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how to download image in Goutte

I want to download an image in this page. The image source ishttp://i2.pixiv.net/c/600x600/img-master/img/2015/01/19/12/17/13/48258889_p0_master1200.jpg. I try to download it use this: $client = new Goutte\Client (); $client->getClient->get($img_url, array('save_to' => $img_url_save_name)); But I failed, then I realize if I directly accesshttp://i2.pixiv.net/c/600x600/img-master/img/2015/01/19/12/17/13/48258889_p0_master1200.jpg, I are denied by CDN nginx server. I have to access...

Programmatically login to http://login.live.com

As part of a testing automation project, I need to be able to login to http://login.live.com Is that possible? I am currently using Symfony and Goutte...

Issue with scraping a list to get href using Goutte and PHP

I am trying to scrape the following, I basically want the text and the link, I am using Goutte with PHP. I can get the text fine using the following code but I cannot get the href value. Any help would be amazing. $crawler->filter('#most-popular > div > ol > li...