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Using Sync Framework in Visual Studio 2013

Does anyone have a walkthrough or video on how to use Sync Framework in VS 2013? I've seen nice examples using VS 2010 but some important items like local database cache object have been deprecated. For what I have read is that LocalDB will be replacing the Sql Compact (which...

Error stating that CR_CONSUMER_INFO_selectchanges already exists?

I am recently started working on Microsoft Sync framework 2.1 based project, which already developed, requirement is simple to sync db(server to client and client to server), but i am getting very frequent error stating blah_blah_selectchanges already exist(procedure), once i will delete all mentioned procedure it will work fine.. then...

Microsoft.SyncFileSyncProvider for REST Backend?

I am trying to build my own Sync Desktop application like onedrive to sync with a REST backend. MS Sync FW seemed to be a good base for that. Now my approach would be to use the FileSyncProvider to cover the local files and write another Provider - closely based...

Use Sync Framework without Installation

I developed an application, which uses the Microsoft Sync SDK for syncing Directories. But I want to run the application without installing the sync framework on every computer before. So is there a way to publish the application, including the framework in his program directory?

Sync Framework scope filtering not working properly

I have created a sync application for POS(point of sales) Application. One server is linked with multiple terminals. server and terminal databases have [pos_terminal] table. it has [POS_TERMINAL_ID] column as identity. This is how I provision the server. try { string strScopeName = ""; strScopeName = "TERMINAL_SCOPE_T01"; SqlConnection serverConn =...

How to make sure synchronization using the Microsoft Sync Framework was successful?

I am using the Microsoft Sync Framework to synchronize a table on two Microsoft SQL Servers. I have created a test application which generates one row per second in the table on the remote server. The application making use of the Sync Framework runs on the local server. The test...

c# to vb using Sync Framework strange error

I followed Microsoft's walkthrough for Sync Framework which is written in C#. And I wish to translate it to VB. I have simplified the code as much as possible. Both codes compile fine. They are running under 2 projects within the same solution. C# runs fine, but VB gives the...

Sync Framework create Template

I'm using sync FX in my application. There is 1 Main database and multiple client databases linked to it. I have created a template with filtering in Main server. Do I have to create templates in clients databases separately, or can I use the template created in Main server to...

filesyncprovider creates folders for documents with same name as document

I am building a sync app with a customprovider and a filesyncprovider. I based my provider on this example: https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/File-Sync-with-Simple-c497bf87 Now I want to extend to a hierarchical folderstructure. So in the EnumerateItems method of the custom syncprovider I return all files and folders just like I did before with...

DbProvisioningException when trying to sync databases

I have been following this guide from MSDN: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff928700(v=sql.110).aspx And this is my code: public void ProvisionServer() { SqlConnection serverConn = (SqlConnection) _serverConn.Create(); DbSyncScopeDescription scopeDesc = new DbSyncScopeDescription(_sScope); DbSyncTableDescription listDesc = SqlSyncDescriptionBuilder.GetDescriptionForTable("List", serverConn); scopeDesc.Tables.Add(listDesc); DbSyncTableDescription itemDesc = SqlSyncDescriptionBuilder.GetDescriptionForTable("Item",...

Using Microsoft Sync Framework for Multiple Offline (LAN-Connected) Local Databases?

I have several computers which, in their production environment, will only be connected to each other via LAN. There will be no Internet connection. Each computer is going to start off with an identical copy of an application with a local database. As the application is used on each computer,...