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How do I get the width and height of a Canvas element that is set to 'Auto'?

I'm developing an App for Windows Phone 8.1, and I have a canvas that draws a ball onto it programmatically. My problem is I want to set the boundaries of the canvas to be that of its width and height, but I'm using grids with relative sizes for the size...

Android setWallpaper deprecated

so i am new to Android Studio and wanted to ask you guys a question. I want to create an Application that allows me to set my phone's wallpaper, but i have a problem with : getApplicationContext().setWallpaper(bm); It says that setWallpaper is deprecated and i should use another method, but...

Break Points Flash When Debugging in Windows Phone 8.1

I'm stuck on this weird behavior and was wondering if anyone else has run across this issue before. I'm running the emulator for Windows Phone 8.1 and have a break point set at public App() which flashes and the emulator goes to the main screen. The break never gets hit...

What does a .XAP file consists of?

A .XAP file is Windows Phone executable. Is there anyway we can open and see the contents of .XAP file?

objective c - How to tell if an NSURL is formatted as a phone number

I have an iOS app with a UITextView that auto detects links and phone numbers. What I want to do is intercept when a link is clicked using this: -(BOOL)textView:(UITextView *)textView shouldInteractWithURL:(NSURL *)URL inRange:(NSRange)characterRange and then I need to check whether the URL is a web link or a phone...

I'm making an API in PHP, but it cannot combine two variables [closed]

I am attempting to make an API for an SMS messager in PHP. Everything works and checks out except one thing. It gets the &carrier and the &number but PHP cannot appear to combine them. Any suggestions? I've attempted debugging it. The URL is: https://www.swiftresolver.com/sms/[email protected]&from=faded&message=hi&subject=hi&amount=3&carrier=ATT My whole code: <br> <br>...

Sencha ExtJS: How do I prevent the cursor from leaving the current position in a phone number field upon edit?

Cursor automatically moves to the end of the phone number after 1 backspace move, it should remain in parentheses because the user could just want to edit the area code. (CODE AND IMAGES INCLUDED...scratch that, don't have 10 rep to post pictures, :/) Here is the code for the text...

Windows Phone 8.1 Image Async Not Updating

I am trying to read an image async from a web server. I works the first time, but after the next call the image just blinks and nothing happens. I tried other approaches but I got the same result. How can I update the image properly? public async void ReadNextPhoto(Image...

why not display all items in StackPanel of xaml in new line?

i want show all items as long text in StackPanel in windows phone 8. but this code show all item only in one row and other items not go to next rows. this is my code: <StackPanel Grid.Row="0" Orientation="Horizontal" Width="300"> <TextBlock Text="Id: "/> <TextBlock Text="{Binding Id}" TextWrapping="Wrap" FontWeight="Bold" FontSize="24" Foreground="GreenYellow"...

Multiple Animations Windows Phone 7

I am trying to make one-hand machine game. To animate falling down Images I am using storyboard. My question is if someone know how to make multiple images. In this code I have just on image falling down. Somone know how to make e.g 100 images animation in the storyboard?...

How to make dynamic phone number clickable for mobile users

I have phone numbers on my website that are automatically inserted via a JavaScript to display either a default phone number (that's defined within the primary JavaScript) or change to a variable phone number if the webpage is accessed by a URL string with the phone number in it -...

What is the best way to share large data in Windows 8 app

I would like to know what is the best way to save a large data in a Windows Phone 8 app that can roam between devices. I know that we have got a Roaming folder but there is only 100kB available space. I would like to save data like customers,...

Naming or securing a Phone app name

I have a website aka wingdongding.com not its real name but anyway.I feel I may want to have a phone app for this site created in the semi near future BUT were I to do so would want the phone app to be also called Wingdongding. My question is. How...

How to Customize Android Call Screen

I want to customize my android ringing screen. When phone rings, it should show my application's name . Thanks for help

How to access Windows Phone folders from a Gmail Wrapper App

I have created a Gmail Wrapper Windows Phone 8.1 (WinRT) application using Webview. When I try to compose an Email and try to add attachments, file picker is not displayed and nothing happens. However when I use the Internet Explorer and login to the same Gmail account and click on...

Service that adds “Over the Top” texting to landline numbers

There are plenty of companies out there offering texting to your landline without affecting voice service (ie zipwhip, heywire), but does anybody know what they're using? Twilio almost offers this, but it's currently in beta and only for toll free numbers. TextUs.biz has an explanation of how they do it...

Phone Numbers in Apps

In apps such as WhatsApp, Textme, etc., they generate phone numbers for their users. My question is how do they create these phone numbers for their app?

Sencha Touch: Windows Phone does not scroll to end of page

I have a Sencha Touch 2.4 website with multiple views. All views scroll as expected on iOS and Android. But on Windows Phone they do not scroll. When I scroll down I can see the other content, but when I stop scrolling the page scrolls back to the top. I...

Android Studio Mute/Unmute Phone. -HELP-

So this link helps a lot: Android mute/unmute phone but I am a not the best at interpreting other peoples code and everytime I try to put in there code my program crashes. Could someone help me with how to I can fix it? Spent about an hour trying to...

android error only when running on actual phone (not emulator) - not sure what the cause is

Making my app in Android Studio, I've been mostly running/testing it on the emulator. Well I'm pretty much done with it(I think), and I ran it on my phone, which I've done before much earlier on. Now when I get to one of my activities, I'm supposed to select a...

return info after Twilio client outgoing call

Im trying to find a way to return information when placing an outgoing call through the twilio softphone in the browser. When I place an outgoing call my application invites the remote party to a conference room throught the rest api, and the agent is invited to that same conference...

Nokia C5 02 Memory full, but where do I delete the files?

The phone memory [ known as [c dive]] of NOKIA C5-02 is about 75MB. Of which only 10MB is free,38MB is "[other files]" and another 27MB is SIS-files.Now what are the "[other files]"? Why I need to keep them? If no need to keep them,I have to clean them as...

windows phone 8.1 RT error with files creation

in according to this tutorial: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/xaml/hh758325.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396 I've written the following function: private async void WriteToFile() { StorageFolder folder = Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder; StorageFile sampleFile = await folder.CreateFileAsync("sample.txt", CreationCollisionOption.ReplaceExisting); } But, if I run it, I see the following error: Exception thrown: 'System.ArgumentException' in mscorlib.ni.dll Use of undefined keyword value 1 for event...

converting string to a double in visual c++ by parsing

In c# it is easy to use try parse method,but how to use this in visual c++. I tried to use ToDouble, Parse...,but they are not recognized by visual studio by default. if there is some namespace i should add to apply this please tell..

Forcing in culture 24h and 12h time format [closed]

As in title. I tried this: CultureInfo ti = CultureInfo.CurrentCulture; if (SettingsApp[0].TimeFormat == 0) { ti.DateTimeFormat.ShortTimePattern = "HH:mm"; } else { ti.DateTimeFormat.ShortTimePattern = "hh:mm tt"; } Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = ti; I want to change the time format on toolkit timepicker...

Google Chrome Extension Softphone Update via Dev Dashboard Issue

I am developing (at least I'm trying :-) ) a Google Chrome Extension app VoIP softphone. I will be using the Inline Installation feature (https://developer.chrome.com/webstore/inline_installation) and will be publishing on the Chrome Developer Dashboard (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/developer/dashboard) My problem is due to the nature of the softphone that has to be always...

Android fragment on windows phone

In our application we must use something like android fragment, but we are a begginers in programming for Windows Phone. We know that we can create a new object programmatically (like that: Windows Phone 8 App Dynamically/programmatically create buttons in g grid/Panel ), but in our design it's a too...

async methods in callbacks

I'm new to Windows Phone programming and I'm having some problems. What I'm trying to do is make a background task that logs each unlock of the Phone but I can't get the writing to the log to work. This is what how I'm registering a background Task: public App()...

Current Time in TextBox. in C# visual studio 2010 windows phone

sorry for my english on start. I have a project of calculator, and i need put on one more thing. textbox with current time in 00:00:00 Format. How can i do this? im using C# VS 2010 for Windows mobile.

Listbox Binding With No Results Listed

I have a Windows Phone App and I am trying to bind an ObservableCollection to a Listbox to list, at the moment, strings. However when I run the app nothing is listed and I cannot see where I am going wrong. XAML: <ListBox ItemsSource="{Binding EventList}"> <ListBox.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <TextBlock Text="{Binding}" Foreground="Black"...

Recover phone ui

Basically I'd like to start the current phone call ui from a button in one of my activities. So far, I've been able to start a new call using Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_DIAL, Uri.parse("tel:000000")); intent.addFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK); startActivity(intent); or to move to the phonebook using: Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_CALL_BUTTON); intent.addFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK);...

Google Event tracking for phone number

I am running a WordPress site, which is verified with Google Webmaster Tools and has a GA code associated with Google Analytics. I've done some research on the web to add an Event tracker for clickable phone numbers in mobile, so that I can measure how many people actually use...

PC doesn't recognize windows phone device

My PC can't recognize my Windows phone. When I connect it to the PC,I have no trouble transferring data to the phone but the PC doesn't recognize the apps (such as Visual Studio, Zune, NSU for Retail, Windows phone for Desktop,etc.) My drivers aren't installed yet, and Windows 8 can't...

Create HyperlinkButton with text wrapping in code behind (Windows Phone 8)

I have the following xaml snippet that I need to create in code behind. Is this possible to do? <HyperlinkButton Name="hyperlinkButton1" NavigateUri="http://www.google.com" Margin="0" Padding="0"> <HyperlinkButton.Template> <ControlTemplate TargetType="HyperlinkButton"> <Border BorderThickness="0" Padding="0" Margin="0"> <StackPanel Margin="0"> <Image Source="/Assets/Logo.png" Margin="0"/> <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Text="Go to View.xaml" Foreground="Green"/> </StackPanel>...

Javascript textbox onkeyup event

Html: <asp:TextBox ID="phone" " runat="server" AutoCompleteType="Disabled" onkeyup="this.value=this.value.EditPhone()"></asp:TextBox> Javascript: String.prototype.EditPhone= function () { var str = document.getElementById('phone').value; if (str.substring(0, 1) == "0") // If first value is "0" remove it str = str.substring(1, str.length); return str; }; I remove if first string value is "0". After that I enter phone number...

Save and load a route into a windows phone bing map

I was searching some examples and articles related to saving and loading a route into a bing map but i couldn't find anything, so currently i am asking if this is possible. Please let me know if this is supported by the bing maps for windows phone....

Different width for Navigation Drawer in Tablet and Phone

I was trying to implement material design for one of my project and here, the following is mentioned, 'The maximum width of the nav drawer is 5 times the standard increment (56dp on mobile and 64dp on tablet). So I would like to know how to implement these width for...

Control Name's in XAML WIndows Phone 8.1 Runtime dont show in CS File

i'm trying to create a grid in my Windows Phone 8.1 Runtime Project, and everytime i nominate the control, it doesn't recognized in CS file, like: <Grid Grid.Row="1" x:Name="ContentRoot" Height="1168" Width="386" > How can i fix that, its is a bug, or some class is not in CS using ?...

WIndows Phone 8.1 Calendar Events reading issue

Hi i need to read calendar events from windows phone 8.1 . I implemented code using below link.But Phone hangs when i call the functionality. I add two events in calendar manually so i need to fetch those events. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/hh286421(v=vs.105).aspx#BKMK_AccessingCalendarData...