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jQuery / CSS: How to add page breaks dynamically

I have an HTML page that contains a form large table where a user can delete, move and add rows dynamically. When printing the form there should not be more than 25 rows on a page to prevent the font size from getting too small and to avoid other layout...

Retaining original table formatting after a 'pagebreak'

So here's the finished product, a statement of accounts with a working statement table, and an ageing analysis: Everything works great. It basically populates itself row by row with data from another table. Here is the sample code: j = 21 'First row on the statement of accounts workbook For...

Conditional page - breaking in fo:table

I try to insert a conditional page break in my fo:table - without success ! This is a part of my XSL:FO template : <xsl:template match="Lignes"> <fo:block-container width="100%" top="11cm" position="absolute"> <fo:block color="black" font-family="Tahoma" font-size="12px" font-weight="normal"> my title </fo:block> <fo:block white-space-collapse="false" white-space-treatment="preserve" font-size="0pt" line-height="10px">. </fo:block> <fo:block color="black" font-family="Tahoma" font-size="10px"...