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NHibernate error accessing Informix database - System error occurred in network function

I'm having a problem communicating with the Informix database using NHibernate, for a limited time works, but pass that particular time the error happens. Follow the evidence below: 'NHibernate.TransactionException: Begin failed with SQL exception ---> IBM.Data.Informix.IfxException: ERROR [08S01] [Informix .NET provider]Communication link failure. em IBM.Data.Informix.IfxConnection.BeginTransactionObject(IsolationLevel isolevel) em IBM.Data.Informix.IfxConnection.BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel isolevel) em...

Informix LOAD FROM file with header

I'm using Informix LOAD FROM command to bulk insert data from CSV files to a DB table, like: LOAD FROM "file.csv" DELIMITER ";" INSERT INTO table_name(col1, col2, col3) The problem is, the first line of each CSV file contains column headers. Is there any way to tell Informix that the...