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Can't find FULLTEXT index while using IN BOOLEAN MODE

I'm trying to filter some data with an MATCH ... AGAINST WHERE clause. But I get the following error: Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list This is an query I execute: SELECT PAR.idPartij, PAR.Partijnaam, PRO.Productnaam, PER.Perceel, R.Ras, PAR.TagNR FROM Partij AS PAR LEFT OUTER JOIN Product AS PRO...

Mysql nested match against not returning any results

I wanted to select sub sets with match against SELECT * FROM ( SELECT * FROM Movie WHERE MATCH(keywords) AGAINST('$mk') ) WHERE MATCH(genres) AGAINST('$mg') $mk may be "action,thriller" $keywords may be "hero,guns,forest" That doesn't seem to work or i may bee doing something wrong.. Both queries return values. When i...