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Language detection not working in Typo3 6.2.12

I've a website which has 2 languages: German (de) as default and English (en) as translated. I am trying to implement language detection functionality in the website using the extension "rlmp_language_detection" version 7.0.0. What I want to achieve is, for the countries Austria (at), Switzerland (ch) and Germany (de), the...

determination of human language from text:: system structure [closed]

I'm using these word lists. Right now I'm only thinking about German, Russian, English, and French. I guess what I'm going to do is put them all as part of a hashmap, one for each language with the word as the key, and a boolean as the value. When I...

How to understand text language in utf8 encoded text?

Redis is using utf8 code and for my project I need to get text language which is utf8 encoded text. Is there any way that can give a clue about the language of the text? EDIT: My project is on NodeJs programming language. In Redis maybe lua script has a...