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PDFNet SDK Convert files on Azure storage

I have a web app that needs to convert PDFs to XODs (PDFTron’s format to display documents in their WebViewer). My Web App is hosted on Azure, the PDFs are on Azure Storage. We would like to go along with the on-premises conversion via PDFNet SDK (http://www.pdftron.com/webviewer/getstarted.html, see “Choosing a...

Testing out PDFTron / PDFNet - Symbol not found when adding libTools.a

I am having a problem with libTools.a when following the PDFTron BLOG article, step 2: getting-started-on-ios Step 1, works. I have a working PDF viewer, but no controls other then paging and zooming. When I add the libTools.a library (the one that came in the SDK, or the one I...