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Trying to use allowCode in JsRender with {{* window.counter++ }} and test the result using boolean test

I have the following template <script type="text/x-widget-template" id="genericRowValues"> {{* window.counter = 0}} {{props}} {{* console.log(counter == 0)}} {{if counter == 0}} {{* console.log("WHY YOU NO WORK!")}} <div class="row"> {{/if}} <div class="col-lg-4"> <div class="input-group" style="margin-bottom:5px;"> <b>{{>key}}</b> <div class="well well-sm"> {{>prop}} </div> </div> </div> {{if counter == 4}} {{* counter = 0}}...

JsViews how to make data binding happen on root object as well as its nested properties?

I am experiencing odd behavior when data linking an object to a form that led me to re-question what exactly is being data bound? Basically I have a form that creates new Companies as well as updates them. The actual creation/update is done via ajax, which is why I am...

In jsViews there is a `setProperty()` method. How do I do `removeProperty()`?

In the jsRender documentation there is a method $.observable(object).setProperty() but how do I remove a property from the object observably?

JsRender/JsViews: How to get {for} working for subclassed arrays

I've subclassed Array (using TypeScript), in order to be able to add extra functions to the Array. See code below. Since then, I've noticed that the {for} tag of JsRender/JsViews does not work any more. I've also noticed JsRender/JsViews uses $.isArray(...) in order to iterate arrays, which will return false...

Using jsViews/jsRender with a property retuned as dictionary entries

I was wondering why cannot seem to get this down correctly. I have a JSONResult in MVC returning a collection of "Job" objects. One of the properties of the "Job" objects is a Dictionary. I cannot seem to figure out how to add this to the "Job" entity template, so...