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Sort keyword data to show highest searches with lowest competition

I've used the Google Adwords tool to find suggested keywords. I want to take this data a step further: Is there a formula or a way to sort this data to show the highest searches with the lowest competition? I'm looking to create an additional column that will output some...

Javascript Syntax: Variable Declarations [closed]

I'm fairly new to Javascript, and filled with questions, most of which I'm able to find the the answers to online. However, there is the rare occurrence when my wording of a question doesn't correctly communicate the idea I'm trying to portray. That's when I come to Stack Overflow, and...

Natural Language Search (user intent search)

I'm trying to build a search engine that allows my users to search with natural language commands, just like Google Now. Except, my search engine is slightly more constrained, in that it is mainly going to be used within an e-commerce site, and allow the users to search for certain...

What does ::type in c++ declaration mean?

The following code is taken from cpp-netlib but I've seen similar declarations elsewhere. template <class Handler> struct server : server_base<tags::http_server, Handler>::type { typedef typename server_base<tags::http_server, Handler>::type server_base; typedef server_options<tags::http_server, Handler> options; explicit server(options const &options) : server_base(options) {} }; Please can someone explain what the significance is of using ::type...

Namespace keyword in TypeScript

Trying to find out what does namespace keyword mean in TypeScript? Here's some reshuffle they've done recently to use namespace instead of module: https://github.com/Microsoft/TypeScript/commit/224e7630ea17c4547e97f85634f446b877955a67 In the absence of namespace spec, it looks like a rather pointless rename to make the language look C#-like. Or is there an obscure little difference...

Python - input filters [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Asking the user for input until they give a valid response 1 answer This is a follow up of my other thread on 10 Green Bottles. I now want to know how i can make my input only accept some words/numbers. If...

What is this use of C# 'using' statement?

What is this use of c# using statement? namespace Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb.DataProtection { using DataProtectionProviderDelegate = Func<string[], Tuple<Func<byte[], byte[]>, Func<byte[], byte[]>>>; using DataProtectionTuple = Tuple<Func<byte[], byte[]>, Func<byte[], byte[]>>; Taken from here According to MSDN using statement has two usages. (directive) Import types into current files, either directly or by giving an alias...

Is it possible to call a function after typing each keyword in ace-editor

What I want to do is that in ace-editor, each time when I finished typing a keyword, a function can be called automatically. For example, I TYPE the keyword "new" in ace-editor. After I finished typing, an alert function will be called and say "you have typed the keyword 'new'"....

Simple but reasonably accurate algorithm to determine if tag / keyword is related to an image

I have a hard problem to solve which is about automatic image keywording. You can assume that I have a database with 100000+ keyworded low quality jpeg images for training (low quality = low resolution about 300x300px + low compression ratio). Each image has about 40 mostly accurate keywords (data...

How to determine if C11 _Generic is supported by the compiler using preprocessor directives?

I would like to know if there is any way to determine if support for _Generic type-generic macros can be determined for a given compiler using preprocessor directives such as: #if __C11_GENERIC_IS_SUPPORTED__ == 1 Any help would be appreciated......

Regex for any matches from a list of words not preceded by @

I inherited a front-end web project with a few dozen grossly disorganized Less pages. I need to track down stray colors and unify with a brand standard. My understanding of regex is fairly limited, but if I understand correctly, one or more might make my life a lot easier. I'm...

Export keywords in file.gz

I have a xxx.gz file, it content some text characters below: Array ( [f_name] => YOKICHI [l_name] => KOSHIZAWA [name] => YOKICHI KOSHIZAWA [street_address] => 7164 fake [city] => CANTON [state] => MI [zip] => 48187 [country] => United States [phone] => 734-354-6599 [email] => [email protected] [discount_percent] => 0.00 [discount_amount]...

notepad++ keyword only if at beginning of line

Is there a way to create a rule for a Keyword in your User Define Language that states that in order for this to be a keyword, it must be at the beginning of the line ... or at least be the first word on the line?

classify keywords into fields

Is there an existing resource (dictionary/database or something else) that can help classify keywords into different categories of fields and can be integrated in programming? For example, when seeing "arson", classify it as "Crime"; when seeing "injection", classify it as "Health Care", something like this.

Difference between 'this' and 'self' in programming languages

In some languages, like Python, we use self, but in other languages such as Java, we use this. Is there any special reason for this difference in name for the same function?...

Referring to a PHP superclass name via a magic constant / keyword or similar construct (avoiding naming the superclass in the derived class)

The comments in the following code show what I am trying to accomplish, which is something very simple: I want to be able to refer to the name of the parent class using a PHP built-in constant (or other construct) such as __CLASS__, but which refers to the parent class...

How to select strings with the most keywords matches?

I'm trying to select top 3 strings which contains the most matches.. I'll explain it like this: assume that we have the following keywords: "pc, programming, php, java" and the following sentences: a[0]="what is java??"<br> a[1]="I love playing and programming on pc"<br> a[2]="I'm good at programming php and java"<br> a[3]="I'm...

Converting from Hash Set to Keyworded List

When querying the Datomic database, the result is something like #{["Rainbows are many droplets acting as one" 17592186045438] ["Perception is malleable and changeable" 17592186045421] ["Dream preservation and posture" 17592186045440]} What's a simple way to convert from #{} hash set to () list so I can use list operations like (nth-rand...

Best way to fix using a reserved JQL keyword in a JIRA query?

I am trying to write a JIRA query to query a bunch of defects. The problem I am having is that if there is a JQL keyword in the list of defects I am querying, the entire query fails and spits out the following error: JiraError HTTP 400 - text:...

How to find out the keyword in ace-editor

For ace-editor, I want to select one line and find out all the keywords within the line and output into the console. Which APIs from ace-editor that I can use for this purpose, and how to achieve the goal. Thanks.

“smaller” keyword(?) in OCaml

In the solutions for the tutorials for OCaml form here, the one regarding eliminating consecutive duplicates of list elements, the code is written as such: let rec compress = function | a :: (b :: _ as t) -> if a = b then compress t else a :: compress...

how to select random keyword?

i have one problem with this code. it selects the first three keyword. what if i want to select the keyword in random number? currently, it has 7 keywords and it selects the first three. what if i want to select keyword 3,6,7. how can i do the random function...

Javamail search unread mails with a keyword (multiple searchterms)

I know how to search messages with keyword, I also know how to search unread messages. But I don't know how to combine those two things. Here is my code: Properties props = System.getProperties(); props.setProperty("mail.store.protocol", "imaps"); try { Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance(props, null); //GMail connecting Store store = session.getStore("imaps"); store.connect("imap.gmail.com",...

MySQL query : search keyword like % function

i have foo keyword in my database . but now i want to search like this Select id from table where name like '%foo function%' datatable like this ----------------- |id |name | ----------------- |1 |foo | |2 |sourc | -------------- now i want "foo function" string which have "foo" match...

Proper use of the PURE keyword Fortran

I'm currently delving into Fortran and I've come across the pure keyword specifying functions/subroutines that have no side effects. I have a book, Fortran 90/95 by S Chapman which introduces the pure keyword but strangely provides no "good coding practice" uses. I'm wondering how liberally one should use this keyword...

Keyword extraction in PHP [closed]

I need to extract keywords along with their frequency count from a text file using php. I have found one code that outputs only keywords eg. some, text, machines, vending. I also need frequency count along with these keywords eg. some 3, text 2, machines 1, vending 1. Can you...

Variable declaration necessary in for loop?

What is the difference between: for (var i=0; i<5; i++) {} for (i=0; i<5; i++) {} And is it necessary to include the var keyword? I understand that the var keyword affects variable scope, but I'm having trouble understanding if it's necessary to include the keyword in for loops....

Search engine with multiple keywords

I have a search engine that is working , but only when I search 1 word. Whenever I search multiple keywords I only get 1 result. Example : In my database I have tags like 'test' and 'hello' ; Whenever I enter "test hello" and click "Search" it displays :...

What is the class of keywords like def, alias, and begin in Ruby, if any?

As far as I understand, everything in Ruby is an object, and every object has a superclass, except BasicObject, which is at the top of the inheritance tree. What is the superclass of keywords like def, begin, and alias?...

What is 'keyword' is missing from this query?

This is what I have; SELECT c.customerFN, c.customerEmail, p.productName, SUM(p.unitsonstock + p.unitsordered) AS "All Units" FROM customer c INNER JOIN order o WHERE c.customerID=o.customerID INNER JOIN orderDetails d WHERE o.orderID=d.orderID INNER JOIN product p WHERE p.productCode=l.productCode WHERE orderDate <= '2015-03-15' ORDER BY productName; When I enter this the database throws...