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Google CSE in MVC4, trouble using a form

I have searched high and low and cannot find an answer to this one, plenty of ajax and irrelevant links. Answers only in C# MVC please (no aspx files etc.) I would like to use a form on one piece of cshtml to read in the query into the google...

Searching multiple labels in google CSE

I know it has been asked before: 1, 2. But I was reading the documents and saw it might be possible. I need to add multiple refinements to the query in google custom search engine. So if I have multiple labels on my CSE, I would like to query a...

How to style google cse

I've got this code from google but I'm unable to style it, I put new rule in my site's css but it doesn't listen to it and overrides it with google's default, what can I do with it to make it look as I want it to instead of how...