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Using embedded framework in extension's containing app with deployment target iOS 7.0 and earlier

I'm developing Today Widget Extension for an app with deployment target earlier than iOS 8.0. In apple Extension Programming Guide they recommended to use embedded framework to share code between app extension and its containing app. You can create an embedded framework to share code between your app extension and...

Mixing swift and objective-c in WatchKitExtension

I am getting following warnings and errors while in my WatchKit extension: Warning: no rule to process file 'App-Bridging-Header.h' of type sourcecode.c.h for architecture x86_64 /Users/janusz/Desktop/Repositories/RunnerAppWatch/Source/WormholeMessanger.swift:12:20: Use of unresolved identifier 'MMWormhole' It's also listed in Compiled Sources section. Everything works fine when I delete the WatchKit Extension, but once I...

How do i add this sharing button? IOS8 with swift

I want there to be a button in my app, that when it is pressed, this(See image below) Pops up. How do i do that? I don't want to create a custom sharing extion, i just want the default one? What code do i use? All the tutorials online are...

Accessing main App class from extension target - iOS

I have an ObjC project and I've added a WatchApp Extension target in Swift. It works fine, however I have a database handler class that I wanted to make accessible from the watch extension target in order to get some data from it. I've added the database class in the...

In custom iOS keyboard detect the app

How to detect in which app my custom keyboard used and show different button? E.g. in Twitter I would add @ to string I post into input field and in Reddit /r/

iOS extension adding new NSUserDefaults issue after updating from app store

My application has authorisation. In return if I logged in I receive a token which I store in NSUserDefaults. How current app works: When I press login button the app sends user name and login to the server, in return app gets a token if success. I have a save...

MMWormwhole communication with the app in background

I'm working on extension for the Apple Watch and I need to communicate with the containing app. MMWormwhole seems like a nice approach for this type of communication. The problem is that my messages are not delivered to the containing app when it is running in background, when opened from...

Always 'Ad Hoc Code Signed' for Embedded Binary Signing Certificate

I have two targets, the main target & an extension target. Now when I'm trying to archive the app, Xcode failed with the following error: error: Embedded binary is not signed with the same certificate as the parent app. Verify the embedded binary target's code sign settings match the parent...

How do I programatically create labels with separators in an Apple Watch UI [closed]

I would like to create a for loop for adding labels with separators programatically. How can I do this? ...

Is there any way to install iOS extension without installing the container application?

I want to implement a today extension only, that is, for this I don't want to create an application for doing this. Is there any way to install a today extension only, without installing the container app? Please help.

Can I access healthkit data from iWatch extension?

I am making a iWatch app where I need to show data from healthkit. is it possible to access healthkit APIs from iWatch extension?

Retrieve ALAsset or PHAsset from file URL

Selecting images in Photos.app to pass to an action extension seems to yield paths to images on disk (e.g.: file:///var/mobile/Media/DCIM/109APPLE/IMG_9417.JPG). Is there a way to get the corresponding ALAsset or PHAsset? The URL looks like it corresponds to the PHImageFileURLKey entry you get from calling PHImageManager.requestImageDataForAsset. I'd hate to have...