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How to get value from property in BeanShell (jmeter)

I have got several thread groups. I want to use variable from the first group. In second group this var should be used in BeanShell. So: in first thread group I created BeanShell Assertion with this code: ${__setProperty(erroriden, ${erroriden1})}; In second thread group I have BeanShell pre-processor. If has line...

Can anyone explain me following RandomString

Can anyone explain me following syntax which is used to create randomstring ${__time(ddHHMMmmss)}${__javaScript(Math.floor((Math.random() * 10) + 1))} ...

Jmeter Beanshell error

i am getting following error ERROR - jmeter.util.BeanShellInterpreter: Error invoking bsh method: eval In file: inline evaluation of: ``import java.text.*; import java.io.*; import java.util.*; import org.apache.jmet . . . '' Encountered "/" at line 15, column 74. could anyone tell what is causing the problem.Thanks....

run sh script in jmeter

For load testing I want to randomize my testvalues before I run the test in jmeter. To do so, I want to use this bash script: #! /bin/bash cat data.dsv | shuf > randomdata.dsv This should be executed in jmeter. I tried using a BeanShell Sampler with this command (I...

using JMeter proxy recorder behind company proxy with SSL manager

Hi I am facing following issue when try to use JMeter proxy recorder behind company proxy There are two environments one is not using company proxy(QA env) other is using company proxy(UAT env) Also both sites are using client side certificate to identify user(saml2). When recording in the QA environment...

How to write Jmeter Regex into a file after extraction

In my Jmeter test, I am able to use REGEX Extraction, After extraction I want to write the value of the REGEX variable into a file I found a workaround as using beanshell as mentioned here http://stackoverflow.com/a/15159521/4556894 Is there any clean way of doing it, May be some inbuilt features,...

Bash script ends without doing echo

I am running a script from command line that runs a bunch of Jmeter tests if 4 variables are set. The script works but I have added parts so the script will end if the server is unknown. if [ echo "$2" != | grep -iq "^hibagon" ] || [...

JMeter - Using Variables from other BeanShell Pre/Post-Processors?

Is there a way to reference a variable from one BeanShell Pre/Post-Processor to another BeanShell Processor (they are within the same Thread Group)? If I create a String variable inside a BeanShell PreProcessor under an HTTP Request, can I then use or reference that variable inside a BeanShell PostProcessor under...

JMeter Regular Expression Extractor setting variable as null

I have an http post request which replies with a number in the response body. I am trying to use a Regular Expression Extractor to extract this number: I am doing another post request using the extracted value. Unfortunately, the variable seems to be null. Any idea of what could...

Which is the best performance testing tool when i dont know the client application behaviour. As i am going to have number of web based clients

My organization is looking to perform a performance testing externally. The performance testing is going to be only for web based applications. Can you guide me which tool is best to choose as performance testing tool. Right now there is no idea about the client web application behaviour. Beacuse there...

Extracting certain data from JSON response using JMeter

I'm trying to extract the all "cash" values from SmallerList (into a list or an array) and compare them with each other, and later use the top value on a new request. I have been trying to write a script in BeanShell PostProcessor and failing. Any recommendations? Thanks { "SomeList":...

Use of JSONObject and JSONArray in Jmeter

I have a problem with the construction of a Json for Amazon Kinesis. This json has to have this format: { "Records": [ { "Data": "XzxkYXRhPl8x", "PartitionKey": "partitionKey1" }, { "Data": "f1PxFQo92Afh", "PartitionKey": "partitionKey2" }, { "Data": "Gi4sEdd08HypA", "PartitionKey": "partitionKey3" } ], "StreamName": "exampleStreamName" } I use an BeanShell Sampler...

Jmeter tool-Graph results

Jmeter tool-Is there any way to create custom charts/graphs that is,in which virtual users,response transfer speed,errors,warnings and passed request all should come together in a single graph through which we can get better idea of crashing point of server. As now,there are individual graphs to see the transfer speed ,virtual...

Is this possible to automate the JMeter scripts running schedule?

Is this possible to schedule the JMeter scripts.for example I want to run the same script every hour and want to automate this process.Is this possible?

Need help testing a web service method with a char parameter

I'm trying to use JMeter 2.13 to test my web service. One of the methods that I need to call has a parameter that is defined as char. The parameter is sex. Here is my HTTP request body data. <S:Envelope xmlns:S="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"> <S:Body> <ns2:SaveDocument xmlns:ns2="http://oword.muhc.ca/"> <DocumentID>0</DocumentID> <StatusCode>DRA</StatusCode> <TemplateID>17839</TemplateID> <Document>Testing save document.</Document>...

Fetching correct data from csv file using java

I have a bit weired scenario where i need to fetch data i have following three products product1,product2,product3 and each product has different ids(e.g. p1345,p3453,p2345) and then each froduct have different options which are having different skus product1 - option1(sku234),option2(sku345) product2 - option1(sku1001) product3 - option1(sku0022),option2(sku0033) so if i store...

Jmeter - How to parameterize XML request body using a file in Jmeter?

I have a XML request as follows: <Request> <Header><Log><Level>None</Level></Log></Header> <Body> <Action> <GetService> <Code>ABC</Code> <CodeValue>XYZ</CodeValue> </GetService> </Action> </Body> </Request> I would like to have a file which has data for two columns - Code and CodeValue. For example, Code|CodeValue -------------- ABC|XYZ DEF|MNO How should I parameterize my XML request body so...

Jmeter- How to extract token id from Response Data

This is the response data from which i need to extract token value { "token":...

Jmeter - BeanShell assertion is not running

When running the thread, it goes through the whole flow except for the last BeanShell assertion. My BeanShell code is: report = vars.get("status_1"); if (report=="active") { Failure = true; FailureMessage = "failed to report"; } else { Failure = false; } What could go wrong?...

Perfomance testing for XMPP Chat application with Jmeter & Blazemeter [closed]

We are trying to do a performance testing for a XMPP-based mobile chat application using Jmeter and Blazemeter. As we are new to XMPP web-services. Can anyone brief us how to use Jmeter or Blazemeter for XMPP and how to record the scripts using XMPP plugin?...

Extracting multiple value in Jmeter using regular expression

In my script i am using multiple(almost 10) regular expressions to extract values,my question here is that would it impact on response time if so could anyone explain me how is it impacting.

Jmeter and global Beanshell variables

Is it possible in jmeter to use the same variables in different BeanShell Sampler? My target is import my Amazon Kinesis Java application (converted ) into Jmeter, but part of this code is the connection and I want to set-up this once at the start-up of jmeter application. So I...

Jmeter remote Execution — Is there any way to provide global property from ant?

In my Jmeter script I'm using property function i.e. ${__P(varName,2)} to specify variable value at run time. When Executing script from CMD -- I can specify property value using -JvarName (i.e. -JvarName=5) and for remote Execution I can specify value using -GvarName (i.e. -GvarName=5) from CMD. Now I'm trying to...

JMeter Webdriver Sampler it opens the browser but won't go to the URL

I am doing a load, performance test on our website & i have found I can use the webdriver sampler which will simulate the user experience of interacting with the website whilst the server is under load, hence measuring the real user's experience at the same time. Also I cannot...

JMeter - Verify a Specific Cookie Value was Used?

So in my Test Plan I have a Cookie Manager setup inside my Thread Group which sets a specific Cookie value for 1 Cookie. Let's call it, MYID. I'm trying to figure out a way to verify that this specific Cookie's value was used to complete this one HTTP Request,...

Not able to record HP Webtour app using Jmeter

I am new to Jmeter and I took HP Loadrunner Webtour application for testing. I am not able to record the Webtour app using Jmeter. I have already changed my settings for firefox browser to its proxy port where it will record the Jmeter scripts. I tried other web application...

Is it possible to loop a test in JMeter?

So I have a thread group set to run for 30 seconds with simple HTTP sampler. Basically the test just sends a GET request to HTTP server for 30 seconds. Is it possible to have the same test restart again once it has finished based on a predetermined amount of...

Jmeter Server with modified execute(allowed) permission still not executable

I am trying to do a distributed testing to JSON APIs. But in Ubuntu 14.04, Jmeter-server (the slaves) just don't run. I have tried chmod +x, going root, even the hazards of chmod 777. But still, when you execute "./jmeter-server", permission denied still appears. Why is this so?

How to handle multi language website in jmeter script

I have website which supports English and French.I have already created script for website in English but now they want me to test against french website.So how can i extended my script that asssertions does not fail i test script any of those languages.

How to extract All of reg expression matches from html page via JMeter

I have a html page containing userIds of students. I need to extract all the userId values from this html page and use them in a parameter of JMeter HTTP request.. For example i have following data on htm page. <input type="checkbox" StudentID="1503" <input type="checkbox" StudentID="1504" <input type="checkbox" StudentID="1505" so...

Using Jmeter OS Process Sampler to collect script data

Is it possible to collect the output of a python script using the "OS Process Sampler"? My python script does a database query and returns "r1=123 r2=456 r3=789" Is there a way to collect the r1, r2, r3 values and graph them?...

Can SmartMeter run a scenario written in JMeter?

I've a simple scenario written in JMeter. Now I want to use SmartMeter instead of JMeter, but I don't know if I have to create a new scenario/test or if can reuse the old one? I speak about http://www.smartmeter.io/...

How to decide the ideal hold time in Ultimate Thread Group in Jmeter

How can we decide the ideal hold time in Ultimate Thrad Group in Jmeter

Jmeter + Chrome driver config: empty page while processing

I configured jmeter to run tests using Chrome Driver Config. Test run with no errors: 2015/06/01 20:14:14 INFO - jmeter.engine.StandardJMeterEngine: Running the test! 2015/06/01 20:14:14 INFO - jmeter.samplers.SampleEvent: List of sample_variables: [] 2015/06/01 20:14:14 INFO - jmeter.gui.util.JMeterMenuBar: setRunning(true,*local*) 2015/06/01 20:14:14 INFO - jmeter.engine.StandardJMeterEngine: Starting ThreadGroup: 1 : Thread Group 2015/06/01...

Jmeter error with JDBC connector on Ubuntu NO-GUI

I would like to execute my .jmx program (delevoped on jmeter for windows) on my Ubuntu server but when I launch the following command: jmeter -n -t TestRemote.jmx -l log.jtl I receive this exception in jmeter.log 15/04/30 09:39:27 INFO - jmeter.util.JMeterUtils: Setting Locale to en_US 2015/04/30 09:39:27 INFO - jmeter.JMeter:...

How pass BeanShell param from one Thread Group to a Counter in another Thread Group

I need to pass a value from one Thread Group to another Thread Group, in particular I have to pass a value from BeanShell sampler to Counter. This is my BeanShell code: Counter.Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance(); long now = c.getTimeInMillis(); c.set(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY, 0); c.set(Calendar.MINUTE, 0); c.set(Calendar.SECOND, 0); c.set(Calendar.MILLISECOND, 0); long passed...

Apache httpd connection refused during stress test using jmeter

Now, I do stress test using jemter in windows(jmeter.bat). Number of Threads = 100 Ramp-up period = 0 Loop count = 1000 But raise connection refused error in jmeter, after 20~30 seconds. I can not find connection refused error in /usr/local/apache/logs/error.log or /usr/local/apache/logs/access.log. Test is HTTP GET, index.html("It's works") Apache...

Diameter protocol testing using Jmeter

Is there any opensource plugin available for diameter protocol testing using JMeter? I found "Computaris Top Testing Suite" which is based on JMeter and supports diameter protocol testing, but it is paid.

jmeter start in no pause mode from command line

I have a test plan in Jmeter using some Timers. In some situations I would like to execute the test plan from the command line with all Timers disabled (Same as with the Menu Option "Start no pause"), is it possible to use this option from the command line? Regards,...

JMeter JDBC Call returns the value as parameter name if the value received from DB is null

I am using a JDBC PreProcessor in JMeter to fetch a value from the DB before firing a SOAP call which needs to be enriched with that information. I have assigned a variable XYZ to fetch the value returned from DB. If there is a value returned from DB, i...

Jmeter - How to send XML request to a server?

I have a HTTP Request Sampler in my test plan. I have given my server name or IP, port and url. I chose the Body Data tab and gave an XML request in this way: <Request> <Header><Log><Level>None</Level></Log></Header> <Body> <Action> <GetService> <Code>ABC</Code> <CodeValue>XYZ</CodeValue> </GetService> </Action> </Body> </Request> However, this what I...

Will jmeter function FileToString(path) takes dynamic values

Will jmeter function FileToString(path) takes dynamic values. I need to use around 400 json files as a input. so planning to use FileToString($fileName}) in body data. By providing the filename column in csv. But it seems Jmeter is checking filename as file instead of getting value from csv....

JMeter - alternatives to using While Controller with JDBC Request Child?

My environment: JMeter v2.11, Oracle 12, JDK 7 System: 8000 XML submissions / hour, writes to the database, then after some internal processing, status value in DB is updated (indicating the submission/application has been approved). I have some beanshell samplers setup to source values from a csv file to emulate...

JMeter - Strange Behavior when Variables used in CookieManager

JMeter Version 2.13 r1665067 So I seem to be having some trouble when using User-Defined Variables and/or JMeter Property Variables inside a CookieManager. If I use a variable as the value for a Cookie inside the CookieManager, whether or not it's a User-Defined Var or a Property Var I have...

Jmeter : Application uses _session_id in cookie to maintain session. It is being maintained from login to logout. I need to correlate it

Jmeter : Application uses _session_id in cookie to maintain session. It is visible in get request. It is being maintained from the time of login till logout. I need to correlate it to test the performance. I have used regex extractor to extract the _session_id as below: In regular expression...

Loop Count 'forever' does not run test indefinitely

JMeter version - 2.12 I am using JMeter with following thread group configuration - Number of Threads - 2 Ramp-Up period - 0 Loop Count - Forever checkbox checked I was expecting tests to run indefinitely since I checked Loop Count 'Forever' checkbox but it stops after 2 thread. Did...

How can we remove the current date from gradle generated .html and .xml file while running JMeter script from build.gradle file?

I am running my JMeter script from build.gradle file. After executing it is generating the html and xml report files with the script name. My problem is that current date is also present with the script name. Please tell me how to remove the current date from output files. Gradle-...

Where is the request for a SOAP call stored in Jmeter

I am trying to print the SOAP Request into a file using BeanShell as i had to do some verifications. I am able to get the response for the SOAP call using String response = prev.getResponseDataAsString(); which can be printed to the file. Similarly what is the method that can...

Empty Response In BSF Post Processor

I'm trying to use the BSF Post Processor with an HTTP request sampler. The body of the response is JSON, however it appears that I'm not seeing the body in my script. Test script below: var response = prev.getResponseDataAsString(); if (response.length > 0) { vars.put('foo', 'success'); } else { vars.put('foo',...

Why jMeter show transaction controller data in its summary report?

Here i have A recording controller and test script recorder. I recorded the user activities using template. This automatically creates a Recording controller and then transaction controller. Each transaction controller has child HTTP request wrapped inside it. Now when I run the test after creating a test script, I see...

how can i exclude a URL in Jmeter while recording?

I want to exclude certain URL while recording in JMeter. I have added in the Script recorder in the URL Patterns to Exclude the URL that i don't want to get. E.g: http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net http://eu1-search.doofinder.com/ It seems that it is not taken into consideration. What can i do? Where i am...

How to use multiple checkboxes in jmeter?

In my script i have multiple checkboxes,upon selecting which it populate values(like in first group -- Phone,tablets and in other group it --mac,android).I know that jmeter does not support javascript.If i want to automate it in my script that it selects random checkbox during execution.How can i do that?

How to log full http header with jmeter

I'm setting up a Jmeter performance test case and in the debugging phase I need to log the full HTTP headers. I have created my jmx script for a test. I can't find anywhere how to tell Jmeter to log that to the ouput in jmeter/log. Is it possible and...

Token Parsing Error: Lexical error

I am getting the following error when I use a BeanshellPostProcessor to regex some data and write to file: 2015/06/11 12:11:19 ERROR - jmeter.util.BeanShellInterpreter: Error invoking bsh method: eval Sourced file: inline evaluation of: `` import java.io.FileOutputStream; import java.util.Map; import java.u . . . '' Token Parsing Error: Lexical error...

JMeter 2.10 Random Variable that gets data from string

I have 1st thread group that GETs some id's and writes it to the variable. This var has view like that "654564546,564564,56454,56456454,21231321,8972341,65423187". I need to pick up randomly one of the id and put it to the another variable. In jmeter 2.07 I used this code: import java.util.Random; String[] erroridcox...

if-else block in JMeter

I expect two possible cases in my application: Search was successful and search was failed. In both cases I have two different sets of HTTP requests, which JMeter should execute. How can I implement if-else block in JMeter scenario? I've tried to use if controller with Regular Expression Extractor, but...

Why does HTTP Authorization Manager only work if HTTP Request implementation is HTTPClient3.1?

I have configured the HTTP Authorization Manager, but for some reason it only logs in if HTTPClient3.1 is selected as the implementation of my HTTP Request. Furthermore it does not seem like JMeter sends the information at all if Java or HTTPClient4 is selected. I'd like to know why that...

JMeter - Stop Thread from within a BeanShell PreProcessor

Is it possible to stop a Thread, or force a failure from within a BeanShell PreProcessor? I tried accessing the "stop()" function/method from the ThreadGroup Class and a few others, but I'm not sure I'm doing it right or if its possible. I wanted to force my Test to stop...

Play framework hanging

Related to question in Rest server (Play Framework) gets "Read Timed out" exception during load test I have similar situation using play framework 2.2.4: java version "1.8.0_31" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_31-b13) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.31-b07, mixed mode) I am testing play with jmeter in my...

Deleting unnecessary symbols from variable in Jmeter

I have variable as string in this view: ["564546","56454654","3123123","868987"] I need the script that deletes unnecessary symbols [ ] " and put it to another variable . (something like trim method) I assume it should be made in BeanShell pre-processor....

jmeter -How to set max value in Aggregate report

I have a test plan for Rest API with one thread group with 2 samplers within. While running load test for no of threads(users):80 Ramp up period: 1 I get "Response code: 504 Response message: GATEWAY_TIMEOUT" in jmeter. I observed that when Max value in Aggregate graph reaches 60000ms all...

load test with varying number of threads in JMeter

I am have been exploring JMeter for the last couple of days. And I am try to achieve the following: I am trying to create a load test for a service such that, in the first loop 'n' threads are created and in the second loop 'n+m' threads are created...

Want to Extract name and value from Response

Want to Extract name and value from Response. input type="hidden" name="IbkVkZ7Zhk8=" value="B7DDe0z5xEGnlxKhPTQccoYGyA3Xk3lwHPDfzH6kGoQGHnVt6QHYI93OjGmtaEjr" I am using Regular expression Extractor as Below : 1.tokenName input type="hidden" name="(.+?)=" value="" 2.tokenValue input type="hidden" name="${tokenName}" value="(.+?)" but it doesn't work for me....

Jmeter : upload excel, hard coded values

I have recorded a scenario in which an excel is uploaded, in the next subsequent request those records in excel are passed as a parameters. But suppose i need to change the excel , how that request will take new values? Parameterization seems not the answer because of large number...

JMeter: Is it possible to assign a UI value to a JMeter variable

I want to login in to an email server and read the value '5' from inbox(5) in a variable to use it further.Is this possible?

How to run code when JMeterThread finishes?

In Thread Group I have one thread and two loops. I need to run code (some cleanup) when the loop ends. EDIT: I'm using some proprietary plugin. This plugins stores in queue ids of Threads. It also stores information which Threads are already in use. When the loop in Thread...

Where is HTML renderer of View Results Tree hidden in Jmeter 2.13

Where is hidden HTML response renderer option? This happened to me after update jMeter to 2.13 r1665067. ...

How to Print variable in aggregate report jmeter?

I want to pass variable to aggregate report to distinguish request .How to print/pass a variable in aggregate report jmeter?

Most simple “get started” with jmeter

I'm trying to get going with JMeter, and am having trouble finding a really simple tutorial for the first "getting started" the docs seem to be very verbose, covering all kinds of scenarios. Can anyone point me at something that would take me from having downloaded the app (I can...

how to do jmeter setup for http proxy settings?

i m trying to use jmeter to test an web application. I have windows 7, jdk7 and jmeter 2.13. wen I followed the set up to do the proxy setting, it displays proxy already in use.. chose another port,, jvm bind.. how to resolve this?...

How to run JMeter server as a service in windows

Is it possible to run JMeter server as a service in windows? Currently I'm just logging in and running it manually, but from time to time I have to restart this machine and I would like to make JMeter server run automatically after each restart (even no user logs in...

JMeter script that loops and increases throughput until failure

Curious if anyone has any ideas on how I might create a jmeter script that will loop the scenario while increasing throughput and load until an error is received. Any guidance would be appreciated....

JMeter: How to use the RESTful API key for authorization of the next set of API

I am creating a jmeter load test plan for RESTful API request. I need to use the dynamic API key generated in my first sampler SignIn API in the next set of API requests I am going to create. Can someone help out with how to pass the selected data...

Type of responses includes in JMeter Throughput

I want to know if in the summary report in JMeter, the Throughput value correspond to all responses code (200, 201, 404, 500) or if correspond only for the success.

Jmeter Add Variable to CSV Variable

I have a variable ${joinuserid} with integer Value which is generated by Regex Extractor. If I put the variable directly to HTTP Request. It works. Now, I have a CSV file with Variable : connector,element2,elementID and The CSV File contain : member,unit,${joinusertid} It doesn't work, HTTP request will get "${joinusertid}"...

Jmeter thread groups

I have entered 500 to be the number of thread group and ramp up time to be 120 seconds but when the report is generated,the virtual users count is only 15 or in composite graph-active threads over time is raised to near about 12. So I am bit confuse active...

JMeter - controller for throughput

I have a webservice requirement that it should be able to process minimum 1000 requests / min. I can create a JMeter test & call this webservice again and again in a loop to see how many requests were made - for 1 user it is able to make 100...

Ignoring the Http Request Defaults in jMeter

Is there a way to tell an HTTP Request in jMeter to ignore the HTTP Request Defaults element? I've got a string of about 100 HTTP Requests that need the defaults but the last few I need to keep them from posting what's in the defaults.

Why incremental load and ramping up the threads is considered a best practice?

I was looking into performance testing and wanted to ask why ramping up slowly and then running under max load and then slowly ramping down is considered a better paradigm .And test team spends a lot of time achieving a perfect graph for the same. Though its completly subjective but...

How to extract one value from 1-element collection in JMeter?

First, I do this select: SELECT TOP 1 ID FROM Person where Name=${NAME} AND YOB=${YOB}; I need to do SQL request in JMeter: select * from Person where ID=${ID}, where ${ID} is global variable returned in first select. First select returns collection, but there is only 1 value. How to...

JMeter - Thread Users gone after a few mins when set loop forever and schedule time

I have a test plan with five thread groups, each of them has 10 thread users, i wanna run this test plan for 1 hour with 50 concurrent users, for my understanding the number of thread users should keep at 50, but somehow thread users keep reducing after several mins,...

JMeter variable scope in threads

I have a JMeter tests which does the following: It makes a GET request. The request returns some ID which is extracted by a Regular Expression Extractor and is set to a variable myId. Another GET request is made using this ID stored in myId. It is important that the...

JMeter breakup of response time

is there any way so that I can get the breakup of response time provided by JMeter. i.e. Travel time of total request processing time Travel time of total response I know JMeter works entirely on client side, and the response is the TTLB. But any plugin or by any...

How to find the source location of a dynamic token in JMeter?

I've been using Fiddler tool to capture the HTTP request-responses, then manually finding out the source location of a dynamic token (in a recorded page). I'd then use regular expression extractor on that source page to extract and store the value of that dynamic token in a variable, and use...

Calculating Age by custom Program

There is one POST request which submits both Date of Birth & Age. I found the Date of Birth from previous request, extracted it through Regular Expression Extractor, and passing the Variable in the POST request. But I did not found the Age from the previous request. Tried figuring out...

SSLHandshakeException while connecting to a https site

I am trying to record a https site through jmeter (version 2.13, java version - 1.8u31) and I am getting SSLHandshakeException while connecting to a https site. The error message is javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure at sun.security.ssl.Alerts.getSSLException(Alerts.java:192) at sun.security.ssl.Alerts.getSSLException(Alerts.java:154) at sun.security.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.recvAlert(SSLSocketImpl.java:2011) at sun.security.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.readRecord(SSLSocketImpl.java:1113) at...

Load test raw ssl/tls

I need to load-test my raw tls server. I try jmeter, but it seems no ssl/tls sampler available(only bundled with http). How can i load - test raw ssl with jmeter? Or maybe there is a better solution?

JMeter - Graphite Backend listener rootmetricsPrefix taking previously generated value

Background: I am using graphite to store the data generated during the performance test and ideally, we would like to look at the historical graphs as well. Hence, I am creating a rootMetricsPrefix folder name dynamically in a setup thread group and assigning it to a property. The backend listener...

Running Java class with JMeter (Bean Shell)

I have written a Java Class for use in JMeter, packaged the project as a .jar file and moved that file into the lib/ext folder in the jmeter directory. I have seen documentation on how to proceed but they give contradictory answers. The first way is to use the BeanShell...

JMeter Requests are concurrent requests or sequential requests?

I am new to JMeter, I want to do load testing on a particular web site. I have to do load test for the following requests on my web site -->Visiting login page -->Login to website -->visiting to products page -->Visiting to product details page for this I made script...

How to extract all the Id's value from the Json given below using Regular expression extractor or any other Extractor(Xpath, Beanshell etc)

[ { "id": 1, "name": "MetaOperationN1", "type": "Operation" }, { "id": 2, "name": "GreenOper2", "type": "Operation" }, { "id": 3, "name": "GreenOper4", "type": "Operation" }, { "id": 4, "name": "GreenOper5", "type": "Operation" }, { "id": 5, "name": "GreenOper6", "type": "Operation" }, { "id": 6, "name": "GreenOper7", "type": "Operation" }, {...

Jmeter select random product from sql server db

I have a CompanyID value being read into my Jmeter script, is it possible to then get it to do a sql query and select a random product from the results

Beanshell script launched once (start and end of test plan) in JMeter

Good afternoon ! I will try to explain you clearly my problem. The context I have a JMeter TestPlan which send HTTP requests to a server. I have a Beanshell script to assert each different case of error returned. 302 response code -> OK 200 response code -> ? In...

Is it possible to remotely check a JMeter slave machine?

We are setting up a load testing platform and developping some tools in go. We'd like to remotely check a JMeter load generator and (if possible) get some statistics or infos from a JMeter daemon. This will be from a utility developed in go (the language isn't the concern here)...

JMeter test on Netty-based impl produces error for every second request

I've implemented an HTTP service based on the HTTP server example as provided by the netty.io project. When I execute a GET request on the service URL from command-line (wget) or from a browser, I receive a result as expected. When I perform a load test using ApacheBench (ab -n...

JMeter Beanshell sampler caches image

I'm using a JMeter (2.13 r1665067) to test a site with Google Kaptcha on log in and registration until they can be disabled in a test environment. I've recorded a session and set up a Save Responses to a file sampler to extract the kaptcha image. I then have a...

Bind Request 0% Failure, Search Request 100% Failure?

I have created a simple JMeter LDAP test . The bind part works fine, but when I add a search request it fails with LDAP: error code 32... I supplied the same creds for the search request as I did the Bind so I am unsure why this is failing,...

JMeter setProperty depending on ResponseCode or String value

I am writing a test where different users have different rights to add and delete other users to a team. The test checks if the user can add a new user to the team or delete an existing user from the team. However the users who can't add a new...

some of my https requests in Jmeter arbitrarlily switches to plain http but keeps the port on 443

The request samplers are set up to use https and port 443. But sometimes JMeter sends a http request but keeps the port on 443, like http://example.com:443/?param=example It should be https://example.com/?param=example on port 443 It works like 75% of the time. What would cause Jmeter to decide to go for...

Jmeter BeanShell - compare between int to counter

I'm trying to compare int (parse from string) to counter in BeanShell assertion. my code: int i = Integer.parseInt(vars.get("count_2")); counter = vars.get("counter"); if (i != counter) { Failure = true; FailureMessage = "failed"; } else { Failure = false; } On debug sampler I can see that both "count_2" and...