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Microsoft CRM 2011 - Created new user unable to access the system

I have created two accounts from the Active Directory, and those accounts are unable to access the system, but the account that was used to create the Organization for the first time doesn't seem to have that problem. The error on the website with DevError set to On : An...

Set Partylist value using array in JavaScript

I'm trying to set the value of the partylist from an array, which formatted from selected contacts. But I got exception indxIds is undefined, tried a lot to figure it out but couldn't do so. Here is in the following what I'm trying to do: //arrIds is the array of...

Relationship between GeneralJournalAccountEntry and LedgerJournalTrans_Project

We are attempting to relate GL transactions GeneralJournalAccountEntry with their appropriate Project Category Id LedgerJournalTrans_Project, but are having a very difficult time relating the two tables. We can get there by this route: GeneralJournalAccountEntry.GeneralJournalEntry = GeneralJournalEntry.RecId (Many to 1) GeneralJournalEntry.SubLedgerVoucher = LedgerJournalTrans.Voucher (1 to Many) LedgerJournalTrans.RecId = LedgerJournalTrans_Project.RefRecId (1 to...

Query to fetch emails tracked in CRM

Is there a way to query tracked emails in CRM 2011 or above using SQL(Filtered Views)? Please help.

new to CRM, how to get CRM environment for learning and work around

I m a .net developer and new to CRM. Unfortunately at my work we don't have CRM. I m intrested in learning CRM but not sure how I can get CRM environment for practice and learning. Please guide should I go for CRM 2015 ? Should it be installed on...

Enable/Find logging for Dynamics AX Odata service

I'm trying to connect an external system to AX using the OdataQueryService. Connecting with Excel gives the correct results from the server, however I get an error when using the external system. Is there some logging on the Dynamics AX Odata service that I can enable for troubleshooting? Rob ...

Shortcut key for *now*

I'm looking for the shortcut to enter the date and time of now in Microsoft Navision. I know about 't', which will enter today's date, but that leaves the time-part empty. So basically: What key goes at the place of the ? Key Result 't' 06/03/15 00:00:00 ? 06/03/15 14:36:28...

List Entity Relationships in Dynamics CRM 2013/2015

Is it possible to return a list of relationships on a particular type of entity (not an individual record) using the CRM/XRM SDK? For example, if I have an entity called "Case" and I need to see if it has a relationship with "MyCustomEntity" is it possible to query the...

Javascript in Ms CRM (with odata query) is not working?

I created a javaScript(by the way i learned it yesterday only ) this script is set to fire upon OnSave event of Accounts entity . I build a odata query using query builder tool that i found on Internet which is supposed to retrive all the tasks ($select=ActivityId,CreatedOn ) and...

Init Ledger Journal Trans offset account

I am trying to create (and post) ledger journals from data received via AIF inbound service. The data is written in a custom staging table with all necessary fields. Now, I need to create journals and journal trans records from this staging table. I am able to create LedgerJournalTable record...

How to get CRM 2013 Online Database schema

How can i get database schema for my Dynamics CRM 2013 Online? Is it possible in CRM 2013 online? If it is possible to get database schema, can you tell me any procedure?

Is it possible to add and configure Dynamics CRM workflows with Powershell

Is it possible to deploy a managed solution to Microsoft Dyanamics CRM 2013/2015 with plugin assemblies via the UI, then use a PowerShell script to add workflows, and steps?

Dynamics CRM xrm.cs compile error

I'm trying to connect to CRM using steps declared in this link https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg695790.aspx Error Server Error in '/' Application. Compilation Error Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately. Compiler...

Unit price is not updating while create items on eConnect

I was using eConnect to connect my .NET application to the Dynamics GP. This is my C# eConnect code to create/update an item on Dynamics GP. taUpdateCreateItemRcd GpLineItem = new taUpdateCreateItemRcd(); GpLineItem.ITEMNMBR = "iPartNumber"; GpLineItem.ITEMDESC = "iDescription"; GpLineItem.CURRCOST = 50.65; GpLineItem.ITMCLSCD = "classID"; GpLineItem.ITEMTYPE = 1; GpLineItem.Purchase_Tax_Options = 2; GpLineItem.UOMSCHDL...

Dynamics Ax 2012 Dialog - Questioning Training material

In the training material I am going over it is setting 3 DialogFields as such(I also am showing the table declaration: CustTable custTable; dlgCust = dlg.addField(extendedTypeStr(CustVendAc),"Customer account"); dlgGrp = dlg.addField(extendedTypeStr(CustGroupId)); dlgCur = dlg.addField(extendedTypeStr(CurrencyCode)); Then it tries to save the values from the dialog box into the custTable custTable.AccountNum = dlgCust.value();...

How do you find a user's last used printer in SysLastValue

I've been trying to find where a user's last used printer is stored so that I can clear this usage data (as a few users have an issue where the remembered printer keeps defaulting to the XPS writer, despite us having KB981681 installed & the printer being available; just not...

Form data source edit method on a view - AX 2009

I am trying to add a edit method to my grid from my data source in the form. I have the following code for the edit method: edit boolean markLine( boolean set, Datasource _datasource, boolean _mark ) { if (set) { if (!_mark) { if (selectedLines.exists(_datasource.RecId)) { selectedLines.remove(_datasource.RecId); } }...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 - Create Popup/Dialog

I'm currently trying to create a popup like this: http://i.stack.imgur.com/faqQA.png But i don't know where to start. Is it a Webresource? If yes is it done via JScript or ASPX?...

How do I create a supplier in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015?

Microsoft CRM 2015.. a great little customer management system, but why did do they leave suppliers out? Anyway how do I create and manage suppliers using Dynamics CRM? or do you need different software for that? Cheers,...

Error: Query with id 'DAXSecurityUsersAndRoles' does not exist. How to resolve this?

I am trying to run a report in Dynamics AX "Menu/Sys Admin/Reports/Security/Roles and Users Attached List" which is throwing me below error Query with id 'DAXSecurityUsersAndRoles' does not exist. Anybody faced this before? What to do to fix this?...

Spring Integration: call REST endpoint using outbound gateway with oAuth?

I have been using SI outbound gateway to call a REST endpoint protected using NTLM (Microsoft Dynamics backend). It was simple enough, just configure the HttpComponentsMessageSender credentials to use Apache HttpClient's NTCredentials, and it works transparently. Now however they've gone and protected it with ADFS, which requires oAuth 2.0 authentication....

Not all query datasources available on ListPage

In the MSDN tutorial on adding data sources to a list page, it says Expand the Data Sources node for the list page. The node includes the query that you added and the data sources associated with that query. However I noticed not all the datasources of the query for...

How to migrate AX 4.0 (SP2) on Oracle to a SQL server platform

I'm facing a problem with MS Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2 while I migrate data from oracle (version 10) to SQL Server 2008 R2 and I am using SSMA tool to transfer data. The AX system with Oracle is customized in 3 layers 'var', 'cus', 'usr'. I have already done these...

What is the TECHNICAL Difference between Entity.Contains AND Entity.Attributes.Contains

What is the TECHNICAL Difference between Entity.Contains AND Entity.Attributes.Contains. I know both of them work, but looking for some technical details.

CRM 2015 Outlook Plugin error

I am getting the following when trying to install the CRM 2015 plugin for Outlook: I have Outlook 2010 32 bit version installed and I downloaded the 32 bit version of the CRM 2015 Outlook plugin. thanks, Stephen...

Build an Improved CRM dynamics 2011,13,15 Online Import Tool

Wanted to build an online import tool for CRM dynamics 2011,13,15. It is not a tool to compete with Scribe or SSIS adapter. Rather it is tool to help the normal business users to use. Or data professional who wants to upload a small amount of data without using a...

Microsoft Dynamics Error: Developing SSRS report using Report Data Provider

I am trying to create a class coding in AOT in my Microsoft Dynamics AX. What I am doing is to develop a SSRS report in Microsoft DynamicsAX 2012. Hence, for practice purposes I am actually following through this tutorial link: http://www.dynamics101.com/2013/09/developing-ssrs-report-using-report-data-provider-microsoft-dynamics-ax-2012/. Please Help. THank you However, I am getting...

Configuring a picklist in CRM Online 2015

We currently have a CRM Dyanmics 4.0 system and as part of our Account Entity we have a field new_accountstatus with the following set up: Schema Display Name: Account Status Name: new_accountstatus Requirement Level: No Constraint Searchable: Yes Description: "V1.0" Type Type: Picklist Overdiew 2. Active 3. Suspended 4.De-Energise 5.Terminated...