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Get the current coordinates of an item on a Canvas widget given its item handle?

From reading the docs (http://effbot.org/tkinterbook/canvas.htm#reference), there doesn't appear to me to be a way to do this. Just wanted to make sure I hadn't made a mistake. (I.e. one would have to internally store the coordinates of various items in a program if one wanted to do boundary checking, for...

Sitecore item deletes image on save

We have a pretty large website running on sitecore 7.2. On a couple of items we noticed a certain problem. Everytime we link a picture to the item and we save it, the item is saved without the image. The items are of the same template of 900 other items,...

What is the best way to display List items on the console based on the value of the items' properties?

I have a List that cointains some objects that have 2 string and 2 int properties. I would like to be able to display all the 4 properties of an object based on the content of its first property. For example: I want to display all the data of all...

How to change menu items on action bar when fragment changes

I developed a navigation drawer which has number of fragment,s and action bar. I want to know items on action bar change when i change the fragment .

C# moving the last remaining item in a list box

This is a Windows Forms Application that connects to a server, gets the tables and converts them to a drop create SQL script. There are two list boxes, lbSource where the initial list of tables is loaded and lbTarget that contains the tables that the user moved there to export....

Change All ToolStripMenuItem ForeColor

I'm trying to change the color from every Item from the menu Strip, but the dropdown items I can't change.The dropdown menu items aren't white the way I want. My need is to change the ForeColor from every item with one code in the .cs file.

The listviewer not change select in onshow

how can I change a selected item in listview... here is my code sample: for c := 0 to Form1.LV1.Items.count -1 do begin if (form1.lv1.Items[c].SubItems.Objects[3] as TTabSheet).TabIndex = pgc1.ActivePageIndex then begin form1.lv1.Items[c].Selected:= True; end; end; ...

Best way to store randomized items from RPG's?

I'd like to store a lot of items from an ARPG (Path of Exile). Problem is, I don't know any efficient way to search for them later. The game generates items with 0-10 different stats from a total pool of 100+. Each stat can have many different values (+1-10 strength...

Android : loop through all items in a listview

Want to get quick answer how to list all items on my listview, in order to print out a list or share to a notepad app etc. That is, to get a variable with following information from the listview: "apple", "banana", "orange". Below is my listview. Thanks String[] values =...

Cocoa osx NSSharingServicePicker set default email address

In my app for Mac I use the NSSharingServicePicker for mailing some items. My problem is that I want to set the default email address to be sent. How can I set this value to show it when the mail client opens?? I have this code: NSMutableArray *shareItems = [NSMutableArray...