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Why osmdroid not working in offline mode (multiple questions)?

I am working on the OSMdroid library, and wanted to make it offline so i used this code mMapView.setUseDataConnection(false); but in this condition it won't even display the map other than the graph page. But when i change the boolean to true it again starts working. So how do i...

Android Osmdroid bonuspack - change marker title after infoWindow action

Using Android Osmdroid Bonuspack I created a Marker with a custom InfoWindow. marker = new MarkerWithLabel( mv, mapDescription6); marker.setTitle( description); marker.setSubDescription( gcId); marker.setPosition( gp); marker.setIcon( bubble); marker.setAnchor( 0.5f, 1.0f); marker.setInfoWindow( new MapGeocacheAction( mv, this, gp, etc.)); In the InfoWindow I have a few buttons. When pressing one button, I would...

OsmDroid show current LocationIcon not working

I'm using OSMDroid in my Android App. Everything works fine except I can not display the Icon to show my current Location. Following my Code: openMapView = (org.osmdroid.views.MapView) v.findViewById(R.id.openmapview); openMapView.setClickable(true); openMapView.setMultiTouchControls(true); final float scale = getResources().getDisplayMetrics().density; final int newScale = (int) (256 * scale); String[] OSMSource = new String[2]; OSMSource[0]...

osmbonouspack : maneuverType for GoogleRoadManager RoadNodes?

I'm getting my routing from GoogleRoadManager but all maneuverTypes from RoadNodes are 0 so I can't set an appropriate icon for it. can anyone help with this one?

Use of Planet.osm with osmDroid for offline maps

does anyone know if it is possible to build an Android application using osmDroid that makes use of Planet.osm stored on an SD card? for example, you would store Planet.osm on a large SD card that has been put in a phone. The application loaded on the phone would then...

How to implement a draggable ExtendedOverlayItem on OSMDroid?

I'm developing a feature to drag a map overlay (using ExtendedOverlayItem class), using osmdroid and OSMBonusPack. This question talks about a possible solution: Unable to implement onTouchEvent (Drag & Drop) with Osmdroid So, my questions are: 1 - Where do I put that code? 2 - Should I create a...

MapController setCenter doesn't work

I've got a GeoPoint gPt with 55.790833, 49.114444 coordinates. I add that thing to map and try to center. But my marker is not in the center of map (it's a little bit higher). What is wrong? This is my code: mResourceProxy = new ResourceProxyImpl(this.getActivity().getApplicationContext()); mapView = (MapView) v.findViewById(R.id.mapview); mapView.setTileSource(TileSourceFactory.MAPNIK);...

Why are somes class not generated in a binding project?

I'm trying to bind a project with Xamarin Studio so I successfully removed the errors and it bind correctly ! BUT some class are not generated in C#. Why ? I worked with the Metadata.xml to bind correctly the name of the package -> PICTURE and it allowed me to...

Map shows multiple markers (overlays)

I'm using osmdroid API for maps in my project. Below is the code I wrote to put an overlay(marker) on selected location. If I click on map to select any location, it puts an overlay there, but if I tap on map again to select any new location, it shows...

Click inside the Path in Openstreetmap

I have two overlays in my openstreetmap app, Itemized overlay and Path overlay together. I want to provide click inside the path inside the path overlay and custom marker

What is ResourceProxy class supposed to do?

I wonder how this class work. There isn't any constructor. I think it is here that we can modify the drawer, but I don't know how. Class related to -> osmdroid-android Lot of thanks, there isn't any specific documentation about this class....

initMetaData(this) Error with Bing Satellite View in OSMDroid

I want to display Satellite Tiles from Bing in OSMDroid and have 'osmdroid-third-party-4.3.jar' installed. The following code is posted over the web to display the Satellite Tiles, but I get always the Error: 'The method initMetaData() in the type BingMapTileSource is not applicable for the arguments' ! /* BING SATELLITE...

Null Pointer Exception while getting current location using osmdroid

I'm using osmdroid AIP to get current location and display a overlay at that point but I get following error. Error is caused by String provider = mLocMgr.getBestProvider(criteria, true); but I don't know what's wrong. My Activity having error public class LSLocationSender extends Activity implements LocationListener, MapViewConstants { protected MapView...

Loading osmdroid tiles from multiple zip files

Can I make osmdroid to load tiles from multiple zip files? I have multiple cities that I want to load tiles for them and for each one there is a zip file. My code only gets one name for zip file and obviously we can't multiple files with the same...

OSMDroid Limit the map in North/South

I am working with the OSMDroid API and I'm wondering if there's a way to limit the map in north and south. I mean, is this possible to prevent the map from endlessly repeating itself on the Y-Axis. I found this issue on the Github's "osmdroid" project but the code...