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pervasive query with group by issue

I am trying to run this query on pervasive database select cust_no,cust_name,sum(bvtotal) as Amount from sales_history_header where cust_no is not null and number is not null and bvtotal > 1000 and in_date < 20140101 group by cust_no,cust_name order by sum(bvtotal) desc; How do I exclude those group results which had...

Export query result in Pervasive to txt / csv file

I'm using Pervasive 10 with PCC (Pervasive Control Center) and I need to export a lot of results (over 100 000) to a TXT file.I know it's possible "Execute in Text" but this feature does not work for me because after exporting about 20 000 records the program stops. I...

Connecting to Peachtree database using php?

Iam developing an application in php which can fetch transaction,invoices.etc from peachtree database. So for database access I selected ODBC method by connecting using Pervasive SQL. I used connection string like this:- $connection = odbc_connect("DRIVER={Pervasive ODBC Engine Interface};Dbq=C:\Sagepro\Peachtree\Company\Sample\PAW\BCS","Peachtree","password"); But it is giving error ( ! ) Warning: odbc_connect() [function.odbc-connect]: SQL...