my app direction using (html dir="ltr"), after android device language has been changed to arabic. How can I change my app direction to ltr using phonegap or sapui5?

How to paste text from clipboard with jQuery Mobile? [closed]

I want paste text from clipboard with phonegap but when I searched in stackoverflow I could not found any perfect way.did you show me example or solution???

Cordova: Run events when app in background

Is it possible to run events, if the app is in the background of my iPad? (The app is not closed, but in the background.) I have an event that runs if my device gets an internet connection. When the app runs normally it works. If i set up the...

Phonegap Build .ajax request returning 404

I'm working on a Phonegap app which is built using the Adobe Phonegap Build service. It currently uses Phonegap 3.7.0. All requests made via jQuery .ajax method are returning a 404. When I submit the same request via a web browser it completes successfully. I've seen the post (Phonegap Cordova...

Do we have to change the code at the build time for each different platform in phonegap?

I want to know if I have to change the code while building the application for different platforms in phonegap. Suppose I have created the app which include database,also calling the web service(API),then do all that code changes as we change the platform? Can we have a code that is...

Geolocation not working in Cordova Android emulator

I am using visual studio Cordova tool for creating application. I am uding geolocation of HTML5 for getting user location. When I execute it in ripple naxus-galaxy, it working fine, but when I run it in android emulator, it's not working at all. It shows me GPS system on top...

how to handle the application on outgoing and incoming calls in ios phone phonegap programming?

Can any one suggest me how to handle a application in iOS phonegap if any outgoing calls and incoming phone calls. Actually I m new to phone-gap based applications Currently I m developing an application to track the location in background. If any incoming or outgoing call appears ,I need...

How do I add the feature to share content in an IBM MobileFirst App?

So I read this link and it allows functionality to add the share button in a phonegap application. Link : http://www.x-services.nl/phonegap-share-plugin-facebook-twitter-social-media/754 I need to do it for IBM MobileFirst App. I need a solution to Either integrate this plugin with Worklight App or Which allows to share things via IBM...

splash screen not come when in build from cloud phonegap. form eclipse i run in emulator its work prefect

i build phonegap project with help of CLI. and i import that in eclipse. add plugin of splash screen. prefect work in emulator. Then after i want that apps in ios and windows. so for that i go for cloud of phonegap. i upload eclipse code. but splash screen not...

How to remove a `tag listener` in Phonegap NFC plugin

I am using chariotsolution's nfc plugin for phonegap (https://github.com/chariotsolutions/phonegap-nfc) and it's all working perfect until the time came that I needed to remove a listener. I can't do it and it seems like it's not working. My question is, is this a common bug? Has anyone ever tried to remove...

Cordova SQLite plugin only works on first call

I have a cordova app with two pages, the first has a search field and the second displays the results of the first. The displayResults function function displayResults(){ var query = localStorage.getItem('search'); var db = window.sqlitePlugin.openDatabase({name:"Store-DB", location: 1}); queryDB(db,query); } function queryDB(db,query){ db.transaction(function(tx) { var queryList = query.split(" "); var...

Pass data to Android Background Service on a Native Android Application using Phonegap?

So here's the background story:The phonegap application is an online e-store has a plugin (which my team has created) to print receipts after the orders has been completed. All is working good but the printing is taking too long on Phonegap. In fact, it is taking 5-6 seconds per print,...

In Ionic Framework App playing youtube video in browser but not in android device

In a simple Ionic app I have to play a youtube video. It works fine in browser but not run on actual android device. I referred to the code from http://plnkr.co/edit/XmyAhE?p=preview I use the following code in my ionic app, <ion-view view-title="{{navTitle}}"> <ion-content has-header="true" padding="true"> <div class="list card"> <div class="item...

Phonegap compass plugin not working

I am trying to get a compass function working on my app with no success. Judging by the errors I am inclined to think that the plugin is not being added or the device is not ready. But as far as I can tell I have done both things. I...

Ionic platform events not working

This worked fine until today, don't know does it have something with new release of Ionic or something else. This is what i have: $ionicPlatform.ready(function() { if (window.cordova && window.cordova.plugins.Keyboard) { cordova.plugins.Keyboard.hideKeyboardAccessoryBar(true); } if (window.StatusBar) { // org.apache.cordova.statusbar required StatusBar.styleDefault(); } $ionicPlatform.on('pause', function(){ alert("pause"); $rootScope.$broadcast('app-pause', {}); $rootScope.$emit('app-pause', {}); }) $ionicPlatform.on('resume',...

Cordova geolocation watchPosition sensitivity

How often would watchPosition be called if the position is constantly updated? Is this something that can be configured? The docs just say "When the device retrieves a new location, the geolocationSuccess callback executes".

How are PhoneGap, SMS and Push Notifications related?

This might sounds like a really obvious question, but I've been unable to confirm anything in all my googling. I'm really new to mobile development and I'm just trying to understand the theory behind how all this relates to each other. If I have a mobile app (created in PhoneGap/Cordova)...

Cordova PhoneGap Android Callback with data

I cant figure out how to get data back from JAVA to javascript so I can update the UI using Cordova on Android. here are two buttons, as they are pressed they increment the position counter which I want to return to the UI and update the screen but cannot...

Phonegap: GCM Push Notification registration call returns OK but device is not even connected to the internet

I have followed this tutorial and I have the following code: onDeviceReady I execute: var pushNotification = window.plugins.pushNotification; pushNotification.register(app.successHandler, app.errorHandler,{"senderID":"824841663931","ecb":"app.onNotificationGCM"}); The Handlers: // result contains any message sent from the plugin call successHandler: function(result) { alert('Callback Success! Result = '+result) }, errorHandler:function(error) { alert(error); }, onNotificationGCM: function(e) { switch( e.event...

How do i send a SMS using phonegap without opening the native app?

I am making an SMS app using HTML,CSS, and JAVASCRIPT on intel xdk. I have tried quite a few SMS phonegap plugins, but all open the native SMS app and the user has to click send again. Is there anyway i can send the SMS using the above coding languages...

Access sqlite database from assets in phonegap

i have a question about phonegap with sqlite database.I have prepopulated database in my assets folder "myDB.db" and my problem is i want to access database direct from assets folder into phonegap. I don't want to copy into sd card or don't use external database. Regards

cordova SMS plugin — javascript error

I am using cordova 3.6.3. I am using following SMS plugin. http://plugins.cordova.io/#/package/com.rjfun.cordova.sms https://github.com/floatinghotpot/cordova-plugin-sms/tree/master/docs I have added plugin in following way :-- cordova plugin add com.rjfun.cordova.sms My cordova app when loaded calls the following function doc_onload(). <body onload="doc_onload()"> Then this register the handler for "deviceready". When the device is ready this...

Getting error while installing phone gap in MAC osx?

I'm trying on install Phonegap in my MAC os(10.10), i have xcode 6.1.1 installed in my system. I'm following this and this link to install phonegap and installed Node.js and Command-Line Interface (CLI), but when i try to run this command npm install -g phonegap, i got error like shown...

Best practices for Cordova/Ionic Plugins management?

What are the best practices for checking in plugins for my Ionic/Cordova project? I would like to minimize the number of files that are checked into my project. Mainly I do not want to checkin any file that my project downloads from an outside source and also want to leave...

Cordova build returns missing plugin.xml

When i build my cordova project i get an warning message as Missing file: /home/vijay/workspace/Repos_temp/QuickTraq_Android/plugins/nl.x-services.plugins.toast/plugin.xml Missing file: /home/vijay/workspace/Repos_temp/QuickTraq_Android/plugins/cordova-plugin-device-rotation-vector/plugin.xml This happens when i add an plugin or remove an plugin also . This happens just as a warning when i add a plugin or build the project but when i remove...

Google InAppBilling returns null

I am developing a hybrid mobile app by Cordova 3. For InAppBiling I have used this plugin https://github.com/poiuytrez/AndroidInAppBilling. I have made a sample just like what is introduced in the site. But in my app when I call inappbilling.init(successHandler, errorHandler, { showLog: true }); the errorHandler is called with error:...

How to convert camera uri to blob object in Phonegap?

In my application, camera image save and retrieve from SQLite. I have camera uri from phonegap api but i want to convert camera uri to blob object and base64 string. I found some of the solution from online but i can't solve my problem. This is convert Base 64 to...

Cordova geolocation.getCurrentPosition throws timeout on iPad

I am using the phonegap plugin geolocation to get the current position. I have tested the function on an Android Tablet and it works. If i try the application on my iPad, I always get errorcode = 3 (Timeout). Basically the gps works on the iPad. (I tested with a...

I am getting an error while installing android platform for Phonegap?

Getting an error while installing for android platform in phonegap, have set npm config set proxy http://proxydomain:port/ and npm config set registry http://registry.npmjs.org/ also. Checked android path source in env variable. Kindly let me how can I resolve it. Thank you. C:\cordovaTest>cordova platforms add android npm http GET https://registry.npmjs.org/cordova-android/3.7.1 TypeError:...

Read/Write the cookies from an XHR request/response (PhoneGap/Cordova)

I am using $http (angular) and posting to a distant website which I don't control. When logging in, it gives me a 'site_session' cookie which I want to read. Please note that I am able to call a remote website (cross-domain) because running on a mobile device, in a Cordova...

How to apply changes to an Android Cordova App Java source file using PhoneGap CLI?

I need to insert some native functionality into my Android app built with PhoneGap/Cordova (v4.2). Specifically, I want to override the onWindowFocusChanged() of the CordovaActivity class in my app, and I don't think I can do this through a plugin. (I'm building a kiosk application and I want to collapse...