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Getting Error code 403 while accessing Office 365 mail box for the client credential grant flow

I am trying to connect to Office 365 to use the client credential flow.I have followed all the steps as mentioned in http://blogs.msdn.com/b/exchangedev/archive/2015/01/21/building-demon-or-service-apps-with-office-365-mail-calendar-and-contacts-apis-oauth2-client-credential-flow.aspx I am trying to connect using the ADAL java library. Using the below code to connect and fetch mail: String authority = "https://login.windows.net/tenant-id/oauth2/authorize"; ExecutorService service = null;...

Will the unified API have delegate auth for administrators?

All other major storage providers provide administrator-level access via their APIS to individual user files. Will this be coming with the preview? Is this available now automatically, without having to grant specific permissions outside of the API?

Access UserProperties with Office365 JavaScript API

There are two kind of properties, Custom Properties for the JS API/Mail Apps, and UserProperties for the VSTO/Object Model (.NET). I know you can't access Custom Properties with the Object Model because they're basically data for the Mail App itself (storage). However, it would makes sense if the Mail App...

Office 365 : Access denied error

Everything was working fine until morning, but now I am not able to deploy my office app to Sharepoint server. It throws access denied error. Please suggest the way out....

Skip “login.windows.net” and redirect to federated ADFS

Any suggestion on how to skip the selection of login url (home realm?)