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How to start Chrome Hosted App in window?

So i know that 'Chrome Packaged App' will run in a window , I have tried to run the website i want in a <webiview> tag but it gets stuck at the beginning and I can't find a way to debug what's happenning inside that <webview> tag. I now have...

Is it necessary to serve a paypal hosted button from a web page that has https or is http secure enough?

I performed a 'web vulnerabilty scan' on my website. (from this company http://www.acunetix.com/) and there were some medium level threats. So here's the one I would like to ask about. ........................... Alert: Insecure transition from HTTP to HTTPS in form post. Description: This form is served from an insecure page...

AWS Route 53 - 2 hosted zones (AUS & USA) and 1 domain name

Hi Stackoverflow community, I have already a system that works perfectly. I have one Beanstalk application that is connected to a loadbalancer and being routed via Route 53 and an elastic IP. app.example.com points to a hosted AWS zone in Sydney (AUStralia) The reason why it is deployed in Sydney...