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Can the Pebble timeline be used via Pebble.js?

It's unclear whether the Timeline features are supported when using only the pebble.js approach (e.g. no C code). Can anyone comment?

Pebble App Message send timed out

I am trying to run the pebble-faces example project from here (it downloads an image from URL and sends it to the watch face). I tried running the project on CloudPebble and the local C SDK emulator. I get the same result. I believe there is something wrong with sending...

Declaring a Uint8Array in CloudPebble … says its undefined

I need to make a Uinte8Array. I am using CloudPebble and it says that Uint8Array is not defined. How can I declare this object in CloudPebble? ...

How do I read from file using pebble c?

I have tried using a function that would work in "regular" c: const char* getfield(char* line, int num) { const char* tok; for (tok = strtok(line, ";"); tok && *tok; tok = strtok(NULL, ";\n")) { if (!--num) return tok; } return NULL; } int main() { FILE* stream = fopen("v1.csv",...

Pebble JS Menu Items Disappear

Hi I started creating a pebble app using Pebble.JS. I installed the app on my Pebble and I notice that some of the menu items disappear and reappear on their own. Nothing too fancy about the code: for(var i = 0; i < quantity; i++) { var rest = data.Result.results[i];...

Pebble watch face crashing on exit

I am making a very simple watch face my my Pebble. I have three text layers. One shows the time, on shows the date, and one shows the progress indicator for the day. Whenever I press a button to go to the menu or go to another watch face, the...

Array breaking in Pebble C

I'm trying to create a simple dice-rolling application in Pebble using C on CloudPebble. I have an array of different die sizes you can scroll through using Up/Down, and you roll (currently just generate a random number, it'll get fancier later) using the middle button. There's also a label at...

Transparency in layers on Pebble Time using alpha channel

I want to precache some bitmaps and then create a series of layers with small details. e.g. hands of watch. I guess this can be done by me manually combining bitmaps respecting the .a channel and sending it in to the BitmapLayer. But I was wondering if it can be...

Pebble.js Menu Items Slow to Render

I've made an interface to a server at work to verify whether print servers and printers are up dynamically, and feed it back to the Pebble. The functionality is fine, the issue I'm having is with the Menu. I'll load the menu, then start scrolling down, and suddenly the items...

How do Pebble JS watchapp receive message from Android APP

I wanna make a wathcapp with Pebble.js but I found that Pebble.js can only send a message. There is no method can I receive a message from my Android APP?

Unknown “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <”

<div class="tab-pane active" id="connectedDevices"> <script> if (req.user.pebble.watch_token == String) { <i class="fa fa-check"> Pebble </i> } else{ <i class="fa fa-warning">No Pebble connected</i> }; </script> </div> Using local strategy and Pebble kit to verify if a user has a pebble connected. All the AUTH is working, just wondering why nothing is...

Memory overflow with multidimensional arrays of string in C

I'm trying to use locale settings on a watch application. In order to do that, I first store the locale string in a variable with the following definition: static char locale[] = "en_US"; I have a multidimensional array containing "packages" for each language. Here is a sample definition: static const...

Pebble JS SDK: how to catch & react on an external app notification

I have a weather app which sends a notification about an upcoming rain. This is a standalone app, runs on Android/iOS. Is there a way to catch a notification from the app and show some info on the watch screen with Pebble JS SDK?...

Windows Phone 8.1 Connect to Pebble via Bluetooth Rfcomm

I have a problem when I trying to connect with pebble watch via bluetooth. This is my code: var serviceId = Guid.Parse("00001101-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB").ToString("B"); PeerFinder.Start(); PeerFinder.AlternateIdentities["Bluetooth:Paired"] = ""; var pairedDevices = await PeerFinder.FindAllPeersAsync(); PeerInformation selectedPeer = pairedDevices[0]; var streamSocket = new StreamSocket(); await streamSocket.ConnectAsync(selectedPeer.HostName, serviceId); Also in manifest: <Capabilities> <Capability Name="internetClientServer"...

How can I make a pebble.js app that runs without pebble's phone app running?

I have made an app that runs fine on the pebble when the phone is connected and the pebble app is running, but when the pebble app on the phone is closed, the app crashes, doesn't start and gives the error that it is "Disconnected - Run the phone app",...

MAC OS X Pebble SDK 3.0 error building: Compilation error InverterLayer

A few months ago I was running pebble SDK 3.0 on my mac and it worked perfectly, I ran my apps with the basalt emulator. Recently I cleaned(wiped) my mac because it was running slow. Today I was going to run my apps again but I obviously didn't have the...

Pebble SDK: Store color as a variable

I'm make Pebble Time versions of my watchfaces. I want to be able to set a color variable that will hold a color depending on whether the Pebble Time is used or the Pebble OG is used. I know you can do this: #ifdef PBL_COLOR window_set_background_color(s_main_window, GColorDukeBlue); #else window_set_background_color(s_main_window, GColorBlack);...