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How can I change the IDE language of Delphi XE7

I want to change the language of the Delphi XE7 IDE from German to English. BDSSetLang.exe doesn't work for the toolbar and menu items (e.g. 'File / Open project' instead of 'Datei / Projekt öffnen').

Using LGPL IDE for developing an in house app [closed]

I have a licensing question. Can I use an IDE that is LGPL to develop an application that will stay confidential to my company for in house use? The app will not be sold. So, I am not sure if this is considered "commercial" or not....

Double-tap 'search everywhere' feature has stopped working

I am using PHPStorm 7.1 and suddenly overnight the 'double-tap' feature that quickly pops up a box to search anywhere has just stopped working - can anyone suggest how I can possibly fix this without re-installing the software? It is a work machine so I'm prefer to not have to...

IntelliJ won't accept Java8 and diamonds at the end of List/Map

I'm using the latest JDK and everywhere from project creation to now everything is set to Java8 or SDK 8. Still, intelliJ gives me this issue: The red lamp tells me to change to Java7. This is my project settings: and this is the Modules section: As you can see;...

Grails 3.0.2 missing generate-views

I'm new to grails and I'm trying to get my first HelloWorld from it. I can generate it with the controller, but I can't create a view because it isn't listed in the Grails (3.0.2) list of command. Because any IDE support grails 3.*, I can't create it by that...

Pycharm type hinting of custom modules

Consider this file system: a __init__.py b.py c __init__.py d.py main.py b.py: class B: def foo(self): print("foo") d.py: class D: def bar(self): x = None """:type : B""" #^- working y = None """:type : a.b.B""" #^- nope :( My goal is to use full path to class for type...

java - Eclipse Helios SR 2 Package explorer error

I need help. I was starting to work on a new project in Eclipse and so I decided to rid my package explorer space of any past projects within the IDE. I had 2 projects saved prior to opening the IDE: "new" and "project 1." I proceeded to delete project...

WebStorm: Hide html selector toolbar

In WebStorm I want to hide the toolbar that appears on html files at the top. It shows the html selectors and ids drill down. I've circled it in the below picture... ...

What is the difference between the IDE and JDK and when do you use each one? [closed]

What is the difference between the IDE and JDK and when do you use each one?

Does PyCharm Have Spyder's Variable Explorer Functions (mainly “Save As” and “Import”)?

I started playing around with PyCharm today, and it seems like this is the Python IDE I want to start working with in the near future. Currently, I am using Spyder from Anaconda. What I really like about Spyder is that I am able to export and import variables from...

In Visual Studio 2013, what does this black arrow-shaped symbol in the breakpoint bar mean? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Black dash / line on visual studio 2012 left margin 1 answer Somehow, one of the lines in my source code became marked with a black arrow-shaped icon pointing to the right. I'm familiar with bookmarks and breakpoints, but I can't find...

IntelliJ IDEA: Open test result tab only on failure

Can I setup IntelliJ to open the "Run" tab with the test results only if a unit test fails and keep it hidden otherwise?

IntelliJ - a few questions

I just recently changed IDEs from Netbeans to IntelliJ-Idea. I like it much more so far, but there a few questions I have about it. First off, how do I create custom code completion words? For example you could go into the Netbeans settings and create a template with a...

Pycharm upgrade to 4.0.5 causes issues

I've been using PyCharm 4.0.4 (community edition) for a while without problems and just updated to PyCharm 4.0.5. When trying to modify a project that I had developed in 4.0.4, the IDE suddenly hangs even though I'm simply typing into the editor/adding a comment/etc. I'm not even attempting to run...

How can I debug JavaScript code that is inside JSP page directly from IntelliJ IDEA?

I am working on a Java web application that implement its view using JSP. Into this JSP I have some JavaScript functions that I want to debug. I know that I can do it using FireBug but I want know if I cand debug this JavaScript functions directly inside IntelliJ...

Setting up Cloud9 IDE to compile and run Java?

I have tried posting this request in Cloud9's forums, but since it never posts, I am hoping someone here could give me a hand. (The forum keeps saying my question is being submitted for review, but then never shows up). I can't get Java code to compile and run. I've...

Add item above “Project” in eclipse project explorer contextmenu

Iam working on a Eclipse based customizedIDE for our development environment. Here in a new perspective i have included a "Project Explorer" and in that iam able to add commands in the context menu but when i include A new Wizard (A project Wizard) in the "new" type it is...

How to search for overloaded methods in a class

Is there an easy way to search in a java project, which methods in a Class have the same "name" ? So for example for : public class Banana{ void findBananas(Ananas ananas) { --- } void findBananas(Bananas banana) { --- } void findCiao(Ciao ciao) { --- } void findCiao2(Ciao ciao)...

Juno IDE for Julia, how to interact?

One way to comfortably use an IDE in an interactive language is to interact via the IDE in a command line environment. I am wondering if that is a possibility in Juno. In other words, is there a command line environment as in Matlab, to call functions, give initial values,...

Resolve Anaconda/iPython Notebooks/Spyder IDE launch failure on zmq lib import?

This is a fresh Anaconda 2.1 install on Windows 7 - 64, python 2.7.8 . The Spyder IDE fails to launch, and throws the same error/writes same traceback when "python spyder --reset" is run from cli. Looking at the traceback, it appears to be a problem loading 'zmq' module. That...

Coda like “CSS Selector List” for sublime

Coda looks like an effective text editor however I am on Windows. The splash page for Coda has an animated gif/iframe that shows off Coda, there is a panel that slides out from the right, listing all of the CSS selectors used in order. Does Sublime offer said functionality in...

Eclipse IDE C++ not working C++ [closed]

I've downloaded and installed the latest Eclipse, and whenever I try to run a code (after a successful build), I just get a window saying "hello.exe has stopped working", or whatever the name of my program. I can't find any helpful answers online, I've tried what I've seen. I'm using...

PHPStorm for Hack Language

I am kinda of a new user here and don't have enough reputation points to comment/ask on this question: IDE support for Hack Lang. So, I am hoping that since the last entry provided by Themis Beris someone has been able to get PHPStorm working properly with Hack. I followed...

Best program to create Java games? [closed]

Not much to it Java Windows 8.1 32 bit Still beginner 2D Thanks...

Android studio build error in hello world application

I am trying to build basic hello world application in Android Studio following this thenewboston tutorial on youtube. I created a new project with all the default settings. (Android API 14: Android 4.0 (IceCreamSandwich)) When I try to run application, I get the following errors: Error:(7, 17) Resource id cannot...

Android Studio Project Encoding Default Value

I'm using Android Studio 1.2, when I create a project, then I open the File Encodings setting window via File -> Settings -> Editor -> File Encodings, there is the Project Encoding option which defaults to GBK on my computer (Windows 7 64 bit). I could manually change it to...

IntelliJ IDEA: Increase size of bar on the right side of editor

I'd like to increase the size of the bar on the right side of the Editor in IntelliJ IDEA. It's simply way too small for my taste. It is the bar where the warnings or usages are displayed. P. S.: The bar is called Error Stripe....

Angular parameter types on jsdoc

I'm wondering what are the "proper" parameter types on angular specified stuff within jsdoc? Eg. if I have something like: /** * Some comment * * @param {WhatHere} $http * @param {WhatHere} $timeout */ function FooBar($http, $timeout) { } What are the proper types for those $http and $timeout so...

What is default value for edittext field

In android studio it is saying that private field principal and interest is never assigned, does anyone know what the default values are so I can assign them? private EditText principal; private EditText interest; ...

Words in Eclipse editor is gone

So i don't know how this happened but this is what it's looks like right now. That long vertical line is blinking, so i think it's supposed to be the caret? Only one line shown up :( Until now, i haven't installed any plugins and stuff for Eclipse. Maybe it's...

How to show Maven multi-module project's nested-modules as top level modules in IntelliJ IDEA?

I am using IntelliJIDEA 14 and recently switched from Eclipse. In Eclipse we can import any of the nested modules as top level projects and I am trying to do the same in IntelliJ. I am trying to open a maven multi-module project and want to see the nested modules...

Andorid Studio problems switching themes

I switched back and forth between the Dracula and Default theme. Now my text folder in the source set has a different color. How do I fix that? Tried invalidating the caches, restarting. But I couldn't fix it. Attached is a screenshot. ...

Breakpoint “concurrency” in Intellij

Lets say I have a class that initiates two threads Thread_A and Thread_B, each doing some calculations and ocassionally using a subroutine of my the class. (don't worry about data sharing, lets say it's a log line or imagine the subroutine is a method in a Java library) I want...

Net beans opens files in utf 8 even though project is in different encoding

My project is in Windows-1251 encoding. It depends on outside library which is a common dependency for many projects and therefore is stored in diferrent directory on my machine apart from projects. I added path to the library in my project's properties -> include path. The files in this library...

Eclipse, how to find how many attributes defined in a class?

I'm using Eclipse, how can I get how many attributes I defined in a class? For example, in class User, I have 5 attributes (5 red squares). While in some class there are so many attributes, it is hard to count one by one... ...

Component editor doesn't immediately prompt for saving new property values

I have a custom control which has a component editor (two different screens available through two different context menu items). In both these instances, when I change properties of the component it's editing, the IDE does not acknowledge that any changes have been made, and thus the "Save All" button...

How to store .c and .h files in an includepath, separate from source code of current project

I tried to shorten down my question (the Old question can still be found below) My current directory structure looks like this C:\users\documents\projects | +----- utility | | | +----- include (files not shown) | +----- src | | | +----file1.c (and other files not shown) | +----- proj1 |...

How do I uninstall and re-run an app on a device using Android Studio?

I am new to Android Studio and I feel that I must be doing something wrong. When running MyApp on an actual device the process goes like this. Edit code. Select the Run command in Android Studio. (Shift+F10) Discover a Bug (on phone) Navigate to Settings --> Application --> MyApp...

php files newlines missing [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: PHP Parse/Syntax Errors; and How to solve them? 10 answers I downloaded php files through ftp. After editing them and uploading them again, I basically always get an error on line 1 with one of my first actions: Parse error: syntax error,...

Copy/pasting feature in codeblocks

I have installed Code::Blocks 13.12 in my windows 8.1 but pasting input at runtime in the command line(I think it is called command line)doesn't seem to work.I have to type the whole input inorder to get output.Can anybody tell me how to fix this? P.S :- I have tied ctrl+V...

lambda expressions are not supported at this language level IDEA

I'm trying to create my first fxml java project and at the initialising stage I'm trying to set cell value factory for the table columnt, for example @FXML private void initialize() { agentId.setCellValueFactory(cellData -> cellData.getValue().getIdProperty()); .....} and this is underlined red and gives an error that mentioned in title. Changing...

How do I remove the “stripe marks” from navigation bar and project window?

I use a handlebars plugin to be used with requirejs in my project. This makes Webstorm report an error if I require a template using the plugin-specific syntax: var template = require('hbs!./sometemplate.hbs'); This is fine; I can easily control how the editor should present this error in my javascript file....

Docker and Java IDE integration

I'll start by saying that I'm not a Java developer and also I'm not a Docker expert. In order to minimize the gap between frontend and backend (in this specific case, Java) developers I started to put some docker images in place with java and maven and after the build...

“executable not specified” error in Pycharm

When I try to run a python script in Pycharm, I get this error message: error running myscript: Executable is not specified and the script does not run. How do I run my script through Pycharm?...

Is there any c++ IDE checking coding style as Pycharm does? [closed]

Pycharm has a very nice feature to check coding style according to PEP8 conventions. It's good for python beginners to write decent code from the very beginning. I am wondering if there's any c++ IDE implementing similar features, for instance, checking google c++ coding style?

Android Studio - Re enable popup marked as Don't show again

I'm user of Android Studio v1.0.2 and its SVN features. When working with a SVN project and adding new files, Android Studio used to show a popup asking if I'd like to Schedule the file for addition. I ever hit NO, until one day I put "Don't show again". Now...

How to move a block of code to the left in text editors / ide

I use Sublime Text 3 and Visual Studio 2013, I'd like to know if it's possible and how one would be able to highlight a block of code and move or drag it to the left. This would be the opposite of highlighting a few lines of code and hitting...

Providing descriptive help context for Enums in C# Visual Studio?

Is it possible to have help context displayed for each individual enum on code drop down display? (i.e. control space ?) e.g. public enum Moods { Depressed = 1, ///On Rainy Days use this BlownAway = 2, ///On Stormy nights use this Ferengi = 3 //Use this for Profit and...

PhpStorm IDE. Collapse custom/debug code

Is it possible to collapse custom code in PhpStorm? Like if you set in settings pattern: [START]$this->debugOutput(*)[END] The concept is to hide debug code after developing finished. In example below all lines with $this->debugOutput should be hidden class Foo { public function bar() { $x = 1 + 2; $this->debugOutput($x);...

How to import netbeans project to eclipse ignoring package declaration?

I have a (legacy) netbeans project that I'd like to import and maintain in eclipse. For the sake of it I have to provide backwards compatibility with the netbeans project recourses. Problem: the source folders have the hirarchie src/java/de/mycompany/..., but the classes themself have the following package imports: package de.mycompany;...

How do I disable some inspections for modules in IntelliJ IDEA?

In IntelliJ IDEA, I can disable some inspections for a class, method, or other units. I have a module in a project that's a library that I am not the only consumer of. I do not use all the methods in the library and consequently a large number are marked...

I need the install path to C++ in Ubuntu

I am trying to link IntelliJ to C++ in Ubuntu and I cannot find the install path to the g++ compiler. I know its there because I've installed it, I just can't find it. Thanks for the help. I'm working with IntelliJ 14

How to debug lua script in a unity project?

We are embedding lua scripts into a unity project, but getting no IDE to debug. Any suggestion?

Generate getter/setter, hashcode/equals, toString in one template in Intellij

It is possible to generate getter/setter, hashcode/equals, toString in one click? Right now I have to choose each one separetely.

Android Studio rendering problems with version

I am using the latest version of Android Studio I am facing the rendering issue when I try to view the XML design, Can anyone tell me what should I do ? Here is a screenshot

Can I specify the save location for Delphi .dsk file?

I want the Delphi IDE to remember which files I had open, etc., but if I enable the "Project Desktop" autosave option (Tools -> Options -> EnvironmentOptions in XE7) it puts the .dsk file in the root folder of my source code. We are using git for our version control,...

Xcode swift method completion does not promoted anything after stroke the [tab] key

Despite so much advantages of swift lang, one of the reason I did not adopt swift code is its bad code completion support with Xcode. Here are two scenarios to better describe my question. Scene 1: During daily app development, I may come across quite a few protocol methods. Take...

common license for intelliJ and WebStorm

is that possible to have a common license for both intelliJ and WebStorm IDEs? I know these are separate products, but I couldn't finy any information whether the license can be combined or not. My company do have intelliJ already, but we need WebStorm.

How can I force QT Creator's toggle comment feature to not skip lines

Using QT Creator, given the following: int example = 1; if (example == 1) { example = 2; } If I select that text and enter ctrl-/ to toggle comments on the selection, I get: //int example = 1; //if (example == 1) //{ // example = 2; //} But...

How do I modify Darcula error highlights in IDEA?

I love the Moonrise UI theme for Eclipse. However I have grown less fond of Eclipse and am trying to switch to IDEA. One of the things I miss most though with the Moonrise theme is how nicely it highlights compile errors and warnings. It highlights the text background red...

How to get a list of all components on the Form at Design-Time?

I need to get a list of all components on the Form at Design-Time (not controls, just components). The components must also be visible on the Form as a 24x24 image at Design-Time. I could use code like this procedure TForm2.GetComponentList(Memo1: TMemo) var i: Integer; begin for i := 0...

How to change the current brace color in Visual Studio 2013

How can I change the color of the braces that are circled below? When the cursor is positioned inside the color changes to black. I have tried the Brace Matching (Rectangle) setting - but that appears to only be valid when your cursor is on the actual brace. ...

Throwable: No emulator binary found! when starting AVD in Android Studio 1.1.0 on Mac OS

I am working on an Android app with Android Studio on Mac OS. It worked fine, but now, I get the error in the Android console " Throwable: No emulator binary found" when starting the AVD in Android Studio. Has anyone encountered this problem?

Error in Eclipse IDE(Pydev) on built-in max() function, and other built-ins if error is commented out

I'm getting these errors in Pydev on built-ins, what is wrong here and to remedy this? Here it is: I've looked at this, but it doesn't seem to be related: Link...

WebStorm not tabbing correctly on a single file

For some strange reason, WebStorm has decided that all tabs typed in for a single file shall be single spaces, instead of the 4 the editor is set for. I have checked, all my other source files are still working correctly. Things I have tried: Closing tab and reopening Renaming...

Modal fully fledged IDE

I am trying to find a good IDE. I always found Vim's modal behaviour interesting but, Vim is more of a text editor than an IDE. Even though I have made a few changes to my .vimrc file Vim isn't IDE enough. Any suggestions? FYI: By IDE I mean it's...

Does VS-2013 main window get saved?

Every time I launch Visual Studio 2013, the main window pops up with the default width, height, and position on my screen. This forces me to resize and move it the the way I want every time. Did I miss an option somewhere to make the window retain its settings...

Visual studio XAML IDE Vertical tag visualisation

Im just wondering what you use to get the vertical visualisation lines between XAML open and close tags, it makes the XMALso much easier to read. I cant find a better place to ask this but im sure there might be, sorry if its broken the rules....

Netbeans - fix imports on entire project

I'm using netbeans IDE 8.0. When I hit right click inside the editor, one option is Fix imports(CTRL + SHIFT + I). This option adds useful imports and removes unused imports. But How can I use Fix Imports on entire project(not single file)? Is there any way for doing that?...

PHPStorm deletes line if Backspace is pressed on the default indentation level

After upgrading from 7.x to 8.x I noticed an annoying new "feature". When on an empty line (after pressing enter), then pressing backspace (which used to get rid of the indentation character right in front of the caret) the line is erased and the caret jumps back to the end...

Can I have remote ssh terminal access in PhpStorm?

I develop locally using PhpStorm, Git and VirtualBox on my local machine. I use Git to handle the process of moving work to staging or production environments. Currently I'm using MobaXterm (an excellent free tabbed ssh client for windows) to have terminal access to do things on staging and production...

Geany - How to execute code in terminal pane instead of external terminal

I really like Geany for writing Python code. When I click F5, it opens system's default terminal window and executes the code there. There is also a terminal inside Geany window, the bottom pane and the last tab. What I want is the code to be executed there. Is it...

IDE for Python 2.7 and OpenCV [closed]

at the moment i am using the IDLE of python, but I am really missing the "basic" IDE features like Code Cempletion and Suggestion of used variables. IS there an IDE that supports these and works with OpenCV? I'm pretty new to both, so I am sorry if I lack...

AutoCompletion for my DSL keywords in Geany

Geany(IDE) supports Autocompletion or IntelliSense as you program, but this is done based on the words you've used in the code so far. Is there any way so I could have Autocompletion for my language keywords?...

Upgrade Delphi XE to newer version

I have to update a Delphi XE installation for a project to a newer version of Delphi but I don't have much experience with Delphi, the problem is there are plenty of old packages and components in there. When I install a new version did I have to install all...

Is there any support of IntelliJ IDEA for Apache Spark?

I couldn't find anything around, so, is there any plugin for IntelliJ IDEA for Apache Spark? Some tools for running Spark applications, integration of the Spark REPL and similar stuff from inside IDEA? Thanks....

Tool or IDE giving hints about unused functions / missing parameters for PHP

My project is growing fast and we are not always very conscientious with cleaning things and versioning correctly. I find it hard to track unused functions and missused ones (missing parameters). Is there a tool / IDE which permits to track this cases ? Ideally an Atom plugin ?...

Which editor and debugger for typescript

I am working on a nodejs project in which all code is written in typescript. It follows a microservice pattern (and each microservice is an independent project) hence lot of projects needs to be opened and debugged at the same time. I tried webstorm and visual studio (with NTVS) but...

Intellij project opening directory above project

I feel kind of silly asking this but I've been poking around and I don't know what is causing it. I have a directory structure that has a number of projects in it, it looks like this: projects_root/project1 projects_root/project2 projects_root/project3 When I open any of these projects with Intellij it...

How to change already made control in VS Designer to inherit from another class [closed]

So the situation is this, I have a toolstrip that I've created using the VS IDE (VS2013 Standard). I've already done a lot of work to it, eg adding buttons, hooking events etc. Can I now change this control to inherit from a custom toolstrip class without having to create...

Determining if a file is parsed by Qt Creator (CUDA Syntax highlighting)

I switched recently from Visual Studio to Qt Creator. I am still using the Visual Studio Compiler on Windows as CUDA has this as a dependency. CUDA uses some functions and keywords that are only valid when compiled by nvcc, so I did a workaround in Visual Studio to enable...

IntelliJ Sync Eclipse files - Where is this setting saved?

In IntelliJ there is the option of linking IntelliJ-files with Eclipse-files. So that changes to dependencies make IntelliJ readjust .project-files and the other way around. This setting is chosen when importing the project into IntelliJ. Now, i wonder: Where is this setting saved and is it possible that i can...

Frequently Used New File Type, Eclipse

In Eclipse, is it possible to associate a chosen file type with the New... context menu when adding classes to a project, package, etc.? Or, am I stuck with the defaults that Eclipse provides? For instance, someone uses JavaScript .js classes, a lot, and would like to see them as...

why glassfish 4.1 runs in netbeans 8.0 but in eclipse luna does not

I´m trying to work with eclipse and export my web apps made in netbeans, i just add a new server, download glassfish tools, and shows me an error: Unable to start server due following issues: Launch process failed with exit code 1 Launching GlassFish on Felix platform ERROR: Error creating...

How to increase the indent size in (Cloud9)

In my cloud9 editor, I somehow have for some files that my indent is 3 characters and for others 7. Is there a way to harmonize this and have the same indent everywhere? Is there perhaps also an auto-indent? Example of indent with 3 characters: function indent3() { // code...

How to create GUI for an xml?

To view my xml as GUI in eclipse, What to do? I have the following XML, I want to create GUI like web.xml, ejb-jar.xml in Eclipse IDE. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <keyword> <shortCode id="12121"> <keyword name="MONEY" aliases="AIRTEL MONEY,MNEY,AMONEY,AIRTELMONEY"/> <keyword name="DISCOUNTS" aliases="DISCOUNT,OFFER,OFFERS,DEALS"/> </shortCode> <shortCode id="591997"> <keyword name="SMART" aliases="SMARTBYTES"/> <keyword name="EASY #"/> <keyword...

Selenium IDE: How to verify Contents when it contains a mix of tags and

My goal is to verify the contents of a complicated TD cell. It contains a SPAN tage and many BR tags. I'm restricted to using Selenium IDE for this test. The source text looks like this: <td> <span><b style="whatever">TEXT_1</b></span> <br style="whatever"> TEXT_2 <br style="whatever"> TEXT_3 <br> </td> Neither TEXT_1 /...

Is it possible to see the function description windows that pop up in IDLE when you use a function in any other IDEs?

I'm not really sure how to phrase this. When you use a function and an open parenthesis in IDLE a little yellow window pops up and contains the function documentation. For example, if you type int( in IDLE and wait, the window will say "() int(x = 0) -> int...

C# localization different in the IDE and real life

My code is prepared for English and German. I have the statement Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("de-DE"); or Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("en-US"); before the InitializeComponent() statement; It works fine with the initial window including the menu-items coming up in German or English. But only when compiled and run within the IDE. When I...

using the pycharm debugger with a flask application factory

I am typing more print statements than code. It's killing me. If a flask development server is invoked via below, I can use PyCharm debugger from ersapp import app if __name__ == '__main__': app.run(debug=True) I am following the example in Miguel Grinberg's book and an application manager (flask-script) is used....

Grails 3.0.1 development environment [closed]

I am looking for some opinions on a good combination of tools to develop a Grails 3.0.1 application. I tried IntelliJ 14.1.3 but it's still very buggy so Grails 3.0.1 support is not yet completely supported. I'm developing on a Mac OS X 10.10.3. Creating a Grails application using commandline...