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Add reference to same Nuget package but for different targets

I have a solution in Visual Studio 2013 with more C# project files that have source code in common but are targeting for different platforms (.Net, WinRT, .Net Micro Framework and so on). All the csproj files are under the same directory. These projects use a Nuget package that is...

Nuget pack does not honor number of digits on assembly version

I need nuget pack to generate a package version with only 3 digits (we want to do semantic versioning on it) but when I call it on a csproj which has an AssemblyVersion attribute set to "1.0.0", the resulting nupkg file ends with version "" in it's metadata (and file...

Automapper missing type map configuration or unsupported mapping

I have 2 class : Class 1 : (Domain) public class Book { public ObjectId Id { get; set; } public String ISBN { get; set; } public String Title { get; set; } public String Publisher { get; set; } public int? PageCount { get; set; } public Author...

How to create Unit Test in .NET 2.0 VS2013?

I have tried microsoft unit test package from nuget ,but it's failed to install, so please help, how to use unit test in visual studio using any package.

VS persists requiring restart since updating NuGet packages

I created a brand new C# Web Application from the templates and immediately updated all its NuGet packages. During the update process it required a restart, and afterwards, it keeps on showing this message: One or more packages could not be completely uninstalled: Newtonsoft.Json.6.0.4. Restart Visual Studio to finish uninstall....

Is there a NuGet package for Microsoft.Xrm.Client?

Is there a NuGet package for Microsoft.Xrm.Client for Dynamics 2013 and 2015?

How to create Nuget package with C# and C++ libraries built with different options?

There is a project that wraps V8 engine into C# library. Its nuget package is broken and i'd like to fix it. Creating a package seems easy and there is documented way to pack different C# dlls for different .NET versions. However, i have no idea how to package .dll...

how to create nuspec file in specific folder?

I tried to create .nuspec file in a different folder by giving path but it is giving me error Nuget.exe spec ..\MYDEMOFOLDER Nuget.exe pack ..\MYDEMOFOLDER\MYPROJECT.csproj pause want to create MYPROJECT.nuspec in ..\MYDEMOFOLDER folder location getting error to create nuspec file The package ID '..\MYDEMOFOLDER' contains invalid characters. Examples of valid...

NuGet command line checkout packages.config

My project is currently referencing some pre-release packages that represent nightly builds. I would like to ensure that I am always building against the latest release. I added a pre-build event to my project: .nuget\nuget.exe update -safe -noninteractive -prerelease -source "My-Package-Repo/nuget" $(SolutionPath) This generates the following output during build: Scanning...

Ignoring Dependencies in Nuget Package

I have a package which has 5 dependencies -- one of which is MVC3. While installing this package, I want to ignore the dependency on MVC3 alone. Is there a way I can do that? In the Nuget Package Manager Console, there's an option to ignore dependencies when installing packages...

Alert Nuget server to update my package

I'm hosting private repository for Nuget libraries. Always I update any library to a newer version and go to Manage Nuget Packages I can't see "update" button. There's only one option, to install. What am I doing wrong? ...

“Unable to satisfy package dependency constraints” with Breeze.Server.WebAPI2

I am trying to add the Breeze.Server.WebAPI2 Nuget package to Visual Studio Community 2015 RC. When I click on install I get "Unable to satisfy package dependency constraints" The listed dependencies are: Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.OData (>= 5.2.2 && < 6.0.0) Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.WebHost (>= 5.2.2 && < 6.0.0) Breeze.Server.ContextProvider (=1.5.4) WebActivator I tried adding...

NuGet fails to find existing package

How it's possible that NuGet's Install-Package fails with Unable to find version 'x' of package 'y' when that exact version is released as NuGet to official repository and it shown on the https://www.nuget.org/packages/y page. Here is specific sample with nuget.org content and NuGet Install-Package command output. UPDATE. Package sources are...

I didn't get Nuget Package Manager option on my project

i didn't get Nuget Package Manager(as well as NPM Console) option on my project? I check Nuget Package Manager tab in option but it was saying error occur. How can i get my NPM back? ...

Where to find Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.WebTestFramework

I am missing a reference to this .dll file and I can't find it from the add references tab, it is not there in both extensions and frameworks and neither nuget package manager lists it.

NuGet: Possibility of adding a line of code via Powershell?

I have a few NuGet packages that I've put together, with one of them being a common project referenced by all the others. This common project inserts a configuration class into the App_Start folder, and a method on this class is then invoked by WebActivator. For one of the other...

NuGet package not in Package Manager search results

We have a package that refuses to appear in the NuGet Package Manager search results within Visual Studio. Searching for Bridge.NET should return results. Initially we thought this might just caching issue, so we waited a few releases, but the problem continues. Here's a copy of the .nuspec file for...

Can't open namespaces in a Nuget package

I did the following: Create a new F# project in VS2013 In Package Manager Console, execute while targetting the new project: Install-Package FSharp.Azure.StorageTypeProvider In the file, type: open FSharp.Azure.StorageTypeProvider ...as can be seen in the examples included in the Github project. But I get the error: "The namespace or module...

Editing Nuget Package C# Helixtoolkit.WPF

I am using the Helixtoolkit.WPF in my C# program. I have imported the NuGet package and it is working perfectly. However, I am wanting to edit one of the files, specifically GridLinesVisual.cs. I want to change how one of the functions in that file operates, but can’t seem to get...

Manually add a nupkg file to TeamCity Feed?

I have a TeamCity server with its Nuget feed enabled. I would like to manually add some third-party nupkg files to it. Is it possible to do so?

NuGet Package Dependencies

Is it true that for every dependency that a package has on some other library, that those libraries need to be resolved and installed as well? For example, I created a package which uses NLog, Postsharp and WindowsAzure.Storage: Do clients of my package now have to install these packages as...

How to create a powershell script that triggers a NuGet Update-Package –reinstall?

I have a nuget spec that installs both library file (dll) and two zip packages on a specific folder. Updating the packages is no issue when doing it from Visual Studio 2013 manually. However, when it is being triggered from either our CI servers TeamCity and CCNet, it is only...

Copy files from a subfolder to root in nuspec

I'm trying to copy a bunch of files from a specific folder into the root of a nuget package. Here's how it looks in my nuspec file: <files> <file src="dist/product1/**/*.*" /> </files> I want the files under dist/product1 be copied to root of nuget package but instead all files go...

NuGet init.ps1 causing debug into in console

We have an in-house NuGet package that has a readme.txt file that we want to display when the package is installed. To accomplish this we created a very simple init.ps1 file for the package that looks like: param($installPath, $toolsPath, $package, $project) $path = [System.IO.Path] $readmefile = $path::Combine($installPath, "content\Content\fonts\globalcons\readme.txt") $DTE.ItemOperations.OpenFile($readmefile) It...

How to include content files in project if resources are specified in nuspec file?

I am creating a nuget package definition to include a whole bunch of DLLs. Some of them are needed only at design time, so according to the Nuspec Reference I created a references section to specify which assemblies should be referenced by the project. I also specified a list of...

NuGet restore progressive failures

Why would I be getting different NuGet restore build failures on the exact same changeset over 3 manually-triggered, consecutive builds? The fourth build was successful. I double checked on NuGet's twitter feed and there was no report of any issues or downtime. This is occurring on the following command: nuget.exe...

Create nuget package for static assets

I'm exploring creating a Nuget package since I just started dabbling in .Net MVC and I have a custom theme that will be applied to any/all future applications will be built. Does it make sense to create a Nuget package with all the static assets that will be needed? I'd...

Powershell x64 does not starts in Windows 8.1

The problem I need to be solved is that the Nuget Package Manager Console in Visual Studio 2013 cannot start because the Windows Powershell raise the error: The shell cannot be started. A failure occurred during initialization: The type initializer for 'System.Management.Automation.SessionStateScope' threw an exception. I tried reinstalling nuget, repairing...

NuGet release management

I have for the first time made something I want to share on NuGet, but I am not sure how this "release preparation" is done. At the moment my following steps are: Manually change the assembly version of my main assembly (MyAssembly) in AssemblyInfo.cs from to Build the...

Nuget Package download and add to the reference

I am hosting my own nuget server to download the packages. I have package which copies some dlls to the bin folder of the specified project. This all works fine. Is there anyway to add references automatlically to the dll when installing the package?...

ReSharper 9 Adding menu item action not working

Trying to update my resharper extension to work for 9.0, before I was just moving the dll into the plugins directory but now I need to figure out how to get nuget to work... I've been able to package the files, dll gets included in the nupkg but I think...