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Purpose of file with extension ^^^ in Pervasive SQL

I'm researching a file extension "^^^". Found the following info about this extension on FileInfo.com: "Database file used by Pervasive.SQL database software; based on the Btrieve transactional database format; created by the database engine when the database is placed in Continuous Operations mode." But it's not entirely clear what's the...

Export query result in Pervasive to txt / csv file

I'm using Pervasive 10 with PCC (Pervasive Control Center) and I need to export a lot of results (over 100 000) to a TXT file.I know it's possible "Execute in Text" but this feature does not work for me because after exporting about 20 000 records the program stops. I...

Export data from table in Pervasive

I want to export data from table programatically. And i wonder if it's even possible? The picture is from Pervasive, that the db-server I'm using. Please assist! :) ...