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Format date (with different input) php

I am working on a multilingual formular and have to solve a date formatting problem: In German the date format is: DD-MM-YYYY While in another country e.g. England the date format is: YYYY-MM-DD While this input validation is handled right, I need to get a easy solution for my php...

passing multiple fileds for ajax validation with jquery validation engine

I'm using jquery validation engine to validate form input. It works fine. I have a situation where I'm asking the user for a country and postcode and I need to validate that the combination of country and postcode is valid. The code to validate the field individually works fine and...

jQuery validation engine logical OR

Using jquery validationEngine, I would like to validate a field as empty OR a valid date. Does validationEngine support logical OR or would this require a custom method? The following code would require a date. <input type="text" id="someName" name="someName" value="{$someValue}" class="validate[required],custom[date]"/> I need the correct logic inline for "empty/null OR...