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Python `hyper` library do not work on my environment

I have problem with running Python hyper library that adds support for HTTP/2 protocol. On my Fedora machine I installed it with pip and pip3 to use it with Python 2.7.8 and Python 3.4.1. Then I copied test script that connects with twitter: from hyper import HTTP20Connection conn = HTTP20Connection('twitter.com:443')...

Generating a Certificate for Local HTTP/2 Proxy

I'm trying to get Firefox nightly to use a secure HTTP/2 proxy, but it's refusing to accept a self-signed certificate. The proxy is composed of nghttp2 as the HTTP/2 front-end and a simple Twisted proxy as the back-end. The Twisted code is from https://wiki.python.org/moin/Twisted-Examples and works on its own as...

SPDY on shared host & SEO Sematics

NodeSPDY on shared host I got a webspace hosted by uberspace and want to use NodeSPDY, but there is a loadbalancer in between which cuts off the tls connection. On uberspace one can request a Port to be opened. With this port it is possible to request resources directly by...

Jetty HTTP/2 client receive server push example

Jetty's HTTP/2 client with server push support has been implemented in Jetty 9.3 RC (Link). However, I have not found any documentation or example code related to this. Could any one provide an example code for example to receive the pushed resource from this site : https://nghttp2.org (public server which...

HTTP/2 and Apache2

Is Apache2 planning in implementing HTTP/2 protocol anytime soon ? I was searching through their website, but I didn't find any information regarding HTTP/2....

Server initiated requests

I know that http is a request-response protocol, the problem in short is a client makes a request to the server to start a long running process, and i want to inform the client over the progress with a simple json message containg progress info. in http1 i know that...

get push stream in response send by server push with OkHttp

I am trying to test the push response from a server which support HTTP2 Server with an android app (Os=Android KitKat) . The server push another ressources(pictures) after a http request for index.html. I don't know how to access to push stream (picture). I have done capture on server and...

Understanding the value of the header HTTP2-Settings used for http/2 requests and upgrade

I'm writing a simple app to determine if certain websites support http/2. Based on what I've read in the draft: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-httpbis-http2-07#section-3.2 I should be able to do a get request such as GET / HTTP/1.1 Host: server.example.com Connection: Upgrade, HTTP2-Settings Upgrade: h2c HTTP2-Settings: <base64url encoding of HTTP/2 SETTINGS payload> and...

Jetty server running SPDY behind an Apache firewall

I have an application at /mine running on a Jetty server that supports SPDY. It is sitting behind an Apache firewall that is being used as a proxy. The application at /mine gets routed by the following config rules on Apache: RewriteRule ^/mine$ /mine/ [R,L] ProxyPass /code/ https://jettyserver:9443/mine/ nocanon ProxyPassReverse...

What is the best and current way to move to HTTPS on a large website?

From watching HTTPS everywhere on YouTube they suggest that HTTPS and SPDY combined will be quicker than just serving web pages/assets over HTTP but then since reading SPDY is Dead. Long Live HTTP/2 and what with with HTTP2 support being a way off I am in two minds as to...

Why bundle optimizations are no longer a concern in HTTP/2

I read in bundling parts of systemjs documentation that bundling optimizations no longer needed in HTTP/2: Over HTTP/2 this approach may be preferable as it allows files to be individually cached in the browser meaning bundle optimizations are no longer a concern. My questions: It means we don't need to...

Chrome Canary does not offer HTTP/2

I'm trying to implement a small HTTP/2 server in C# in order to get to know the protocol. I'm running Chrome's latest canary build (v 45.0.2436.5), however I can't seem to get the client to negotiate an upgrade to an HTTP/2 connection. The RFC states the following: A client that...

Purpose of Pseudo/Colon Header Fields

As the title suggests, I'm looking for some information on the purpose of pseudo/colon header fields, i.e. I want to know why we have a second type of header field... Also - I know pseudo/colon header fields are used in http2 in place of the message and status lines (^^^the...

Will I be able to use CURL to get HTTP/2 headers?

Right now I use curl -I to retrieve headers. Will sites adopt a different way of serving headers with HPACK in the upcoming adoption of HTTP/2 by browsers that will render my use of the curl command ineffective?...

HTTP 2.0 Over the Wire (Raw)

Are there any tools to see what is coming through the wire (Raw request and response) for HTTP 2.0? I used Fiddler and saw only HTTP 1.1 data. I enabled HTTP 2.0 / SPDY in Chrome and visited https://http2.akamai.com to see the request and response....

Which web servers support HTTP/2

I have installed SPDY Indicator chrome extension. It is detecting some sites as SPDY enabled and some as HTTP/2 enabled. Which are the web servers that currently support HTTP/2? I know nginx support SPDY, but does it support HTTP/2? If it does, how can I enable it? Update Thanks to...

Tomcat support for HTTP/2.0?

Does anyone know what is the lowest version of Tomcat that supports HTTP/2.0? I've been looking everywhere on their site and I cannot find any details regarding this.

HTTP/2 over TLS for static landing page. Is it worth it?

So I'm running a static landing page for a product/service I'm selling, and we're advertising using AdWords & similar. Naturally, page load speed is a huge factor here to maximize conversions. Pros of HTTP/2: Data is more compressed. Server Push allows to send all resources at once without requests, which...

http2; Is minifying JS, Concatenate JS/CSS and using sprites no longer needed? [closed]

With the new http2 protocol the issue of creating many request for one page seems to have been solved. So, is there still a (significant) speed improvement when you minify and concatenate javascript/CSS files, and are Sprites no longer useful to speed things up? Do these three techniques still have...

How to get date from gRPC server using chrome

I found out that the Chrome can use HTTP2.0 by http://www.chromium.org/spdy/http2. But how can I get data from a gRPC server using chrome?

node.js server and HTTP/2 (2.0) with express.js

Is it possible currently to get node.js HTTP/2 (HTTP 2.0) server? And http 2.0 version of express.js?