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Octopack for .Net 2.0 and msbuild 2.0

I was setting up number of projects to build NuGet packages and push onto NuGet server, so it could be later used by Octopus Deploy. All was fine until I needed to apply the same process to legacy projects. The error was: error MSB4062: The "OctoPack.Tasks.CreateOctoPackPackage" task could not be...

Octopack packaging windows service as if it were a web site

I have a windows service which contains the necessary components to allow it to render razor templates. This service listens on a message queue and sends emails, using the razor templates to generate rich html. Everything is working fine, however, when it comes to deploying it with Octopus Deploy, it...

When does OctoPack create the nuspec file?

The Using OctoPack mentions A .nuspec file describes the contents of your NuGet package. OctoPack automatically creates one if you haven't provided one, by guessing some of the settings from your project. I've run msbuild with the /p:RunOctoPack=true flag set, and expect to see the .nuspec file in the project...