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bxSlider WP Pro Multiple themed pagers

I bought bxSlider WP Pro. Everything is working fine. I just want to create several pager templates. Let's say I have a slider on the front page with blue pager and I have a slider in an inside page with red pager. Any ideas of how to do that? I...

ViewPager show next and before item preview current page

I want to show viewpager next and before page preview in screen. Before and next page show deep in screen and slide next page with deep animation. You can look this image How can i do it? ...

Python RegEx - How can I handle optional parts in a string

This is my current source code for parsing the message from a fire department pager using regular expressions. Everything is working as it should except the pAddress line. import re sInput = '(CUPE123, CUPE124, MTVW211, MTVW215, SUNV5326) ALARM-STRUC (Alarm Type THERMAL SMOKE) (Box 12345) APPLE INC - 1 INFINITE LOOP...

How to set up a current page number in jqGrid?

How to set up a current page number when I am creating a jqGrid ? I tried to add this : $("#grid").trigger("reloadGrid", [{ page: number }]); after this code. $("#grid").jqGrid(...); But it didn't help me....

Paging output from Go

I'm trying print to stdout from golang using $PAGER or manually invoking more or less to allow the user to easily scroll through a lot of options. How can I achieve this?

How to change pager jqgrid font size?

I want to change the font which displays the number of records in the table. (View 1 - 10 of 13)--> that font specifically

Python regex - Optional fields in a string

I'm trying to teach myself python and I'm quite new to parsing concepts. I'm trying to parse the output from my fire service pager, it seems to follow a consistent pattern as follows: (UNIT1, UNIT2, UNIT3) 911-STRU (Box# 12345) aBusiness 12345 Street aTown (Xstr CrossStreet1/CrossStreet2) building fire, persons reported #F123456...

How to style page numbers to not overlap the previous line in custom pager

I am using a custom pager for some data on a website that I am building. The pager works perfectly but the page numbers overlap each other. I am wondering how could I style them to make them look better. Source Code <ItemTemplate> <asp:LinkButton ID="lnkPage" runat="server" Text='<%#Eval("Text") %>' CommandArgument='<%# Eval("Value")...