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jubula / rcp testing tool: how to inject parameter

I want to test my rcp application with gui tests. I've found two possible tools: jubula and rcp testing tool. Does anybody know, how to inject parameters into the tests, so that I can use one test case with multiple inputs?

Where Jubula keeps its default tests database?

I would like to access Jubula's default database from outside the Jubula or, at least, copy it entirely and move to another computer. There is a reason a can not access it from inside and export tests as XML. Is there a way to do it?

Jubula consumes ~20GB on my hard drive for logging. I've never used it.

I performed a HDD scan to see what consumes my space on my dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 and found out a directory /home/user/.jubula/logs that gets ~20 gb of my space. So, what is Jubula and how can it consume 20gb for logging when I have never used it?...