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Angular Material web font icons () not showing up?

Not sure if it's the documentation that's confusing me but I'm having difficulties getting md-icons to work (its more work than other icon fonts). Instructions here specify to Use <md-icon md-font-icon="classname" />. Here is a sample demo with the icon font stylesheet loaded and a <md-icon md-font-icon="android" /> as per...

roboto font not working in css

I've CSS and XHTML files. I've downloaded all the ROBOTO fonts and put it in my "webapps/fonts/" folder. In my XHTML i mentioned the CSS Path, '<link href="../css/tab_ux.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />' AND my CSS file have styles like, @font-face { font-family:roboto-bold; src: url('../fonts/Roboto-Bold.tff') @ttf; } .UX_FontClass { font-family: roboto-bolditalic !important;...

Avoid Symbols in Google font

I added fonts from google fonts, but they appear in web page as symbols! I tested in chrome,and FireFox Example image: ...