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determination of human language from text:: system structure [closed]

I'm using these word lists. Right now I'm only thinking about German, Russian, English, and French. I guess what I'm going to do is put them all as part of a hashmap, one for each language with the word as the key, and a boolean as the value. When I...

Language detection not working in Typo3 6.2.12

I've a website which has 2 languages: German (de) as default and English (en) as translated. I am trying to implement language detection functionality in the website using the extension "rlmp_language_detection" version 7.0.0. What I want to achieve is, for the countries Austria (at), Switzerland (ch) and Germany (de), the...

How to understand text language in utf8 encoded text?

Redis is using utf8 code and for my project I need to get text language which is utf8 encoded text. Is there any way that can give a clue about the language of the text? EDIT: My project is on NodeJs programming language. In Redis maybe lua script has a...