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How do I get google sheet conditional formatting custom formulas to refer to relative cells?

I have a google sheet where I want the range A:D to format a certain color if the contents of A2 contain the word "Order" (case insensitive). Right now I have the following: Conditional Format applies to range - A:D Format cells if... - "Custom formula is" Custom Formula -...

Google Docs (Spreadsheets): Conditional Formatting Referencing Other Sheets

Google Docs (Spreadsheet) tells me that this (custom) formula is wrong.. in Excel instead works: =AND(MATCH(CONCATENATE($A2;" ";$B2);Allievi!$G$1:$G$1204;0); $L2="Facilitatore di classe") It just tells me it's not valid. The problem is that it seems not possible to reference other sheets (in the same doc) in conditional formatting rules.. Any workaround? I...

Google Spreadsheet conditional formatting using Hour values

I am trying to create a Conditional Formatting formula to be applied along two columns comparing HOUR values. As an example i have below 3 rows of the spreadsheet (the link to the actual spreadsheet is down below). | A | B | C | D | 1 | 14:00...

Populate Fields in Google Sheets Based on Cell

Is it possible to have a bunch of other cells' content modified if a cell's content matches a specific format? e.g. I enter in "ABC,15" into one cell then a certain number of neighbor cells (depending on a formula) get highlighted. Edit: The cell I enter "ABC, 15" is not...

using AND/OR operators together

I'm trying to use conditional formatting to color a row if the following is true: column E is less than 50 days old AND if column F does not contain the word exempt OR NA. So initially i tried =OR(AND($E$4:$E>TODAY()-50, $F$4:$F <> "Exempt"), AND($E$4:$E>TODAY()-50, $F$4:$F <> "NA")) but that did...

Highlight if cell equals value in another tab

What would be the custom formula to highlight a cell in Column K of Sheet 1 if it matches a cell in column K of Sheet 2? I also do not want it to include blank cells.

Highlight entry if not 17 numeric digits

Basically, I'm part of a community and when someone applies for membership, they have to provide a Player ID in their application. When we accept their application, we copy information into a Google Spreadsheet about them such as Player ID's and GUID. We want a way of indicating on our...

Google Spreadsheet conditional formatting based on AND/OR

I have the following spreadsheet format: Company A B C Microsoft 1 1 Google 1 Samsung 1 What would be the custom conditional code based on the following rule: Highlight row if cell A is less than cell B AND/OR cell C In this case, Microsoft and Samsung would be...