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Magento does not load config.xml properly and getResourceModel returns false

PLEASE!!! I'm stuck with this problem for about a month. My original problem is Mage::getResourceModel() returns false. I tried everything and couldn't succeed. Then I started to trace the core classes which relate to the getResourceModel() function. I end up in Config.php _getResourceModelFactoryClassName() function, which reads the XML from $this->_xml->global->models...

Magento - How can I tell if I'm on a “My Account” page?

I'd like to add something to the top of the page on my Magento site, but only if the customer is in the "My Account" section. I'll be adding it to /app/design/frontend/xxxx/xxxx/template/page/html/header.phtml. How can I detect if the customer is in the "My Account" section? I've found a few ways...

Send asynchronous emails in Magento 1.6

In Magento how to send emails (order, new user etc) asynchronously? In my production instance calls like $mailer->send(); takes around 40 to 60 seconds. ...