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Portlet aware of other portlets on the same page

i am tasked to develop an "action portlet" that contains the actions (e.g. h:commandLink) for all other portlets on the same page. Now these actions should only be available if the corresponding portlet is actually present on the same page. Is it possible for a portlet to "know" which other...

Can I create a Java Portal (JSR 168/286) using only an application server (Tomcat, JBoss, etc)?

I want to create a lightweight portal using the Java specification. I want to be able to deploy the same portal project in different application servers (in this case WebSphere, Tomcat and JBoss). I've checked products like Liferay, but I want to create my own framework and interface, and just...

How to render a web page in a portlet view

Can any one please guide me that how can we render the custom web page view in the portlet. i.e, I have a input text box in my where user can enter the target URL and on click of the submit button the portlet content should display the target URL...