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How to submit an iOS Watch app / iOS app without going through TestFlight?

How can I submit an iOS app without going through TestFlight? The iOS app has a Watch Extension + Watch App going with it. TestFlight just gave me an error twice in iTunes Connect that "TestFlight doesn't support apps with WatchKit extension." So, I have to submit it without going...

App rejected due to “missing restore mechanism”

My application was rejected due to "missing restore mechanism". I don't understand because I put the restore button in a UIAlertView. ...

Is it possible to have both an internal and external build active in TestFlight?

Our company is currently running a beta test using TestFlight, and we're looking to push a new build that has several major changes. We'd like to test to make sure nothing's catastrophically wrong with the new build before pushing it, but unfortunately many people here work remotely and we can't...

Xcode - failing to validate archive due to weird issues with resolving variables/placeholders in info.plist and entitlements

Something is really broken with my project or Xcode and I'm struggling since two days to figure out what is going on. My application is running perfectly fine, it is an OS X application and it contains a Today Widget extension. I finalized the project recently and now I'm unable...

In-App-Purchase behaviour using a real Apple ID

Clarification I know, there are tons of questions about In-App-Purchases, some of them also about dealing with real Apple IDs, but I found none with a really precise answer about the exact behaviour / errors you get, doing so. The actual question I have an app with IAPs, whenever I...

Testflight beta testing external users needs to install provisioning profile

I am planning on using TestFlight from next month onwards to beta test my App. Apple allow 25 internal users and 1000 external users. Do all 1000 external users needs to register their device in developers account, do they need to install provisioning profile separately, or do they need to...

Editing screen shots for 5.5 screens, 4.0 screens, 3.5 screens and iPad screens after the app is ready for sales

I've recently uploaded an update for one of my iPhone apps and now the app is just turned to be ready for sale , but I only update iPhone 6 screenshots but not the others. It has now dawned on me that they are old screens for the new game,...

IOS App Support Page URL

I have a simple question. while we submit our app to IOS App store, iTunesConnect has a section for Application Support URL. Is it must to create a URL page ( page must exist?) as now I just pointed the url to a directory under my website such as http://example.com/directory...

Is it possible to change AppName in iTunesConnect before release (use a dummy name while in testflight phase)

I know this has been asked before, but testflight has recently been changed and adopted by apple, and now the app is required to be created through iTunesConnect. Now, is it possible to create an app with a dummy name for now, and change it later? An alternative solution could...

iOS Test Flight doesn't work properly? [closed]

I just started using test flight and I can't understand what's different between me getting the app in my iOS device through pressing PLAY on Xcode project and getting my app on iOS device through test flight. I'm using test flight now and NOTHING is different. I'm not receiving any...

Error Code-90161 Invalid provisioning profie

ERROR ITMS-90161:"Invalid Provisioning Profile I have created IPA using Xamarin IOS in ad-hoc mode and selected a adhoc provisioning profile. but while uploading, following error annoying me :( when i uploaded using application loader: ERROR ITMS-90161:"Invalid Provisioning Profile.The provisioning profile included in the bundle x.x.x.x[Payload/x.x.x.app] is invalid.[Missing code-signing certificate.] For...

How do you replace a rejected app store binary if the version number should not be incremented?

My app store submission was rejected and I'm trying to upload a replacement. This answer says the version number should not be incremented: When I resubmit my app after a rejection do I need to increment the version number? On the iTunesConnect build page I deleted the previous build that...

iOS in-app purchase. Identifying purchased product (non-consumable).

I have a number of image templates for in-app purchase, that stored locally on device. I have created non-consumable in-app purchase in iTunes Connect. Now I cannot understand, how do I, kinda, assign a particular image to a product identifier? Because in in-app purchase there is no option to assign...

Delete app which is waiting to be submitted in iTunes connect

I want to delete an app which is waiting to be submitted in iTunes connect. Please let me know how can i do this?...

iOS app version and build numbers for iTunesConnect TestFlight

My question relates to the restrictions in iTunes Connect for Version and Build number. We are only allowed 3 non-negative integers and the Build number has to be incremental. I am setting up a Jenkins job to automatically upload my builds to iTunes Connect so that testers can then download...

HealthKit iTunes Connect entitlement error

I had enabled health kit capability in Xcode and HealthKit service in Developer center at some point for my app. But then I disabled it right away as I decided to not include it. My app doesn't have any HealthKit related stuff in it, I have disabled the capability and...

Unrestricted web access option in iTunes Connect app submission process query

I am looking to submit an app for review by the Apple team - the app is geared towards schoolchildren upto the ages of 17 - when I attempt to submit I see an option called Unrestricted Web Access Yes or No. If I select Yes it states my app...

iTunes Connect, Changed date at “X Days ago”

I submitted my first app to the iOS App store. For 7 days I'm waiting. On the iOS iTunes Connect app at the binary page it said "7 Days ago". Today it said "12 Hours ago". I didn't made changes to anything. Still "Waiting for review" Nothing found on the...

Is it more efficient to reject binary or resubmit after Apple rejects?

While testing my app today (not currently in the App Store), I discovered a bug that causes it to crash on iOS 7. Obviously I don't want this bug going out into the App Store, but I also want to minimize the amount of time I'm waiting for review. The...

Upload Previously Uploaded App To New App Store Account

I have an application for a client uploaded to my own apple store account. After several years, he want it to be uploaded to his own store account. Since the app has push notification feature in it, I can't just transfer the ownership to him. Can I upload the same...

iTunes Connect warning: “Your binary doesn’t support iPad”

I just uploaded a new binary to iTunes Connect and added it to a new version of an iOS app. After adding the binary and saving changes, iTunes Connect displays the warning message: "Your binary doesn’t support iPad. The screenshots or app video preview for iPad won’t be shown on...

iTunes Connect “Agreements, Tax, and Banking” message will not go away

When I log into iTunes Connect I am getting the following message at the top of the screen : Agreements, Tax, and Banking Review the Paid Applications Schedule. The iOS paid applications schedule (“iOS Schedule 2”) and the Mac paid application Agreement schedule (“Mac Schedule 2”) have been combined into...

IOS - How to add In-App Purchase Details when language not available on the list?

I have a problem adding new In-App purchase in iTunes Connect. The definitions gets rejected and "English" cell gets highlighted to yellow. The publication language is Polish. When adding a new In-App purchase, there is no option to select Polish language. How shall I write descriptions - in english or...

xCode exclude watchkit extension for submitting

I wrote an app using watchkit and wanted to submit it yesterday after Apple releases iOS 8.2. Unfortunately I got to know here on stackoverflow, that apps using watchkit are not allowed to be submitted yet... I do think that my app is also good as a standalone iPhone app...

iOS game localization with lproj directories not working

My game is localized in 3 different languages. In order to let iTunes Connect know that the game is localized I created these files: ios\resources\en.lproj\Localizable.strings ios\resources\es.lproj\Localizable.strings ios\resources\ca.lproj\Localizable.strings all three with this content: "AppName"="MechaNika" being MechaNika the name of my game. However, after creating the IPA file and uploading it to...

iTunes Connect: in-App mass import via Application Loader: unknown price tier error

I've been wanting to create a series of in-app purchases for my app in iTunesConnect via the Application Loader. In theory, one can create a tab-delimited txt-file with the product-ids, price, etc. to masscreate in-app purchases. Unfortunately, in practice, I cannot get it to work. My sample in-app purchase has...

iTunesConnect AngularJS Error

Sorry if this is out of topic. I was about to submit my app for review, when suddenly upon login I was shown nothing but a blank white page. Usually I can find the "Manage my apps", "Users", etc. Upon closer inspection on the browser console, it seems that iTunesConnect...

xcode app submission error: “no eligible software found, make sure this software is owned by your developer organization”

I'm getting the stated error when trying to upload an app submission to itunes connect on an organization I am a member of, but who's itunes connect username is different than my my apple developer ID. The problem is I have a single Apple Developer ID I use for all...

time for iOS App downloads to appear in iTunes connect

I just released my first app.. How long does it take for the downloads to appear in iTunes Connect? I have download the App as well as a couple more people. It has been about 2-3 hours... But I am not seeing any downloads in iTunes Connect.

Difference between internal and external testers in iTunes Testflight beta testing?

Can anyone please explain in complete details the difference between internal and external testers in iTunes Connect Testflight beta testing? The difference here is just too brief. Does internal testers need to add UDID's of upto 10 devices? Or did apple completely removed UDID requirement now? Can someone please explain...

Get product's Reference Name for iOS In-App-Purchase product from within App

Is it possible for an app to retrieve the Reference Name of an iTunes Connect In-App-Purchase product? The SKProduct object only seems to give access to the product ID, the localized title and description, as well as pricing info....

Xcode struck in validation process? [closed]

I use Xcode 6.3 , and I am trying to Validate and then submit an app to the apple store . I press Validate but its being validate but its stuck in that point , and then after long time waiting its rejected for "time out".What is the problem here...

iTunes connect screenshot issue

It is possible to upload screenshot to iTunes connect if the image doesn't show directly a part of the app but just an effect ? To explain it more detailed, example: If I have an app where I can upload to FB, can I put a screenshot in my app...

Do you keep your review's position after removing a build from iTunes Connect?

Once an app has the state "Waiting for review" in iTunes Connect, if you remove the current build later, and upload a new one directly after, will you keep your position in the review queue of Apple or will it be reset? From a previous experience, I submitted a build,...

Xcode organizer trying to access transporter at wrong directory path

Transporter not found at path: /usr/local/itms/bin/iTMSTransporter. You should reinstall the application. So I checked the path /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Applications/Application Loader.app/Contents/MacOS/itms/bin and iTMSTransporter exists there (where it is installed with xcode). The path given to me in the error is where transporter is installed if you install it manually. How do I make...

iOS, appstore app published [closed]

My App got approved on the appstore, but on itunes connect, when i go /more/view on appstore the app opens on the US territory, Im in Aus, the app is set to work on all territories, but I cannot find it using search on the appstore, so how long does...

iOS - Delete app before update through iTunesConnect / Xcode

Hi everyone, Is it possible to delete an app from users'devices before updating it through iTunes Connect ? I mean, I've got the following problem : When I change the data model on my app ( using Core Data ) and release a new build on iTunes Connect, the app...

update an app which is pending developer release

I have an app which is in pending developer release (approved by Apple). The app was never released at all. Now I wanted to submit an update. Therefore I increased the CFBundleVersion, but he complained. So I increased the CFBundleShortVersionString too. In iTunes Connect I can see under pre-releases my...

ERROR ITMS-90075: The application-identifier entitlement is missing

When attempting to submit an app to Apple iTunes Connect TestFlight, I get the following error: ERROR ITMS-90075: "This bundle is invalid. The application-identifier entitlement is missing; it should contain your 10-character Apple Developer ID, followed by a dot, followed by your bundle identifier." How should this be fixed in...

API for iTunes upload via TeamCity

I am using TeamCity 9.01 as my continuous integration server. I am planning to have a build step to upload an .ipa file to iTunes. How can I accomplish this?

Invalid IAP product identifiers

I understand that, for In-App Purchases, I make a request to the store, and then the app loads the UI, and the user taps "buy" and makes their purchase, and then the app delivers it. This is a question about that first step: making the request. For my game, I'm...

Turn on Testflight beta testing in iTunes Connect stopped working

In iTunes Connect there is a button "TestFlight Beta Testing" in order to do just that. I have a binary uploaded and ready. A few users are selected for testing. This time, that button just does nothing. After tapping it, it goes green. But no invitation emails are ever sent...

New iTunes Connect - No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier

I have been thru all the posts on this one and nothing seems to help. No matter what changes I make or anything else I do, I am getting this: Most of the (old) answers seem to revolve around 'changing the applications status to waiting for upload.' However in the...

iTunes unsubmitted app version number change

I have one app already publish and under sales status , its version is 1.0. Now we want a major update of this app with version 2.0 . But I have by mistake create app version 1.1 , Now don't able to understand how I can change it 1.1 to...

Can I use iOS App version as x.x.x.x while uploading to apple store?

Currently, my app with x.x.x format, but now by the next release we want to make it version format to x.x.x.x. Now created a version in itunesconnect with x.x.x.x, but the problem is while uploading build to apple its giving an error that "The value for key CFBundleShortVersionString 'x.x.x.x' in...

How to mark an iPhone app iOS8 only?

I'm working on an iPhone app that should be only available for iOS 8+ users. How to make that work?

Unable to upload new build on iTunes Connect

I have already gone through various similar questions asked here on Stack Overflow and also on other blogs. Unfortunately, none of those solutions are resolving my issue. After doing a lot of search & when I was not able to solve my issue, I decided to ask you all. I...

iTunes Connect: Can I upload a new build with an old version?

I have an app which hasn't been released yet. Now I already uploaded a build where I incremented the version to 1.0.1. (CFBundleShortVersionString). The reason why I've done this is because he complained on submitting the new build to make it short. Can I upload a new build with version...

How do I upscale an iOS App Preview video to 1080 x 1920?

I just captured a video of my new app running on an iPhone 6 using QuickTime Player and a Lightning cable. Afterwards I created an App Preview project in iMovie, exported it and could successfully upload it to iTunes Connect. Apple requires developers to upload App Previews in different resolutions...

Invalid Code Signing Entitlements - 'previous-application-identifiers' ApplicationLoader rejection

Getting an error message when trying to submit to apple either using deliver or application loader. ERROR ITMS-90045: "Invalid Code Signing Entitlements. Your application bundle's signature contains code signing entitlements that are not supported on iOS. Specifically, key 'previous-application-identifiers' in 'Payload/YourApp.app/YourApp' is not supported." Some background: Did an app transfer...

Support URL in iTunes Connect

I am Submitting my App to AppStore now. Can I use my Facebook profile URL in the support URL field in the iTunes Connect?...

iTunes Connect - Expedite Review Process

I want to submit an application for expedite review. Can someone please let me know the process for it. Do I need to submit the expedite review form before or after submission of the IPA in iTunes Connect. Is there any timeline by which review process is initiated. Any additional...

Apple TestFlight upload warning ITMS-90191: missing `beta-reports-active` entitlement

When I upload a build to the new Apple owned and iTunes Connect-integrated TestFlight, I see the following log: WARNING ITMS-90191: "Missing beta entitlement. Your app does not include the beta-reports-active entitlement. If you intend to distribute this build via TestFlight for beta testing, please re-build this app with a...

Should I resubmit the binary after replying to a metadata rejection?

I have received a metadata rejection for my application requesting some clarification about my application Information Needed Your iTunes Connect settings indicate that your app serves third-party advertisements. However, we were unable to locate ads in your app. Please reply to this message to provide the steps for locating third-party...

Sending reviewers a free version of paid iOS apps

I would like to be able to send a few blogs and review websites a free version of my iOS app. The app costs 1$. Is there a way I can send them a free invite to the app?

Metadata rejected about demo account

I have an app and It has login system with sending sms verification code. Apple rejected my app because of didn't send them to demo account but my sms verification system doesn't support foreign country. When I create them an account, they wouldn't get a verification code and they won't...

Game Centre Integration with App Updates - iTunes Connet

I just released my first App in the App Store and Version 1.0 has been available for a few days now. I'm now in the process of pushing a small update which fixes a few minor bugs using iTunes Connect. Everything is fine and the new version 1.1 build has...

Unable to submit App with Auto-Renewable Subscriptions for a non Newsstand App

I have never had a problem submitting a non Newsstand App with Auto-Renewable Subscriptions. But I just started seeing this error when I try to submit app for review: Free and Auto-Renewable In-App Purchase subscriptions are only available for apps with Newsstand enabled. Remove this In-App Purchase before you disable...

Where is the Compatibility Area in iTunes Connect?

When I go to the App Store on an IOS device and select an app and scroll down, I see this Compatibility area, which says what devices are supported for this application. In iTunes Connect, where is that Compatibility place?

Upload update with different identifier

I've wrote a project in Swift and uploaded it to app store. but then I wanted to support iPhone 4 and iOS 7 so I started a new project on Objective-C but with different bundle id, I tried to rename it but the .xcodeproj file got deleted. So how can...

Application is missing a default group leaderboard (ItunesConnect error)

I am trying to update my game from 1.0 to 1.1 but get this error: "Application is missing a default group leaderboard (ItunesConnect error)" image: I also can't save anything, when I try to i Get this error: There was an error saving changes. Please try again later or contact...

The new Test Flight is worthless for adhoc distribution. Any work arounds?

I finally got an invite to an internal tester to work using iTunesConnect and the Test Flight app. I find that for adhoc distribution this is simply not going to work... 30 day expiration is way too short. In the old Test Flight, a tester had multiple devices. With the...

iPhone App Submitting - Error ITMS-90171 Invalid Bundle Structure Can't Contain Standalone Executables

I've included screenshots of the full error messages I'm getting. This happens when I try and submit my app to iTunes Connect. I don't get any errors when running the app. ...

Auto app-resize for Iphone 6 Plus only (i.e. not Iphone 6)?

My problem is that I have skipped support for the Iphone 6P screen size due to time constraints. In other words, the app that is to be released will work on Iphone 4-6, but not 6P. What I want is either to not release the app for Iphone 6P (is...

Upload app to App Store

I've already set all de iTunes Connect stuff(Snapshots, Description, Tags, etc...) and downloaded the Application Loader but it asks me for an .app file and I don't know how to get the .app file from my Xcode project or if I need a Certificate to do it or something please...

Where is iTunes Connect 'Analytics' icon?

I can't see the Analytics icon (demoed on WWDC 2014) when I log into iTunes Connect on my desktop computer? Is this feature already rolled out?...

Why does itunecconnect not accept my geoJSON file?

My file is { "type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [ [[[37.2732892, 55.9551567], [37.8780522, 55.9633486], [37.993164, 55.5512744], [37.1913337,55.5559836]]] ] } This site shows than it is ok. http://geojsonlint.com/ However, itunesconnect does not accept. Please help...

Incrementing iTunes Connect version number from a version that never shipped

I have an app in iTunes Connect, that I have been TestFlight beta testing. It's labelled as version 0.1. I'm now ready to submit to the App Store, but I'd like it to ship as version 1.0. However I can't see anywhere to create a new version. Am I missing...

App Submission on iTunes error

When i am trying to upload app to the app store using Xcode 6, I am getting the error You are not authorised to use this service. please help me ...

How to tell what appid my app is using

I'm stuck in a slightly weird situation. When our app was first created, nobody really knew what they were doing and I'm trying to clean things up a bit. In the iOS developer center, it seems that there are two App IDs for my app. I think I can delete...

TestFlight is Currently Unavailable Message

I am getting message "TestFlight is Currently is Currently Unavailable. Try again later" when trying to install from TestFlight app. My outside testers get a message "[App Name] beta has expired" when trying to run the app. When trying to renew from TestFlight they get "TestFlight is currently unavailable. Try...

Unable to Sign In to iTunes Connect: “Your Apple ID isn't enabled for iTunes Connect”

I am a member of my company's development team, with the role of Admin. I can access the Member Center of the team at https://developer.apple.com/ However, when I I attempt to sign in at https://itunesconnect.apple.com I am presented with the following error message: I am an admin on the team....

submitting app to itunes connect no build shows

I finally finished my app . I did validation to my archive and clicked submit to appStore using xCode , after some minutes xCode showed me a success message , I went to my itunes connect and the plus button (above the build) is enabled , but when I click...

Is it possible to submit an app only for >5 iPhones?

Itunes Connect says that I need to attach some screenshots for 3.5 screens. But due to the screen size, we do not support iPhones less than 5. Is it possible to get through this? Also, does this exclamation mark near localization settings appear there because of screenshots? Or is it...

I accepted “Apple Developer Program License Agreement ”, but it is not hide [closed]

I accepted "Apple Developer Program License Agreement" in the Member Center, but the notification is not hide in the iTunes Connect. I don't have in the Member Center any License Agreement in this moment. What do I do? It includes following Agreements, Tax, and Banking Review the Paid Applications Schedule....

Can app store video previews be seen across multiple device sizes?

I'm wondering if an app store video preview could be seen across multiple device sizes, or whether a different video is really required for each device size?

How to change an app's name displayed in app store before submitting for review?

My app's status is "prepare for submission" (way before going live), so there must be a simple way to change its name, but I really can't figure it out on my own; help's needed! I need to change the name displayed in app store, not in xcode!

itunes Connect test flight beta - no app for download

I have an app in iTunes connect that I'm beta testing with external users. Some invited testers are not seeing any app available for download in iTunes connect. What could be causing this? Thanks.

Impossible to access My Apps in iTunes Connect

I recently bought a iOS Development License and I want to publish an app with iTunes Connect, but in the past, I tried to upload a book made with iBooks Author, and now, when I connect to the iTunes Connect site, I can only access to My Books, but not...

Change App name on App Store (iTunes Connect) [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: change app name in App Store 3 answers How do I change a app name on App Store? This app is already for sale. I saw in anothers posts that there is a edit button in version details screen, but I can't...

Apps that do not perform as advertised by the developer will be rejected when sandbox mode

My app is rejected by 2.3 Apps that do not perform as advertised by the developer will be rejected It said that the file copied into "~/Library/Fonts" failed. It works when test by myself, I find that it will get permission fail when using the sandbox mode, did Apple reviewer...

Can you use different account from developer's account to submit to app store

I am doing an iOS project for a client and they gave me access to their developer program and iTunes Connect (which actually only have one app in store, the one I'm developing). Unfortunately, because my main account has already been associated to another iTunes Connect, I gave them another...

App rejected for not performing as advertised (background locations)

I got rejected by the apple review team. The reason was: 2.3 - Apps that do not perform as advertised by the developer will be rejected We were unable to locate some of the features described in your marketing >materials or release notes. Specifically, your app informs the user to...

Add license agreement to your iOS app

How can I add an EULA to a free iOS app so that the user must agree before installing the app to their iPhone or iPad? Is this possible through iTunesConnect?

iTunes multiple users [closed]

I want to authorize another user to use my iTunes account (Basically, I want him to be able to purchase music on my behalf - my money - his music selection). What are my options here? I do not want to necessarily share my apple ID password. Thanks...

Does Apple's TestFlight application auto update apps that external beta testers have installed?

I can see from my iTunes connect control panel how many users are on each version of the app I have in beta. When does TestFlight update those apps? Do they have to open TestFlight and manually choose to update? Does it happen automatically when they launch the app they...

How to install app from TestFlight via itunesconnect as an internal tester in ios?

I want to test application in my device as an internal tester in iTunes Connect. As per new rule to install application through itunes testflight services, I installed new TestFlight native app in my device. And i got one invite as an internal tester. Now i got one invite to...

Submit a build using Xcode

When you're done coding your app, if I'm right, you upload your build to iTunes Connect using either Xcode or Application Loader. What I'm asking is, How exactly would I go about submitting my build to iTunes Connect using Xcode (6.3.2)? (saw a close vote that thought I was unclear...

After Submitting My App, iAds Have Stopped Working

So I submitted my app last week and it was approved 2 days ago. I have iAd impleted in the app. As soon as the app was "ready for sale" I downloaded it from the App Store. When I launched the app everything worked. iAd was displaying ads on the...

Do I still need to include testflightlib in my iOS app?

Now Apple have moved TestFlight to iTunes Connect do I still need to include testflightlib and call [TestFlight takeOff] on start with my app token? The new instructions don't mention this. Additional question: Should I also keep using Crashlytics or is it redundant now?...

How to test iOS app like iTunesConnect?

I want to put my app online in AppStore, but ItunesConnect finds crash. When I test on Xcode it works fine, no crash. I symbolicated the crash log, but I would like to have the same result like ItunesConnect : crash. Does ItunesConnect have special configuration for testing app ?...

Itunes Connect updated images - Clarify [closed]

I have an app waiting for review, its been 8 days so far but i decided to change the preview images. Simply all I did was remove all images and upload new ones. i did not resubmit any builds or change anything else. Now when I go onto my app...

Can I upload a new binary but with the same version number to the Apple iTunes Connect for an app with Ready for Sale status?

I submitted an app on Apple's iTunes Connect portal with version number 2.2 almost 3 months ago and it is in the Ready for Sale status as of now. Now, I have a requirement to submit a new binary of the app with the same version record (2.2) on iTunes...

To make it available on the App Store, accept the terms of the latest agreement in Agreements, Tax, and Banking

This is a question relating to releasing software on the Apple iTunesConnect interface. This past month (March 2015). Apple's software is very finicky and new problems come up often and are short lived. I have received this message when attempting to "Submit for Review" my app: Your app can't be...

App name is not displayed in the list of application records in Xcode/iTunes Connect

I would like to ask regarding this issue that I have with iTunes Connect Submission. When I tried to submit my app to the iOS App Store via Organizer/Xcode, I couldn't find the application under the list of application records. Why is that so?

TestFlight Beta not showing testers

Big hand to Apple for screwing TestFlight. I can't seem to get anything to happen past this screen. I've Created external testers Upload a build with ad hoc profile (though application loader) Turned on TestFlight Beta Testing (even tried turning it on and off to get invitation emails to send)...

Using Google analytics IDFA, Which Advertising Identifier option to choose at the time of submission to App Store?

I am developing app in which i have added Google analytics. I have enabled IDFA to get information related to user's gender/age. At the time of App submission there are options to select - Does this app use the Advertising Identifier(IDFA)? But options for that: Serve advertising within the app...

Submitting build to iTunes Connect confusion

I have my developer and distribution certificate and I validated my app. But now in Xcode -> Window -> Organizer, it says SUBMIT under VALIDATE. I click SUBMIT and it states "To submit to the iOS Apple Store, select a development team" I don't want to submit to app store...

Xcode unsupported architecture armv7k

When trying to validate my new app using watchkit with xcode 6.2 I get a strange error: iTunes Store operation failed. Unsupported architectures. Your executable contains unsupported architectures '[armv7k]'. What does armv7k even mean? All my build settings (for the app and all extensions) look like the ones in the...

Can TestFlight's “What to test” field be edited before the build is submitted?

This may be an obvious "No", but here goes... I'm using TestFlight, and I like to add build notes in the "What to test" field on the TestFlight page in iTunes Connect. However, the only way any users will actually see those notes is if you're able to slip them...