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Mysql nested match against not returning any results

I wanted to select sub sets with match against SELECT * FROM ( SELECT * FROM Movie WHERE MATCH(keywords) AGAINST('$mk') ) WHERE MATCH(genres) AGAINST('$mg') $mk may be "action,thriller" $keywords may be "hero,guns,forest" That doesn't seem to work or i may bee doing something wrong.. Both queries return values. When i...

Can't find FULLTEXT index while using IN BOOLEAN MODE

I'm trying to filter some data with an MATCH ... AGAINST WHERE clause. But I get the following error: Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list This is an query I execute: SELECT PAR.idPartij, PAR.Partijnaam, PRO.Productnaam, PER.Perceel, R.Ras, PAR.TagNR FROM Partij AS PAR LEFT OUTER JOIN Product AS PRO...