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How to include content files in project if resources are specified in nuspec file?

I am creating a nuget package definition to include a whole bunch of DLLs. Some of them are needed only at design time, so according to the Nuspec Reference I created a references section to specify which assemblies should be referenced by the project. I also specified a list of...

Copy files from a subfolder to root in nuspec

I'm trying to copy a bunch of files from a specific folder into the root of a nuget package. Here's how it looks in my nuspec file: <files> <file src="dist/product1/**/*.*" /> </files> I want the files under dist/product1 be copied to root of nuget package but instead all files go...

NuGet package not in Package Manager search results

We have a package that refuses to appear in the NuGet Package Manager search results within Visual Studio. Searching for Bridge.NET should return results. Initially we thought this might just caching issue, so we waited a few releases, but the problem continues. Here's a copy of the .nuspec file for...

How to add a nuspec as a reference to a project

I am trying to add to my project a nuspec as reference.. by : right click on references > add reference > browse > nuspec_file it doesn't work... what is the right way to do it ?

Nuget pack does not honor number of digits on assembly version

I need nuget pack to generate a package version with only 3 digits (we want to do semantic versioning on it) but when I call it on a csproj which has an AssemblyVersion attribute set to "1.0.0", the resulting nupkg file ends with version "" in it's metadata (and file...