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Issues with Kendo MVVM file upload control

I was trying to get a Kendo MVVM file upload working along with ASP.NET. This is how my HTML looks for the upload declaration: <input name="attachments" id="fileUpload" type="file" data-role="upload" data-async="{ saveUrl: 'FileUpload.aspx', autoUpload: true }" data-bind="events: { success: onSuccess,error: onError }"> and the FileUpload page load: Response.Expires = -1; //Code...

Kendo upload the HttpPostedFileBase showing always null In IE11

i am using the kendo upload functionality with knockout. The HttpPostedFileBase in the controller action result always show as null in IE11, Chrome, Firefox. But it works fine when using IE8, IE9. It would be great if any one has solution for this issue. View.cshtml <form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" data-bind="kendoUpload: {...

How to save multiple files to database rather than disk

I tried to apply the method on this page, but this sample save the files to disk instead of Database. So, could you please inform me what changes should be made on the sample method or is there any sample using this Kendo Upload to save multiple files to database?...