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Gulp task not accessing karma.conf.js file

I am using following gulp task to execute the karma/jasmine unit test cases . however i was not able access the karma.conf.js file for some reason. this problem occurs when i use this pathpackage to access the karma.conf.js file. gulp task gulp.task('tdd', function (done) { karma.start({ configFile: fs.readFile(path.join(__dirname, '../Tests/karma.conf.js')), singleRun:...

Karma exits with code 1 when it doesnt execute any spec tests

Karma test runs fine but exits with code 1 if 0 of 0 tests are run. Does anyone know how to return exit code 0 and normally exit in this case? Using gulp-karma which fails the task when no specs are run.

ES6 - how to test Jasime tests thru karma using ES6 like 'import' statement

I am new to javascript, trying to write a spec having an ES6 like import statement and then execute it thru Karma with pre-processors as traceur and browserify (to bundle and provide 'require' method). It continues to give me an error of invalid syntax and on looking at the specs...

How do i go to parent directory when using __dirname?

Directory structure : WebApiRole GulpFile.js test Karma.conf.js Gulp code from GulpFile.js gulp.task('test', function (done) { karma.start({ configFile: _configFile: __dirname + '\\..\\test\\karma.conf.js', singleRun: true }, done); }); So my problem going to the parent directory and access the karma.conf.js . For some reason the path is not get resolved with ..\\...