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Array of stylesheets to optimize CSS delivery

I'm currently using this code to optimize my css delivery, but this is for one stylesheet only. How can I edit this to accept an array of stylesheets? This code has been taken from suggestions at Google PageSpeed Insights developers.google.com/speed/docs/insights/OptimizeCSSDelivery Also, if there's a simpler code snippet to use which...

I want to defer parsing of javascript, i have done some modifications but how to i check if they are working or not

I am using wordpress for my website. Now i want to improve my website speed i have checked it on google page speed test and gtmetrix there are certain errors like parsing of javascript, compreess images, minify html, minify css, etc. Then i started search to fix those erros, So,...

Measure website loading time with screenshots each second

Is there a software, online tool or script to meaure how fast a website loads and also includes screenshots of the website second by second during the time the page loads?

How check if pages still not full loading after 12 second, using javascript

I want this code top.location.href= 'http://myweb.com/super-minimal-page.html'; only target devices that take a long time to load my page (maybe more than 12 second still not full loading my page).

MixItUp vs PageSpeed Insigths

PageSpeed Insights says “Remove render-blocking scripts” and list jquery.mixitup.min.js :_( But the script is included at the bottom of the page (and minified), and the functions that use MixItUp is also on the bottom of the page! I don’t know what can I do. Any suggestions please? Thanks a lot....