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Parsing a HoAoHoAoHoAoH in Perl

I am new to Perl and have a little idea about hashes. I have a hash of array of hash of array of hash of array of hash (HoAoHoAoHoAoH) as follows. %my_hash = ( key00 => 'value00', key01 => [ { key10 => 'value10', key11 => 'value11', key12 => [...

how to increment hash of hash in perl

failing to properly populate a HoH using this code: when i run the loop using below: while (my $form = $form_rs->next ()){ my $menu=$form->get_column("fmenu"); my $script=$form->get_column("fscript"); my $name=$form->get_column("ftitle"); $itemList->{$menu} = { $script => $name }; } print Dumper $itemList; it runs correctly but since $menu is repeating it only keeps...