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node.js server and HTTP/2 (2.0) with express.js

Is it possible currently to get node.js HTTP/2 (HTTP 2.0) server? And http 2.0 version of express.js?

Why bundle optimizations are no longer a concern in HTTP/2

I read in bundling parts of systemjs documentation that bundling optimizations no longer needed in HTTP/2: Over HTTP/2 this approach may be preferable as it allows files to be individually cached in the browser meaning bundle optimizations are no longer a concern. My questions: It means we don't need to...

http2; Is minifying JS, Concatenate JS/CSS and using sprites no longer needed? [closed]

With the new http2 protocol the issue of creating many request for one page seems to have been solved. So, is there still a (significant) speed improvement when you minify and concatenate javascript/CSS files, and are Sprites no longer useful to speed things up? Do these three techniques still have...

HTTP/2 and Apache2

Is Apache2 planning in implementing HTTP/2 protocol anytime soon ? I was searching through their website, but I didn't find any information regarding HTTP/2....

HTTP 2.0 Over the Wire (Raw)

Are there any tools to see what is coming through the wire (Raw request and response) for HTTP 2.0? I used Fiddler and saw only HTTP 1.1 data. I enabled HTTP 2.0 / SPDY in Chrome and visited https://http2.akamai.com to see the request and response....

Generating a Certificate for Local HTTP/2 Proxy

I'm trying to get Firefox nightly to use a secure HTTP/2 proxy, but it's refusing to accept a self-signed certificate. The proxy is composed of nghttp2 as the HTTP/2 front-end and a simple Twisted proxy as the back-end. The Twisted code is from https://wiki.python.org/moin/Twisted-Examples and works on its own as...

Chrome Canary does not offer HTTP/2

I'm trying to implement a small HTTP/2 server in C# in order to get to know the protocol. I'm running Chrome's latest canary build (v 45.0.2436.5), however I can't seem to get the client to negotiate an upgrade to an HTTP/2 connection. The RFC states the following: A client that...

Purpose of Pseudo/Colon Header Fields

As the title suggests, I'm looking for some information on the purpose of pseudo/colon header fields, i.e. I want to know why we have a second type of header field... Also - I know pseudo/colon header fields are used in http2 in place of the message and status lines (^^^the...

Python `hyper` library do not work on my environment

I have problem with running Python hyper library that adds support for HTTP/2 protocol. On my Fedora machine I installed it with pip and pip3 to use it with Python 2.7.8 and Python 3.4.1. Then I copied test script that connects with twitter: from hyper import HTTP20Connection conn = HTTP20Connection('twitter.com:443')...

HTTP/2 over TLS for static landing page. Is it worth it?

So I'm running a static landing page for a product/service I'm selling, and we're advertising using AdWords & similar. Naturally, page load speed is a huge factor here to maximize conversions. Pros of HTTP/2: Data is more compressed. Server Push allows to send all resources at once without requests, which...

How to get date from gRPC server using chrome

I found out that the Chrome can use HTTP2.0 by http://www.chromium.org/spdy/http2. But how can I get data from a gRPC server using chrome?

get push stream in response send by server push with OkHttp

I am trying to test the push response from a server which support HTTP2 Server with an android app (Os=Android KitKat) . The server push another ressources(pictures) after a http request for index.html. I don't know how to access to push stream (picture). I have done capture on server and...

Jetty HTTP/2 client receive server push example

Jetty's HTTP/2 client with server push support has been implemented in Jetty 9.3 RC (Link). However, I have not found any documentation or example code related to this. Could any one provide an example code for example to receive the pushed resource from this site : https://nghttp2.org (public server which...

Jetty server running SPDY behind an Apache firewall

I have an application at /mine running on a Jetty server that supports SPDY. It is sitting behind an Apache firewall that is being used as a proxy. The application at /mine gets routed by the following config rules on Apache: RewriteRule ^/mine$ /mine/ [R,L] ProxyPass /code/ https://jettyserver:9443/mine/ nocanon ProxyPassReverse...

Server initiated requests

I know that http is a request-response protocol, the problem in short is a client makes a request to the server to start a long running process, and i want to inform the client over the progress with a simple json message containg progress info. in http1 i know that...

Understanding the value of the header HTTP2-Settings used for http/2 requests and upgrade

I'm writing a simple app to determine if certain websites support http/2. Based on what I've read in the draft: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-httpbis-http2-07#section-3.2 I should be able to do a get request such as GET / HTTP/1.1 Host: server.example.com Connection: Upgrade, HTTP2-Settings Upgrade: h2c HTTP2-Settings: <base64url encoding of HTTP/2 SETTINGS payload> and...

Which web servers support HTTP/2

I have installed SPDY Indicator chrome extension. It is detecting some sites as SPDY enabled and some as HTTP/2 enabled. Which are the web servers that currently support HTTP/2? I know nginx support SPDY, but does it support HTTP/2? If it does, how can I enable it? Update Thanks to...

What is the best and current way to move to HTTPS on a large website?

From watching HTTPS everywhere on YouTube they suggest that HTTPS and SPDY combined will be quicker than just serving web pages/assets over HTTP but then since reading SPDY is Dead. Long Live HTTP/2 and what with with HTTP2 support being a way off I am in two minds as to...

Will I be able to use CURL to get HTTP/2 headers?

Right now I use curl -I to retrieve headers. Will sites adopt a different way of serving headers with HPACK in the upcoming adoption of HTTP/2 by browsers that will render my use of the curl command ineffective?...

SPDY on shared host & SEO Sematics

NodeSPDY on shared host I got a webspace hosted by uberspace and want to use NodeSPDY, but there is a loadbalancer in between which cuts off the tls connection. On uberspace one can request a Port to be opened. With this port it is possible to request resources directly by...

Tomcat support for HTTP/2.0?

Does anyone know what is the lowest version of Tomcat that supports HTTP/2.0? I've been looking everywhere on their site and I cannot find any details regarding this.