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Removing or Hide dynamically created linklabels and labels

Background I create a set of linklabel and label controls using a loop that uses data from a database as there content (Text). Question How do I then remove or change there visibility? What I would Like to Happen? On a button click event, I would like all of the...

How to know what Linklabel has been clicked?

Background I have created 8 linklabels which are created using a loop which gets data from a database. Each record fills a linklabel. How ever how can I distinguish what linklabel has been clicked on? Code for (int i = 0; i <= rowCount - 1; i++) { LinkLabel Linklabel...

Enable all LinkLabel controls

I have a few links which are disabled by default on a form, each using a LinkLabel control. Depending on some user interaction I need to enable either one or all of the LinkLables. I can enable the single LinkLabel just fine, but I can't find a way of enabling...