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TypeError: Cannot read property 'slice' of null

I am using autoform in my project and getting this error when I open the form Not sure if this is because of any versions or dependency, my autoform is not working and I am getting this error, I have the screenshot and the schema code, form code below, template...

Convert ng-click to Blaze in meteoric

I used ng-click as below in ionic: <div class="list"> <a class="item item-icon-right nav-clear" href="#/app/list1" ng-click="closeMenu()"> <i class="icon ion-ios7-paper"></i> Item 1 </a> .... </div> know I want to use Meteor with Meteoric. I don't know how to convert ng-click to Blaze version. Please guide me. I didn't find anything about this...

meteoric:ionic tabs localization with tap:i18n

I am using in a meteorjs application meteoric:ionic package with tap:i18n package for localization.Tap:i18n works fine when used in a html template, but I don't how to use it in a template like this: {{#ionTabs style="ios"}} {{> ionTab title="Welcome" path="tabs.one" iconOff="ios-home-outline" iconOn="ios-home"}} {{/ionTabs}} this doesn't work: {{#ionTabs style="ios"}} {{> ionTab...